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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock Description

Zoo Med Turtle Dock is a unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. The Turtle Dock unique self leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels. Zoo Med Turtle Dock features a submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to dry areas.

  • Unique floating dock for turtles to bask on
  • Unique self-leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels
  • Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to dry area
  • 6-month manufacturer warranty

Zoo Med Turtle Dock allows aquatic turtles a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. The Zoo Med Turtle Dock can also be used for aquatic newts and frogs.

Mini: 3.5"L x 8"W - (5 Gallons and Up)
Small: 5"L x 11.25"W - (10 Gallons and Up)
Medium: 7"L x 15.5"W - (15 Gallons and Up)
Large: 9"L x 18"W - (40 Gallons and Up)
X-Large: 12"L x 24"W - (Ponds & Aquariums)

Q: How do I clean my Turtle Dock
A: The dock can be rinsed with warm tap water. A soft scrub brush can be used to remove algae from the dock.
Q: The suction cups for my Turtle Dock aren't sticking to the glass any more.
A: You can try soaking the suction cups in a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. This process should revive them. You can also scrape the water deposits off of the glass to be sure that the suction cups can stick to the glass.

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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock Customer Reviews

Trish, Oakland Park FL on 2018/06/07
My Turtle LOVES it!

The extra large floating turtle dock is perfect for my outdoor pond. My two rapidly growing Yellow Belly Sliders love it!. It has a simple, smart construction and sets up in one minute. Enough room for both of my turtles. :-)

Trish, Oakland Park FL on 2018/06/07
My turtles love it!

The extra large floating turtle dock is perfect for my two rapidly growing turtles! It has a smart construction and sets up in less than a minute. It is an awesome addition to my outdoor pond.

Brandi, Nipomo CA on 2016/10/25
Great Product but Visually Unappealing

This is a good product. My turtle loved basking on it and hiding under it. However, this product is UGLY! The ends that are in the water turn purple and it has an overall purplish tint. I was hoping it would look a little more natural. My husband made me take it out of the pond because it was an eyesore. Now on the hunt for something more realistic for the turtle to enjoy. Again, the turtle loved it and it works as advertised.

Stephan, Longview WA on 2016/08/18

This dock is huge made for id say 50 gallon tank all the way to 400 easily I am surprised how big this dock is and for the price can't beat it.

Debbie, Canyon Country CA on 2016/07/28
Completely satisfied

Pet Mountain offered a product I needed that I was unable to find any where else.I was given a great discount for first time order and rec'd my order promptly.I will definitely be ordering from Pet Mountain, again, in the future.Thank you :-)

Beautifulorchid, White Plains NY on 2015/11/16
Delightful Dock

The dock is a pleasant addition to my 20 gallon tank. It adds a beautiful look to the tank. My red ear slider Leo, had an adjustment period to it as did I. When he gets on and off it, it makes a noise similar to rubbing Styrofoam. It maybe made from it. Not sure. None the less, the set-up was easy. The suction cups are still attached to the glass and as it says it effortlessly floats with the level of the water. When I upgrade to a bigger tank I will purchase a second one.

Miller, Loveland CO on 2015/09/23
Great product

My yellow bellies were on it within an hour of it going in their tank and it's big enough for both of them to be on at the same time.

Jade, Tucson AZ on 2015/06/04
Perfect for turtle.

My year and half old turtle uses this dock constantly. He loves sun bathing on it and won't on anything else. He had the small one when he was a baby but now, with his size and continual growth, had to get him a large. We tried floating cork because it took up less room, he refused to use it and made a mess of his tank because he kept nipping at it. So I broke down and bought him the Large. I do wish it had more float to it, it works for now, but I'm not sure for when he gets full grown. Also, if it was reversible on one side of the tank, if I want to flip the side he crawls up on, I have to stick it on the front side of the tank, which looks horrible and the basking light doesn't reach that far. Other than that, it's great and probably the only thing he'll ever use since he's so stubborn, and he doesn't nip at it. Would buy another if I had to, hopefully I won't, just have to replace the suction cups. Would recommend to other turtle owners.

