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Zoo Med Industrial Magclip Magnetic Suction Cup Kit by by Zoo Med

  • $12.99
  • (42%)
SKU: ZM11001
UPC: 097612110012

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Product Description

Zoo Med's Magclip industrial strength magnetic suction cup with interchangeable clips. Holds all types of aquarium accessories like canister filter outlet tubes, aquarium heaters, filter intake tubes, filter spray bars, airline tubing etc.

  • Industrial strength MAGNETIC suction cup with interchangeable clips
  • Holds all types of aquarium accessories
  • Never replace your suction cups again!

Includes: 1 inside magnet, 1 outside magnet, and 6 nylon holder attachments.

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Customer Reviews

Steve, Van Meter IA on 2016/03/20
Outstanding Bu...................

I have a 90 gallon and was worried the glass was too thick for the magnet to work, it works perfectly, this is an outstanding product .......however the the downside is only one magnet included in packaging. One. The company that makes this needs to package a three or four pack (magnets). as most aquariums need several items secured (heaters, airline, outlet and inlet tubes ect, ect )

Gordon, Astoria NY on 2015/08/21
Zoo Med Aquatic Magclip Magnetic Suction Cup & Attachments

Just like my two other sets. These stays on the glass of my aquarium tank as compared to the rubber ones that may come off.

Jay, Golden Valley MN on 2015/01/27
Nice with limitations

I have used a lot of these Magclips on my many tanks for years and they work fairly well but have a few minor issues. 1) Over time sometimes the flat edge of the magnets bulge out or the magnets come apart. I have had to epoxy a number of them back together. 2) The plastic clips that screw into the magnets that hold your stuff soften in time under water and do not hold tightly anymore. You can retighten them somewhat by bending them back but they will just loosen up again. 3) Once you screw a clip onto the magnet and it has been in water for a long time the threads can freeze and the clip can break off if you try to remove it again. 4) You end up paying for 4 sized clips (out of 5) that you probably will never use. I have many dozens of extra clips which I wish I could them send back for a credit or purchase product with just one size clip (as I tend to only use the largest size clip). 5) Sometimes it can hard to get a clip to thread into the magnet (you have to hold it square to start the threads). I would still highly recommend them but be aware of their limitations.

Nadia, Cape Cod MA on 2015/01/01
Buy Two.

Fantastic product. Magnetic holder replaces plastic suction cup. Finally, a solution to wandering inlet/outlet tubing, decrepit heater suction cup holders and bobbing thermometers. This item is really practical and, even better, it works. Every application that requires suction holders can be improved upon by the use of these magnetic holders. Includes one magnet and multiple sized screw in holders.

Bill, Gastonia NC on 2014/05/16
Great idea!! Great product!!

I bought a set to replace worn out rubber heater cups. But I heeded the tip to buy TWO sets for each application!! It's kind of silly to only include half of what you need in each pack, but be warned -- one pack will only get you one holder!! So buy TWO packs per application. The included clips will serve just about every need -- Heaters, Airlines, Intake/Suctions, Outlet/Spraybars, Glass thermometers, Digital probes, etc, etc. Great idea!! 5 Stars .

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
I'm a big fan of these Magnetic Suction Cups

I'm a big fan of these Magnetic Suction Cups

Katherine, Sylvania OH on 2013/08/06
Very Convenient

This magnet clip is much better than the suction cup clips. It's easier to clean around and underneath. I use it for my water heater. In the future, I will replace all of the suction cups with these magnet clips. Keep in mind that there is only one magnet per package.

Linda, San Marcos CA on 2013/06/05
Just what I needed

The suction cups on the dock and skimmer in my turtle tank weren't working - my turtle kept knocking things loose. The magnetic clips are working like a charm, my turtle can no longer dislodge either the dock or skimmer intake from the side of his tank, even when he digs at them. Wish I had found these sooner!

Brad, Sacramento CA on 2011/07/20
Could be better.

These are very good but the magnets are only so strong. I may glue them into place with silicone. The fittings are odd sizes, but finding one a little smaller than what you are hanging works.

S, Austin TX on 2010/09/19

These are great! The regular suction cups harden and no longer work over time. The magnetic clip are very powerful and hold everything in place, awesome product!

Ken, Atlanta GA on 2009/09/06
How have I lived without this?

This item is STUPENDOUS! I have battled with those plastic suction cups on in-tank heaters, filters, airline tubing and other items for years. Usually the suction cup deforms and after a short while, doesnt work any longer. Relocating an item is a hassle, the deformed suction cup no longer attaches and if algae gets on the cup it no longer sticks to the glass. This item solves all those problems! To move an item in the tank, just move the magnet on the outside of the tank, and the item moves with it. No matter the algae in the tank, the magnet holds strong. I put the heater where I want it, and it stays there. I route the return tubes and airline hoses where I want them, and they stay there. I even use them to hold some tank decorations in place. I will definitely get more!