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Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background for Terrariums by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background for Terrariums Description

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds. These panels are pre-cut to fit Zoo Meds Naturalistic Terrariums or can be cut for custom sizes. They are perfect for high-humidity environments as they are highly resistant to mold or mildew.

  • Natural cork panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds
  • Perfect for high humidity environments - mold and mildew resistant
  • Precut to fit Zoo Meds Naturalistic Terrarium or can be cut for custom sizes

To secure the background you will need to use Aquarium Silicone which will need to dry for 24 hrs. Be sure that the silicone has completely cured before placing animals inside terrarium. Use several Natural Cork Tile Background panels for large enclosures.

All natural and sustainably harvested. No trees were harmed in harvesting this green product.

All sizes are approximate, actual product size may vary.

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5.0 (3)

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background for Terrariums Customer Reviews

Jaime, Farmington MN on 2022/09/16
Perfect choice cork tile for backgrounds

This cork tile comes in a great size making it versatile enough to cut down for many specific sizes. This was a great addition for the background of my repurposed barristers bookcase enclosure. Ordering a second one!

Eric, Melbourne FL on 2016/07/23
My frilled dragon approves of this message

Awesome and necessary product at the lowest price I've EVER seen! So natural and provides great exercise for frills and (some) beardies.

Laura, Bellflower IL on 2015/10/10
Love It!

I was searching for something to use as a basking platform for my turtle "Bob". I decided on the cork tile. It does not shrink, so I cut then soaked it. Wedged the large piece between the front and back of the aquarium, used the small long piece as a ramp. Attached the ramp with zip ties. Perfect! Looks much better and natural than the other platforms, plus I put this exactly where I wanted it, as all the others are way too short (what turtle can swim in 3 inches of water?).

J.t., Salem OR on 2015/07/15
Beautiful and functional decor

This is an easy way to create beautiful natural looking terrariums. Though there is more time and work needed for these backgrounds than printed picture tape-on backgrounds, it's well worth it. These also make a great toy for arboreal lizards. I use these on 3 of the 4 sides of my Frilled Dragon cages and they love climbing up them and jumping onto the top of their basking branches.

Brian, Merrick NY on 2015/03/06
Great product

Great price, packaged great and looks amazing. Couldn't be happier.

Noemi, Deltona FL on 2014/05/02
I love it!

Looks very real, it looks great. Very satisfied

Terra, Lake Forest CA on 2010/08/17
Wonderful for Hermit Tank

I use these flat cork 'tiles' as a second level in my tank, that is usually where they all hang out when not buried. It's easy to feed up there since it's easier to clean than dirt, and it gives them lots more room to walk around and explore. i just wedge them in the tank - sometimes i have to cut them a bit, usually at an angle for interest, all next to each other with a few gaps so they can get in and out.

Nichole, Milford CT on 2010/07/30
Looks Great in my Viv

Make sure you get some aquarium silicone to attach it with, and allow 24 hours after installation for the silicone to cure completely and gas out before putting any animals in the tank! I think the piece is slightly larger than the given measurements, I had to cut it to fit. It cuts easily tho.

Richie, Mary FL on 2010/04/28
Product fit great, looks great!

Product was easy to fit as it described, looks fantastic! Great Quality, Great Price compared to all other sites i searched ....