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Zoo Med Can O' Worms by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Can O' Worms Description

Zoo Med Can O' Worms are retorted (cooked in the can) mealworms. This unique cooking process locks in the flavor and freshness. The exoskeleton is softened for easier digestibility. You will be amazed how readily your animals will take to this food!

  • Ideal for Reptiles, Birds or Fishing
  • Natural juices locked in the can
  • Never buy live food again

Ideal for most lizards, turtles, fish, birds and small animals. Each 1.2 oz can contains approximately 300 medium-sized mealworms.

Note: These mealworms are not live or freeze-dried.

Feeding Guide: For lizards, snakes, and amphibians: Spoon out the appropriate amount for the size animals you are feeding. Do not use for hatchling lizards or small (2" and under) amphibians. For water turtles: Feed as much as they can consume in 5 minutes. Net out and discard any uneaten food.

Q: How long will this food last after it has been opened
A: This food can be kept for about one week in the refrigerator. It should be discarded if is begins to have a foul odor or visible mold growing.

Ingredients: Farm-Raised Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 17.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 5.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 1.0%
Crude Ash (max) - 3.0%
Moisture (max) - 70.0%

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Zoo Med Can O' Worms Customer Reviews

Gil, Lansing IL on 2015/03/15
Bearded dragons loved them

Dragons loved them but must use within a week or else they go bad.

Jewel, Los Angeles CA on 2015/03/09
My Beardies love this stuff!

I recommend this, my lizards love it. No more trips to the pet shop for live worms, it stores in the frig, and couldn't be easier. The worms are a good size too, very convienient.

Amy, Riverside RI on 2013/03/09
My Beardies love these

Superworms are a large part of our Bearded Dragon's diet, they are normally widely available to us. Lately it seems like there has been a shortage at all of our local pet stores. I've passed up buying this can o' worms for years thinking my Beardies would not eat dead bugs. Having no other options (they were even out of crickets!) I bought a can to try, and they LOVE these super worms! This product is much easier to feed them than live worms, and can easily be dusted with calcium and vitamins. I'm still going to feed them live bugs when I can but supplement their diets with these.

Rene, Fresno CA on 2012/09/01
Great for wild birds!

I feed Zoomed meal worms to the mocking birds at my feeders and they just LOVE them! Thank you Pet Mountain for having them at such a great price!

Rene, Clovis CA on 2011/12/21
Great treat for birds too

My birds just love these mealworms. Ships fast every time! Thank you!

Kirsten, San Marcos CA on 2011/06/24
Awesome product-Best Price Around!

I have a female red-eared slider who absolutely loves these worms! She is over 8 inches long and goes through about a can a week-which can get pricey with some sites selling it for as much as $5 per can. PetMountain has the best price--HANDS DOWN. This is the only site I order her food from. It ships fast and I've never had any problems. I would give PetMountain 5 out of 5 stars!

Susan, Tucson AZ on 2010/05/23
My Turtle Loves this!

I have a red eared slider. he loves these worms. he can see the can coming and goes nuts!

Elsa, Thaxton VA on 2010/05/05
My red eared slider loves it!

My red eared slider turtle simply loves Zoo Med's Can O' Worms. This last winter when she would not eat anything else, she ate these. Now I feed them to her as a treat. Pet Mountain has the best price on these and I would recommend them to anyone for fast and very dependable service for any pet products.

Mark, Seaside CA on 2008/06/12
my turtles

my baby turtle only ate meal worms and they grow very fast

Sharon, Smyrna TN on 2007/04/02
Gliders love them

I am not one to feed "live" worms to my sugar gliders, so this is the best that I can find. They are great replacements and they are easy to store. WONDERFUL PRODUCT!