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Zoo Med Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate by by Zoo Med

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Product Description

Zoo Med Eco Earth is an expandable pet substrate made of compressed coconut fiber - an ideal material for burrowing animals. Made from an eco-friendly, renewable resource, it naturally absorbs and breaks down odor and waste products and can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure.

  • Ideal substrate for all types of reptiles, amphibians, small animals or insects
  • Naturally absorbs and breaks down odor and waste products
  • Eco-friendly green product can be safely composted or recycled
  • 1 brick expands to 7-8 liters

Each Eco Earth compressed brick will expand to make 7-8 liters of substrate. Use damp for tropical species, dry for desert species or mix with an organic fertilizer for the perfect Vivaria soil!

Tip: Add Eco Earth Coconut Fiber Substrate on top of Zoo Med's HydroBalls to create an ideal layer for optimum plant growth, humidity, and drainage in naturalistic terrariums.

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Amy, Colorado Springs CO on 09-10-2016

We buy this "dirt" for our corn snakes and they love it. thanks

Jim, Springfield OH on 08-20-2016
Was very pleased.

Was very happy with the entire transaction from start to finish. This was my first time ordering from Pet Mountain but it certainly won't be my last. User friendly site and fast shipping. A+++

Paul, Lake Tapps WA on 05-31-2016
Very Satisfied

It is the exact same product we have been buying at Petco for $10 a pack of 3. So the savings are fantastic. Product shipped and arrived about 5 days earlier than stated. I am very satisfied and will definitely shop here for more of our pet needs.

Steve, Auburn WA on 04-22-2016
Great price

I have been using this product for over a year now and just recently found them here at Pet Mountain for half of retail elsewhere. I will be back for more.

Michael, Rock Hill SC on 02-10-2016
Well Done!

Best price online for ZooMed coconut coir! Thank you Pet Mountain!

Teddy, Cincinnati OH on 01-13-2016
3 Bricks is quite a bit

3 bricks for this price is an amazing deal. Just one of these bricks makes about as much mulch as one bag would have in it. I find that warm water makes it expand faster. It is fairly dusty when dry, so keep that in mind if you plan on using it for an animal with low humidity.

Marissa, Mitchell NE on 08-13-2015

I bought just one brick and it made A LOT. It keeps it nice and humid in my crested gecko's tank. It's a great buy.

Angela, Waldorf MD on 07-15-2015

I use the Coconut Fiber for everything that needs a dirt type substrate. I have even grown bird seed in it for my uromastyx to eat. It goes a long way.

Carol, Alta Loma CA on 07-09-2015

This is very good substrate. I use it for my Russian tortoise hatchlings. I keep it moist and the hatchlings love to burrow into it.

Heidi, Knoxville TN on 07-03-2015
Great for my Crabs!!!!

This Substrate is perfect for my Hermit Crabs, combined with Vita-Sand, in equal parts, and mixed together. I had never used the "Bricks" before, but the price was so good, I had to try it!! These are really easy to use, fun to watch it "swell-up", and cleaner!! I WILL buy this again!!!!!!

Dani, Arvada CO on 06-21-2015
I love it!

I will never buy the loose substrate again. This is SO easy to expand with a regular sized mop bucket and a garden hose. I used two packs for my 125 gallon tank. It worked out great. Plus, it was insanely inexpensive.

Suzi, Lancaster CA on 05-26-2015
Coconut Fiber

Great product and best price for my garden soil!!

Kayla, Pendleton OR on 03-24-2015

This site saved me a ton of money with this substrate.

Ryan, Las Vegas NV on 01-30-2015

This has saved us so much money here at Pet Mountain. Now onto the product review. I love this substrate for my snakes - it keeps the humidity rocking and no problems with it at all!!!

Walter, Revere MA on 09-04-2014
My frogs love it

Excellent product. Been using for over 10 years and with the prices Pet Mountain has looks like I'll be buying it forever.

Mary, Yonkers NY on 08-06-2014
Zoo Med Eco Earth

I bought this product for my red foot tortoise habitat, and it's fabulous. He seem to love digging in it. Word of advice do not soak bricks together in a bucket, soak the bricks one at a time.

Lydia, Titusville PA on 07-07-2014
Exactly what we needed!

We have used this product for a while, finally bought it in bulk and couldn't be happier! We will surely be purchasing the bulk package every couple of months :) (we go through a lot of it)

Elaine, Miami FL on 03-26-2014
Excellent product and service

This is our second order from Pet Mountain for this product. We found it to be exactly as described and it does a great job. Pet Mountain delivered on time. All is good.

Sandra, Texas City TX on 02-08-2014
Great prices and service

Regardless of pet type, Pet Mountain is fast becoming my first (and favorite) place to check out items we need. We have used this Eco-Earth bedding for two Russian tortoises, with great success (holds moisture and gives a safe, deep bedding to burrow in). We have spent a good deal more countless times at our area pet stores. Wish I could've purchased the mega pack in this, but got two packs of 3 instead for now. We will be back, Pet Mountain. Your product pricing, service, and rapid delivery just can't be beat.

Nik, Cleveland TN on 08-29-2013
Excellent website & product

On-time delivery, reasonable price for the product. Product is as expected and adv.