Anne, Tehachapi CA on 2015/05/04
Still using after many years

I bought the medium one years ago for my red eared sliders in a tank. It's now in my pond and even although the bottom fell apart they still love it. One of the turtles is huge but still insists on laying on it. The little ones love it too when the big one lets them use it. I put rope through the holes and tied knots in it and have the rope outside the pond held by a rock. I'm thinking about getting the bigger one so everyone can share. I think this is a great product even although I had to make alterations.

Bj, Chicago IL on 2013/09/22
Basking Favorite

All my turtles love to sit on these docs and bask. Some of them even bask on top of each other rather than going to another dock. The only problems I have w/them are, they don't last. The bottom part is made from sand or something similar and they start to chew and eat it away and soon the raft becomes feather light and harder to climb, not to mention the mess at the bottom of the tanks. I've tried raising the waterline so they're out of reach, but my smartie pants just use each other as step stools. Next is, no matter how clean the tanks are or using new suction cups, they don't last long or stick up long. Also the black poles don't hold up too long either. Oh well?

Emily, Marlton NJ on 2013/04/07
Great for large turtles!

You can't beat the price here, it's more than double at my local pet store. I have the largest size for my 10 inch red-eared slider, Magellan. She absolutely loves it. Since she is larger, the dock DOESN'T float on its own. I have it resting on a few rocks, but the whole set up creates a little hideout underneath.. an added bonus! It looks very natural once settled into her habitat, and is pretty easy to clean. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an extra space for their adult size turtle.

Lori, Triadelphia WV on 2012/12/05
Great product

I like this product. It provides my turtle with an access to land from the water and a darker area for sleeping at night. However, I would also like to have a way of altering the product for different tank styles. I have a tank that never has a strait area to add anything side mounted. The turtle must turn sideways to get out of the pond. It would be an advantage to the company to make a product that attaches to the front of the unit by suction cups, instead of only one side.

Sandee, Sparta NJ on 2012/06/20
Turtle Dock

Same brand but at least half the price at Petmountain versa a pet store!

Sandee, Sparta NJ on 2012/06/20
Turtle Dock

Same brand but at least half the price at Petmountain versus a pet store!

Katelyn, Pittston ME on 2011/05/29
Good for Turtles Under 6" Shell Length

I've had my turtle dock for over a year. I bought the biggest turtle dock they make (the one for the 40gallon) and when my RES was little he fit just fine but now that he is getting bigger and heavier the dock sinks a little. I will definitely have to find an alternative to this dock soon but overall a good product, just wish they made bigger ones that could hold more weight.

Bj, Chicago IL on 2010/07/19
A Must but...

need an xlarge size as my turtles grow. they love to stack themselves on each other which causes the lg and med docks sink some, but these docks are still a must. my turtles also nibble at the underneath of the docks where it's like sand, no algae there! it got sooo bad had to toss their baby dock since it was eaten apart! now i'm buying another large one.

Sean, Flushing NY on 2010/06/26
Essential piece of turtle husbandry

I really enjoyed the Zoo Med turtle dock. Used it for about 8 months while my RES was a hatch-ling - juvenile. I've since upgraded to the Penn Plax Turtle Topper, which is fantastic, but the turtle dock was useful while it lasted. One thing to note: if you wish to use it as directed (with suction cups attached to the side of the aquarium), then you won't be able to fill the tank fully. This may present a problem if you're using a HOB filter.

Jonathan, Walnut CA on 2010/02/23
If you have a RES get this

Like the title states, go large, my baby red eared slider grew so fast! I've bought all three sized in the span of 4 months! These are good docks, though some algae may form at the very semi submerged edge, but that can be easily cleaned. Not to mention this store sells stuff for about 60% less than your average a competitor website website, so its win win. If my girl likes to bask on this dock, I'm sure your turtle will as well! Oh and don't be afraid of buying from this store, I've already made 3 big orders (well big to me lol) with these guys and they have NEVER failed me at all. Cheers.

