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Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack by by Zoo Med

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  • $28.99
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SKU: ZM37001
UPC: 097612370010

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Product Description

Zoo Med's Day and Night Reptile Bulb Combo includes one Daylight Blue Bulb and one Nightlight Red Bulb. The Daylight blue bulb gives heat with naturalistic day light while the Nightlight red bulb is a heat lamp for 24 hour heating.

  • Combo bulb pack
  • 60 Watt Daylight Blue bulb heats reptile or amphibian terrariums
  • Red glass heat lamp makes a perfect nighttime bulb for viewing nocturnal behavior

Daylight Blue Bulb
- 60 watts
- For heating reptile/amphibian terrariums
- Long lasting burn life
- Uncoated blue glass for optimal heat transfer

Nightlight Red Bulb
- 60 watts
- Uncoated red glass 24-hour heat lamp
- Allows viewing of nocturnal behaviors
- Does not disrupt day/night cycle
- Long lasting burn life

3-month manufacturer warranty.

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    Customer Reviews

    Susan, Richmond VA on 2015/09/28
    Been Purchasing These Bulbs for 7 Years Love 'Em

    My Greek Tortoise named Fred Alton is 8 Years Old. I've been purchasing these bulbs for the past 7 years, because they are reliable. Now that I am purchasing them from Pet Mountain they are cheaper :) and I get two in a pack a set, so I never run out.

    Dani, Arvada CO on 2015/06/21
    Great lights for a CWD

    My CWD is sensitive to bright lights and these work great for us. The lights are bright enough for us to view him, but not too bright to bother him. It also keeps his 125 gallon tank very warm (around 85 degrees F) at all times. I may buy another one just to up that temperature, and I will definitely replace an order once the bulb dies. Thanks!

    Zane, Neyeunyah WA on 2014/10/30
    Ball Python

    Works great in my twin socket fixture. Day bulbs don't seem to last as long as night bulbs. Had one last a month, another 2 or 3 months. Much better deal here than at the chain pet stores at $23 for the same 2 pack. Night bulbs last forever, but it's always good to change a bulb out after a few months anyways.