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Zoo Med Digital Thermometer for Terrariums by by Zoo Med

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  • $9.99
  • (42%)
SKU: ZM30024
UPC: 097612300246
MPN: TH-24

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Product Description

The Zoo Med Digital Terrarium Thermometer can be used as a wet or dry thermometer. Ideal for terrariums, aquariums, or reptile incubators, the 39" long temperature probe can be placed throughout the terrarium for pinpoint accuracy.

  • Temperature range: 10°F - 140°F (-23°C - 60°C)
  • Water resistant temperature probe
  • Great for terrariums, aquariums or reptile incubators

Includes mounting suction cups and (1) LR44 1.5v battery. Ideal for tropical, temperate and desert environments. 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: Where can the probe fo the Digital Terrarium Thermometer be placed?
A: The probe for this thermometer can be placed in the substrate, wrapped around furniture or branches or taped to the side of the tank. Please be sure that your animal cannot chew on or entangle itself in the cable.
Q: Is this thermometer water resistant?
A: The probe can be submerged in water but the LCD read out must remain dry.

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    Customer Reviews

    Don, Baltimore MD on 2013/12/14
    Great product

    Very good for the price. Pretty accurate, slight delay in temperature update. Suction cups are a bit of a pain.

    Jarrett, Brooklyn NY on 2012/07/13
    Not exactly what I expected

    I never had one of these before and at first I didn't even think it worked. The temperature isn't taken in real time or near real time, it is taken roughly every 10 seconds so it can take a bit of time for it to read the temperature correctly when you first put it in. This product would be better if you don't need to change the water in your tank often or have to move it around too much in the basking area.

    Audra, Madison WI on 2012/01/31
    Good purchase

    I bought two of these thermometers for my new snake's tank, and both are working very well.

    Larry, Everett WA on 2011/12/28
    Works well

    My business is buying and selling fish, aquariums and accessories. I have 40+ aquariums set up. I already had a couple of these in the black color (not by Zoo Med). This one is identical except for the color. The black ones are not so bold, so I like them better. As far as functionality, it is great. I can see at a glance, the temperature of the water in my tanks. No more squinting to see those tiny little marks on the thermometer. I can mount this thermometer any where (either with the suction cup or on a screw), so it does not detract from the aquarium decor. The probe can be placed anywhere in the water. The measurements are in tenths of degrees which is very handy for noting slight changes.

    Joseph Bejm, Mount Prospect IL on 2011/12/21
    It works but is off by 2 deg.

    It works but it's off by +2 F deg. Not big deal

    Amber, Kc MO on 2011/12/17
    Works great!

    Everyone in the reptile trade should know by now that stick on thermometers and dials can be off by as much as 10 degrees. This digital one with a probe is great, and I have backed it with my laser thermometer gun and it is correct temp. I use two on all three of my tanks ( one for hot and one for cool side). Only bad thing is I can't get the stupid suction cups to work, but the clear small command hooks slide right in the holder on the back and work perfect.

    Daisy, Riverside CA on 2011/05/13
    Love It

    It works so much better that my dial thermometers! It's accurate and that's very important when it comes to the care of my lizard :) It's small and has a suction cup so I can stick it on the side of the tank but I can still move it if I needed to, and I like that! :)

    Nick, Tampa FL on 2011/03/30
    Awesome Little Thermometer

    This little thing worked great for finding just the right basking set-up for my bearded dragon. It's simple enough to use and pretty accurate, was a great purchase.

    Tegu, New York NY on 2011/01/15
    Digital thermometer

    This is a great and must have product when you need to measure temps and i find it to be way more accurate than other thermometers.

    Chris, Rohnert Park CA on 2009/09/29
    Works fine, but a little DOA

    Nice little product for the price, but the bottom display line is dead so all my 8s look like computerized As. Still, the product works as intended and it was only 6 bucks.

    Sheila, Tulsa OK on 2007/03/31
    Was very safe and accurate

    I used this with the Kritter Keeper for my Sugar glider joey that was rejected. It enabled me to gauge the correct temperature while the joey was being hand fed.