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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding Description

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made of 100% natural cypress mulch and makes a great terrarium substrate for forest-dwelling reptiles and amphibians, with excellent moisture retention to help maintain a humid environment.

  • 100% natural cypress mulch
  • Helps maintain a humid environment for forest reptiles and amphibians
  • Great for live plants and egg incubation

This safe, natural reptile substrate is not heat treated, which allows the mulch to absorb and retain moisture more rapidly. The bark lays flat to help prevent live food insects (like crickets) from hiding in the substrate. Great for snakes, tropical tortoises, amphibians, tarantulas, terrariums with live plants, and egg incubation.

Made in the USA.

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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding Customer Reviews

Laurel, Granada Hills CA on 2015/09/28
Great to stabilize terrarium humidity and has a woodsy, fresh smell even weeks later!

Living in southern California makes it difficult to keep the humidity in my terrarium up to the recommended levels for my three tree frogs. Another reviewer's comments convinced me to try this substrate as part of the solution and I couldn't be happier! I used the recommended 3-4" on initial setup and misted it heavily. Now, the humidity level rarely drops below 40% whereas it used to dip down into the 20% range. Misting the terrarium 3-4 times a day raises that to 60-70% for happy, moist frogs! Two more plusses: I don't worry about my frogs ingesting splinters because the pieces are large enough AND the terrarium smells fresh and woody like a damp forest. At first I worried that the wood might poke their tender skin, but the chips soften nicely with the dampness. Highly recommended this product!

Amanda, Pocahontas AR on 2014/03/05
Great for high humidity reptiles

We ordered two bags and use it for our Ball Pythons. It works great for raising the humidity. No complaints at all.

Shawn, Pratt KS on 2012/07/24
Forrest Floor Cypress Mulch bedding

This bedding it great for high humidity as it holds moisture. I use it all the time for my balled python and put some moss on top of it to add even more humidity. Then to top it off I use the zoo med repti fogger.

Shawn, Pratt KS on 2010/09/30
Great bedding for humidity!

I use this bedding all of the time with some beaked moss on top of it. It is an easy way to hold humidity at 60% or more for my balled python. I just have to mist it with a spray bottle once a day. I also use the zoo med repti fogger on a timer.