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Zoo Med Can O' Grasshoppers by by Zoo Med

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Product Description

Zoo Med Can O' Grasshoppers are jumbo sized wingless grasshoppers, farm-raised and fresh for your pet. Cooked in the can (called “retorting”) which locks in the flavor and freshness while also softening the exoskeleton for easier digestion.

  • Natural juices locked in the can
  • Ideal for reptiles, birds or fishing
  • Softened exoskeleton for easier digestion
  • Never deal with the hassle of live food again

Ideal for large monitors, tegus, skinks, turtles, and birds. Each can contains approximately 20 extra large grasshoppers.

Note: These grasshoppers are not live or freeze-dried.

Feeding Guide: For large lizards, aquatic and land turtles ONLY: Feed animals one grasshopper at a time, an appropriate amount for the size animals you are feeding. For adult or sub-adult animals only. For water turtles: Feed as much as they can consume in 5 minutes. Net out and discard any uneaten food.

Q: How long will this food last after it has been opened?
A: This food can be kept for about one week in the refrigerator. It should be discarded if is begins to have a foul odor or visible mold growing.

Ingredients: Farm-Raised Grasshoppers (Valanga Nigricornis).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 20.8%
Crude Fat (min) - 2.2%
Crude Fiber (max) - 4.4%
Crude Ash (max) - 1.1%
Moisture (max) - 71.2%

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    Gil, Lansing IL on 03-15-2015
    Dragons loved them

    They loved them but must use within week or they go bad.

    Lindasy, Saint Paul MN on 11-25-2013
    Favorite Bearded Dragon Treat

    These are much larger than the crickets and my bearded dragon loves them. He eats them right out of the can, before I can even shake them out. I like that they are not freeze dried, so he gets some hydration. I wish they sold them in larger sizes.

    Danielle, Centra FL on 10-15-2013

    I bought these for my Leopard Geckos but it turns out these suckers are about 3.5-4 inches long, and an inch wide. I'd reccomend these for 12 inch plus reptiles. When they say jumbo, they most certainly mean jumbo!

    Dick, Escondido CA on 03-02-2011
    My hornbill thanks you!

    I keep a number of different horn bill species, but some need a diet low in iron. To give variety I have offered a variety of foodstuffs. The canned grasshoppers are the first things eaten. Too bad they aren't available by the gallon! Probably couldn't afford them.