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Zoo Med Natural Bush Mexican Phyllo by Zoo Med

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SKU: ZM18010
UPC: 097612180107
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Zoo Med Natural Bush Mexican Phyllo Description

Zoo Med Natural Bush Mexican Phyllo plants enable you to create your own (plastic) jungle in your pets terrarium, cage or other habitat. Provides excellent hiding and resting places for all of your reptiles and amphibians.

  • Artificial naturalistic jungle vine 14" long
  • Hang from cage or terrarium walls, or wrap around terrarium furnishings
  • Provides hiding,resting and climbing places for reptiles and amphibians

Hang it from any cage or terrarium wall, or wrap it around your habitat decor to recreate an authentic tropical environment. The highly realistic vine and leaves are great for catching water in high-humidity reptile homes. Plant is easy to clean.

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Zoo Med Natural Bush Mexican Phyllo Customer Reviews

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2015/07/21
Not just for reptiles!

These plants are also perfect for fish! Small fish and fry love these plants to hide in. I have several that I use in different tanks, and the fish are delighted to have them. The suction cup (included) allows one to easily attach these near the top of the tank where the smaller fish like to hide. When the lights go out at night, even the adults head for safety and stay in or around these vine-like plants.

Heidi, Knoxville TN on 2015/07/03

I have used these plants, which I cut apart to remove the metal stem in the middle. The Crabs that are enjoying these plants are quite able to remove the leaves off of the stems, and the stems from each other. No fault of the plant, the Crabs are that strong! I have scattered the plants all over the enclosure, they really seem to enjoy these!

Winona, Auburn AL on 2015/06/03
My snakes love it

I bought four total, 2 for each snake, and the snakes seem much more comfortable in their terrariums. My ball python uses them as a hide and he's visible in his tank more often because of that. My boa likes to climb on them since I have hers suction cupped to the side. They also work to make her hides more secluded and secure feeling. Very easy to clean. It's a great product.

Christie, Kannapolis NC on 2013/10/08
Very large plant for the money.

Great fake plant, easy to zip tie to corner of cage and hangs nicely.

Darryl, Santa Barbara CA on 2013/05/21
Most realistic plant

I own almost every single type of fake plant from Zoo Med and other companies and this one is by far my baby veiled chameleon's favorite. Some of the other plants feel stiff and plastic like while this one looks and feels real. I hung a few of these in the middle of the cage and she loves to climb in, over and through it. A close 2nd place plant would be the bamboo one also sold on this site.

Valentina, Westminster CA on 2011/11/03
Received my order in 2 days!

What a deal! Great decor for any reptile tank. Originally Purchased 2, then ordered two more...perfect for four corners of my 40 gallon tank!

Amanda, Westerville OH on 2010/08/26
Really like product

I just bought 2 of these and they look really good in my tank. My fire belly toad seems to like them to. I am ordering 2 more today.