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Zoo Med Floating Betta Log by by Zoo Med

  • $11.99
  • (45%)
SKU: ZM24002
UPC: 097612240023
MPN: BL-10

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Product Description

Zoo Med's Floating Betta Log is a natural looking log perfect for your Betta to sleep, play, breed, feed or create a bubble nest. Helps relieve boredom from captivity, comes complete with top feeding hole and can be used in a minimum two gallon Betta enclosure.

  • Make your Betta happy and relieve boredom
  • Use in a minimum 2 gallon Betta aquarium
  • Naturalistic floating log for your Bettas needs
  • Use as a basking platform for infant turtles

This floating log provides an ideal place for Betta to sleep, play, breed, feed or blow a bubble nest in.

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Customer Reviews

Trista, Ypsilanti MI on 2015/08/31
Great little floaty log

Have one of these in each of my tanks. The bettas like them okay, will hang out in them from time to time. Sometimes the apple snails hang out there, too. It makes their habitat more interesting, so I'm glad for that. I like the open hole on top; if a betta is in the log, I can sprinkle his food right there for him to enjoy in privacy.

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2013/12/24
A MUST HAVE for all Bettas!

The floating betta log is an absolute must have for any betta owner! It provides your betta with a place to sleep or rest, or just get away. And you will not find this product at a better price anywhere!

Diana, Culver City CA on 2010/11/04
My Betta Loves It

This is a great addition to my 5 gallon betta tank. He has plenty of room to swim but needed a place to rest near the surface and still get air easily through the opening. If you have a larger tank, I highly recommend this product.

Erica, Minneapolis MN on 2010/09/16
My fish loves his log

I recently bought the floating log because my red VT betta Anubis had bitten his tail out of boredom. I decided that he would have lots of fun with his log like his adopted brother Ramses, my delta tail betta. Anubis loves his log. He swims through it as well as rests in it. He is also very protective of his log. He even attacked my fingers one day when I was adjusting it in his tank. I will say that the log is for tanks that are 2 gallons and larger.