Brian, Chapel Hill NC on 2009/12/30
Best price anywhere!

My wife and I were purchasing this item from a major chain pet store, which had it on the shelf for thirty dollars. We found the same item for half that here, and even with shipping still saved ten dollars. The item itself is a great addition to any turtle tank. We have a Red Eared Slider who loves it.

Daniel, South Burlington VT on 2009/11/17
To small

I got the largest version and it was too small for my turtle. I ended up suspending the dock from above with wires to support my large Red Ear Slider. It would work if my turtle was not so large.

Ida, Azusa CA on 2009/10/03
A Necessity for Aquatic Turtles!

I purchased a small turtle dock for our 6 month young red eared slider at double the price Pet Mountain sells them for, but it was still worth it! It floats excellent and opens up a LOT of swimming room for your pet. Now I've adopted a 6-inch female RES for our 180 gal outside aquarium (on our veranda) and couldn't find a bigger dock than the medium, but it holds her just fine. Today, I'm ordering the large for her to offer her more "turning" room. It's true that once green algae grows on the dock your turtle might want to nip at it, but it nips only the algae, in my experience. A MUST HAVE for all aquatic turtles and at Pet Mountain's incredibly low prices, there's no excuses! I highly recommend this product.

Kent, Bellefontaine OH on 2009/09/30
Good product just too small for turtle.

While I purchased the largest turtle dock available, our Yellow Belly Slider is just too big for it. The product is fine, but if your turtle is more than 6 inches (shell length) I would recommend another method of getting them out of the water. Our turtle is about 9 inches and the dock does not get her out of the water.

Robert, Huntsville AL on 2009/09/08
Good but needs a few adjustments

Holds up for a fairly long time. Some turtles will nibble on it if algae grows on it. NEEDS to have another, larger size available for adult turtles - have to stack 2 to support adults. Also will become waterlogged and sink with time (years).

Becci, Elmhurst NY on 2008/02/13
my turtles love it

I have two small red eared sliders and they love sitting on both the dock and on the ramp part just resting in the water. I'm getting them one size bigger so they have more room to sit on it. The self leveling feature is also great and works perfectly. I would highly recommend this product to any turtle owner. My only suggestion would be to buy the extra suction cups as mine have begun to wear out and stick as well anymore.

Jennifer , Santa Barbara CA on 2007/08/23
Works great

I have 2, 6 inches turtles. The small dock didn't work very well for either one of them. But the large dock allows both of them to bask together; its perfect. Neither of them bite on the dock like other owners have complained about.

Alex, Miami FL on 2007/06/21
My little turtles love it!

My two RES just love sunning on the Zoo Med Turtle dock. I purchased the medium size dock from another store at a much higher price but it was still worth it. As my turtles have grown and I have upgraded to a bigger tank, I have kept the Zoo Med floating dock as a ramp for the turtles to get to their now larger basking spot. They like the dock so much they usually don't even bother to climb all the way onto their new home.

Yvonne, San Antonio TX on 2007/06/15
My Turtle Loves His Dock

I used to stack large stones in my turtles aquarium and he had a hard time climbing on them but he LOVE the turtle dock!

Linda, Chicago IL on 2007/06/12
Good for smaller turtles

I have a medium size (for 15 G) turtle dock in my 40 breeder tank. Overall, this floating dock works well but as my red-eared slider getting bigger and bigger, it tends to sink. In other words, my turtle is not 100% out of the water when basking. All in all, it's a nice product but if you have bigger/larger turtles, you may need to opt for a stronger and more sturdy basking platform.

Michael, Salt Lake City UT on 2007/03/08
Big turtles need big docks

The forty gallon turtle dock is the only way to go for my 8 inch adult red eared slider.

Michelle, State College PA on 2006/12/21
Great Product

This is great for aquatic turtle spends most of his day climbing up and down on this. I was afraid it would sink as he got bigger, but it hasn't and it allows him to dry off...a must have for any aquatic turtle!