Jay, St. Petersburg FL on 05-01-2013
Very nice

First time using this and it's very nice. It does not hold humidity as well as is hyped, for frogs it's best to put a layer of sphagnum moss or other kind of moss on top of it. But I really enjoy it, mix soil in and it's good for planting. Plan to continue use for frogs, and start using for a crested gecko.

Paul, Agoura Hills CA on 12-20-2012
Great Product, Unbelievable Price

My tortoise and turtle love this product. I mix it with white play sand to get the consistency I want. Thank you Pet Mountain for providing a super product at an amazing price.

Skink, Cleburne TX on 12-12-2012
LOVE this stuff

This is my go-to non-paper substrate. I use it in both high and low humidity cages, just have to let it dry out, much safer than sand for arid and semi-arid species. Great moist for anything high humidity that burrows, as well as amphibians. Easier to get out of the carpet than cypress mulch or moss and you don't risk splinters. Also crumbly, not dusty! If you have a species that needs higher humidity than you can support on aspen or carefresh, this is the best choice! Mixes great with sphagum moss.

Vaness, Stone Moutnain GA on 11-09-2010
thumbs Up!

its great. pet mountain is the best!

Eddy, San Lorenzo CA on 10-29-2010

This item is perfect for good humidity and geckos, this is the way to go if your getting a crestie.

Cameron, Sunnyvale CA on 10-21-2010
As expected

We've been using this substrate for our snakes terrarium since we first got them as babies. We feel it's the best for them, easiest to clean, and the best value for the money.

David , Rocky River OH on 10-19-2010
#1 Reptile substrate!

For ease of maintenance, longevity, looks, as well as being a green product, this is simply the best. The company is a top line manufacturer that makes herp care easy and affordable. Thanks Eco-Earth!

Vanessa, Stone Mountain GA on 10-18-2010
Awesome & Easy

I bought this substrate a couple of weeks ago to rehab some turtles, i found in the road. It was easy and very good price.! Thanks

Ryan, Garner NC on 06-30-2010
Great Product

I have used several types of substrate and carpet but, eco earth is the best yet! It's cheap, safe for all pets and people,also, it's easy to clean just scoop out the soiled area. Further more, you have the benefit of a natural look

Mona, Pueblo West CO on 06-29-2010
Eco Earth

This is a great product. I use is with my feeder mice and rats. It cuts down on the smell terrifically.The only thing that would make this product any better is if they would create it's own prep container. One that would allow you to get the whole thing to open up, but not get too wet.

Sean, Pittsburgh PA on 05-22-2010
great for turtles and tortoises

Hard to find this excellent substrate cheaper anywhere else! i use it for my russians, boxies and pancakes and it works wonderfully!

Sayde15, Westmont IL on 04-23-2010
Crabs love It

Great price and perfect product! Pet Mountain has the best prices around.

Crystal, Owings Mills MS on 04-16-2010
soft for baby torts

I love eco earth coconut fiber as a substrate. Once you mix it with water it becomes very soft, and fluffy, it does not scratch or scrape your skin when you stick your hand in to stir it up when re-moistening. It is safe for tortoises, and easy for baby tortoises to burrow in. Add enough water so that when you squeeze it it holds it shape, but doesn't drip.

Susan, Wagoner OK on 03-17-2010
Excellent product at a nice price!

Product is very nice and served our purposes well. Expands as stated.

Katie, Barrington IL on 01-20-2010
Great substrate for my tortoise

I used this substrate for my Russian tortoise hatch-ling's enclosure and he loves it. It stays just damp enough when I add water to create some humidity in his enclosure. He loves to burrow in it as well.

Joshua, Augusta GA on 07-01-2009
quality substrate, good value

good substrate and good value. we have used it in lizard, snake and amphibian tanks. can be kept at moisture level required for each species fairly easy. we have also found it to be great for breeding feeder crickets when dampened. certianly recommend!

Bill, Ocala FL on 01-07-2008
Can't Wait!

Our females are getting ready to lay! This is one of the best products for burrowing egg layers.

Claudia, El Paso TX on 09-04-2007
Great Bedding

This is the best substrate I have found for my hermit crabs. It helps keep up the humitidy and they can bury in it to molt with no problems

Courtney, Scottsdale AZ on 09-04-2007
Snakes Love it!

We use Eco earth for all our snakes And it is great, it keeps the humidity up so we don't have to mist as much. And there is virtually no smell unlike with the Aspen. You can store it anywhere and when you are ready to use it just add water I love it!!

Courtney, Scottsdale AZ on 09-04-2007
Snakes Love it!

We use Eco earth for all our snakes And it is great, it keeps the humidity up so we don't have to mist as much. And there is virtually no smell unlike with the Aspen. You can store it anywhere and when you are ready to use it just add water I love it!!

Courtney, Scottsdale AZ on 09-04-2007
Snakes Love it!

We use Eco earth for all our snakes And it is great, it keeps the humidity up so we don't have to mist as much. And there is virtually no smell unlike with the Aspen. You can store it anywhere and when you are ready to use it just add water I love it!!

Lindy, Coquille OR on 09-04-2007
Great stuff

use this as a mix for my box turtles, holds water well, and cheap enough to replace.

Bonnie, Lancaster OH on 08-07-2007

When moistened, Eco Earth makes a fabulous substrate for animals requiring humidity. I use it in shed hide and egg laying boxes for lizards and snakes. It can also be used for dry bedding. It is inexpensive, easy to clean-and because it comes in a compressed brick it is very easy to store! Amazing stuff!