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Zoo Med Natural Cork Rounds by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Natural Cork Rounds Description

Zoo Med Round Natural Cork Bark is safe for all reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. Cork bark can be easily cut to any desired length or shape. Don't be afraid to turn your cork bark rounds around and use them to hold plants or food!

  • Great hiding place for reptiles and amphibians
  • Real cork looks and feels like a natural log
  • Create a naturalistic forest look in your terrarium

Full rounds can be used as shelters lying horizontally or plant holders standing upright. Half rounds can be used as natural hiding places and shelters.

Cork Rounds are safe for all reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. Cut to any desired length or shape. All-natural and sustainably harvested; no trees were harmed in the harvesting of this product.

Note: Natural Cork Rounds are a natural product and will vary in size and shape. Each piece is different and unique.

Approximate Sizes:
Medium: 5"-8" Long
Large: 8"-13" Long
X-Large:13"-16" Long

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Zoo Med Natural Cork Rounds Customer Reviews

Brittany, Phoenix AZ on 2019/07/28
No variety in bulk option

Purchased the bulk box in hope of getting a variety of pieces - both flats and rounds - for my bioactive conversions. I received about 15 flats of various sizes and one, single, HUGE round that I am going to have to cut in half length-wise to utilize (it's about 18" long and maybe 8" wide). If I knew I was only going to be getting one round, I would have just ordered them individually instead of the box. Just be warned, the bulk is great for smaller, flat pieces, but do not expect to hit the rounds jackpot.

April, Sacramento CA on 2016/06/07
Nice Variety

I had flat pieces, rounds and lots of neat character to them will work great for my pets

Steve, Auburn WA on 2016/04/22
Huge quantity for the $$

I bought these in bulk and it's definitely worth it a good variety of shapes and sizes. This is the second 15lb box I have bought and will be back again.I have also sent links to this site to interested friends in the hobby.

Sara, Auburn NY on 2014/08/30

This was exactly what I was looking for. It was a perfect cork round for what I needed it for and my sugar gliders will love it! It was shipped quickly and packed with the utmost safety in mind so it didn't crumble.

Sandy, Euless TX on 2014/08/27
Ordered Three Cork Tubes

Very good service! Highly recommend! Each one was bubble wrapped and packed well.

Lee, Lakewood CO on 2014/05/10

An all around great product. I was very pleased with the 3 medium cork bark rounds they chose for me. One even had green moss and lichen still on it! You won't find nicer cork rounds than these at your local pet store. Well worth every penny. Thank You Pet Mountain!