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Zoo Med Natural Bush Congo Ivy by Zoo Med

  • $4.99
  • Save $1 (24%)
SKU: ZM18012
UPC: 097612180121
MPN: BU-12
  • $6.99
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SKU: ZM18022
UPC: 097612180220
MPN: BU-22

Zoo Med Natural Bush Congo Ivy Description

Zoo Med Natural Bush Congo Ivy is - hold on, come closer, its a secret - not really natural at all! This brilliantly replicated artificial plant will provide a great hiding and resting place for your reptile or amphibian, and he'll never know the difference!

  • Artificial jungle ivy for terrariums
  • Your reptile will never know the difference
  • Provides hiding and resting places for all reptiles and amphibians

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Zoo Med Natural Bush Congo Ivy Customer Reviews

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2015/08/30
Great plants for aquarium too

These plants attach well to the side of my aquarium to provide hiding places for my fry and young adult fish. Even the larger adults like to stay in them at night when the nocturnal fish take over the tank. They stick to the walls quite well, look completely realistic, and provide fantastic shelter. I highly recommend these plants for fish as well as reptiles.

Morgan, Oklahoma City OK on 2015/01/21
Nice quality bigger than expected!

These plants look very nice in my tree frog habitat and were very affordable!

Melissa, Moreno Valley CA on 2014/03/14
Great for any tropical terrarium

I got two of these for my crested gecko's terrarium along with a few of the other plant types. They are great for any herp that needs a tropical environment.

Joe, Southeast WI on 2012/06/10
Great plant for the money!

I bought two of these and have them hanging against my rockwall in my terrarium. They look great! The best part is the price! Can't beat it!

Antonio, Chicago IL on 2010/10/07
Plants Turtles Love

My turtle, Shelly, can not get enough greenery in her home. That's why I'm glad she tends to seek shade by the plant I ordered from you guys. Thanks!