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Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture by Zoo Med

  • $42.99
  • Save $19SALE (45%)
SKU: ZM32170
UPC: 097612321708
MPN: LF-17

Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Description

Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, Zoo Meds Deep Dome Lamp Fixture is designed with an extra long dome which is perfect for use with large or long lamps.

  • Includes On / Off switch and Ceramic base
  • Extra long reflector dome extends beyond the face of the lamp, preventing the lamp from "sticking out"
  • Highly polished aluminum inside the dome greatly increases UVB and UVA output

The deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp and prevents the lamp from sticking out of the end of the dome fixture. The highly polished aluminum surface inside the dome greatly increases UVB and UVA output compared to fixtures with a white surface inside the dome.

For use with lamps up to 160 watts. Ideal for use with:
- Zoo Med PowerSun UV Lamps
- Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 and 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Lamps

1-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: What is the maximum wattage I can use in this fixture
A: This fixture can handle bulbs up to 160 watts.
Q: How can I ensure long life of my bulbs
A: You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in. This tab can be pulled slightly forward to ensure that it makes a good contact with the bulb.

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Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Customer Reviews

Grace, Indianapolis IN on 2016/11/08
Very happy!

We were very happy with the price and quality of the dome lamp fixture by Zoo Med. It was a good price and was delivered earlier than expected.

Zouzou , Cape Cod MA on 2015/11/17
Very deep dome.

Excellent deep domed lamp. This fixture can handle outsized CSF and Mercury vapor lamps. The lamps don't protrude from the bottom of the dome. This enables the fixture to sit flush on the screen lid. Good air circulation which increases the life of your lamp bulbs.Personally, I suspend the lamp fixture from ceiling hooks via fishing line. Very nice clean look for your reptile enclosures. Recommended.

Alison, South Milwaukee WI on 2015/03/14
Saved my chameleon!

I needed to raise the temperature to between 90-100 degrees for my gravid (with eggs) female chameleon in order for her to be able to lay her eggs according to my vet. Even the highest watt bulbs weren't doing the job until I got the Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. Then finally I had basking temps on average of 93-94 degrees. Thank you Zoo Med!

Marion , Placerville CA on 2014/04/21
Dome lamp

Easy to set up. I have a whole room iguana space but he needed extra UVB rays, perfect solution.

Judy, Johnstown PA on 2014/04/03
Zoo Med deep dome lamp fixture

Glad I went with this product and brand, just starting out so this rated a "10" for product and price.

Dylan, Baltimore MD on 2013/11/27
Dome Works Well

Takes up minimal space and does the job with my UVB light for my bearded dragon. I've had if for a few weeks with no issues.

Tegu, New York NY on 2011/01/15
Zoo med deep dome fixture

This is the must have product when you are working with any kind of mercury vapor bulb.And it is a must have.

Mario, El Cajon CA on 2010/10/16
Awesome lamp holder

Tried all kinds of lamp holders and by far this is the best one we have purchased

Kate, Berkeley CA on 2010/01/02

Works nicely with a large full-spectrum compact fluorescent that stuck out of a normal dome lamp. NOTE: This is NOT a clamp lamp - it just has a loop at the end, hinged so that it will only hang downward. Youll either need to get some kind of spring clamp or use the Zoo Med lamp stand or another lamp stand with a hook on the end.

Don, Am. Cyn. CA on 2009/12/18
Works great!

This goes well w/ the T-Rex 160W MVB. Plenty of space so that the bulb doesn't stick out at all! A+++++++++

Dan, Kerans UT on 2009/12/17
Excellent Product

Better Quality then most light fixtures of this kind and made out of heavier material

Amy, Providence RI on 2009/10/06
Nice fixture

We were having a problem finding a fixture to fit a coil UBV bulb. This fixture did the trick, the bulb does not hang out and we can now put on the screen of the tank. We really like the fact that it has a on/off switch attached to the cord.

Whitney, Winter Springs FL on 2008/01/22
Better than the rest

I have one deep dome already and am purchasing a second. No messing with unstirdy clamps, fearful that the burning hot light will fall into the tank! The bulb doesn't stick out the bottom like most fixtures so you can place it right on the screen. Worth the investment!

T, Steger IL on 2007/12/03

This kinda general review about Pet Mountain. They have an awesome variety at great prices.

Nunzia, Sunland CA on 2007/11/08
This is a geat lamp!

Hello, I have a power sun bulb and this dome goes great with the bulb. It actually is designed to use th power sun bulb with this lamp fixture (dome lamp). The lighting is room glows(the bulb is strong thats why) but what I like is that its dome shape so that all the light can go directly tot he basking area for my turtles. I also like it because it is safe to use with the power sun bulb.