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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Aquariums or Terrariums by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Aquariums or Terrariums Description

Zoo Med Aquatic Natural Mopani hardwood can be used in aquariums or terrariums for natural decoration. Deep, chocolate brown and light, sandy yellow colors and striking shapes and textures are sure to be a focal point in any habitat. This item is a naturally occurring product and all sizes are approximate. The size differences are based on weight and volume, not length. The length may vary from the labeled size.

  • Safe for use in aquariums or terrariums
  • Decorative Mopani Wood provides shelter
  • NOTE: Sizes vary since this is a natural product

Dense, natural driftwood is also an excellent way to anchor plants. The extremely dense hardwood structure sinks immediately and won't rot like driftwood, making it perfect for aquatic setups. This wood may release tannins into the water, creating a yellow or slightly brown tint. The tannins are natural compounds, and should not harm fish in freshwater environments, but soaking the wood before introducing it to your tank may help to minimize the tint. Sandblasted clean and ready to add to your tank.

Mopani Wood Dimensions:
Small Mopani Wood - 6" to 8" Long
Medium Mopani Wood - 10" to 12" Long
Large Mopani Wood - 16" to 18" Long
Jumbo Mopani Wood - 20" to 24" Long

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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Aquariums or Terrariums Customer Reviews

Beth, Claxton GA on 2019/10/08

Absolutely unbelievable. This is so beautiful. I never expected this. I almost feel guilty it was such a good deal.

Kevin, Chicago IL on 2018/02/04

Bought 3 of the medium sized wood. I was originally worried about the random pieces, but once they arrived the wood they selected were perfect. Also great price!

Susan, Shelby NC on 2017/12/21
Mopani wood

Very nice..

Gino, Riverside NJ on 2016/07/27
Good Wood

My piece of wood was a 10x10x10 triangle. much more than I had expected. I let it soak in a bucket of water for about 5 days before it sank 100%. also soaked to let the tannins release. my pleco loves it.

Ray, Montclair NJ on 2016/02/09
Be Patient!

The two small pieces of mopani wood had attractive rootlike shapes, but typical of this African wood it is saturated with tannin. I have boiled the two pieces in a large soup pot for a week and a half, changing the stained water about every three hours. Though noticeable progress has been made, the water still shows an amber-reddish tint. IAt the present rate, it may take at least two more days of boiling before the water will be anywhere near clear.

Ray, Montclair NJ on 2016/02/09
Beautiful, but Tannin Filled

Of the two medium pieces of African mopani wood I purchased, one was usable in an aquarium after four days of boiling out the tannin, the other is almost usable after a week and a half of boiling in a huge soup pot with water changes about every three hours. This is not unusual for this type of wood, but buyers should be aware of the time it may take to clear the pieces of enough tannin to put into an aquarium without staining the water. The shapes of the pieces varied considerably: one was a flat piece with small arches and bumps, the other a gnarled rootlike piece. Each are colored in variegated browns and black. They will look attractive in a 20 or 50 gallon aquarium.

Miranda, Woodlawn VA on 2016/01/16
Lovely Wood

This round around I ordered four pieces; two small, two medium. Boy was I expecting smaller, bland pieces like I received last time I ordered - was I wrong. The smallest piece is somewhere between 8-9" long and 4-5" wide, the longest is 13" long and 2-3" wide. They are currently stacked together to save space while they wait for a new tank after getting soaked. I would suggest hot water soaks for at least three days (works faster than cold water soaks, still some leakage but not enough to look 'bad').

Bonnie, Hyde Park VT on 2016/01/10
Beautiful Aquarium Natural Mopani Wood

The item description said the piece of aquarium wood would be about 18" long. When it arrived, the piece actually ended up being 21" of solid mopani. My son thought it was so figured and beautiful that he wanted to carve the piece. He finally agreed that the wood will be a great addition to our smaller aquarium after we soak some of the tannin out of the wood. The price and quality of the piece is exceptional. We will be back.

Anne, West Chester PA on 2015/07/10
Love This Wood

I recently received 2 small and 1 medium piece of Mopani for 2 new Nano tanks. I couldn't be happier with the size and weight of these pieces. They have the most interesting whorls, contrasting colors, and angles, wonderful for creating an artistic aquascape. Since they pick out the ones they send you, it's kind of like a surprise package, but I was really impressed. Will order more just to see what I get.

Jackie, Lima OH on 2015/05/02
A little small, but good for the price

At the pet store I would have paid $11 for a small piece of wood, nearly 4 times what I paid here. I ordered one medium piece of wood and two small pieces. They're fine and interesting to look at; however, the sizes of all three pieces are the same. I was expecting the medium to be bigger, so I was a bit disappointed when I saw how small it was. I guess it is just luck if you get good pieces. However, they're beautiful and my turtle loves to climb on it.

Patty, Hawley PA on 2015/03/18
Mopani wood

I can't tell you how impressed I am with this truly beautiful wood for my large aquarium and planted tanks. It's way beyond what I expected. I followed the soaking and boiling process and it is beautiful. I will be planting them soon in the tank. Very artistic pieces and they stay down. Glad I found you.

Judy, Williamsport IN on 2015/01/26
Tank centerpiece....

Recently purchased 2 of the medium sized pieces for my 36 gallon bow front tank. This type of driftwood is way better than the old plain, smooth chunks of boring wood! The colors and texture are amazing. And the price ain't bad either! Got these 2 for less than a similar 1 on a competitor website!

Morgan, Oklahoma City OK on 2015/01/21
Very natural looking LOVE IT

When I opened my package I was shocked to see how big this product was for how much I paid for it! I will definitely buy on this site for any tank accessories in the future!

Carla, Birnamwood WI on 2015/01/15
Drift wood

It looks exactly like a real piece of Drift Wood you'd get from Lake Michigan. **Make sure you soak it in a bucket of water for several days before adding it to your tank or it turns your water brown. Change water every 24 hours when soaking it in the bucket.

Iain, Clarks Summit PA on 2014/05/25
Good product

I received a beautiful piece in the perfect size. Again with great pricing.

Mike, Fort Worth TX on 2014/05/08
Good Platform For Aquatic Turtles

Bought it for my musk turtle's tank and she loves it! The only thing you must do is pre-soak the drift wood for couple of days or else it will turn your tank water brown from the tannin it contains.

Mike, Fort Worth TX on 2014/05/08
Good platform for aquatic turtles

Good for aquatic turtles. Need to soak it in fresh water for a few days before placing it in aquarium or the tannin from the wood will turn your water brown.

Lisa, Cabot VT on 2014/04/27
Beautiful piece of wood

Very large and beautiful.

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
Mopani Wood

Just Remember to Boil the wood a few times to get most of the Tannins out

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
Mopani Wood

Just remember to boil the wood a few times to get most of the tannins out.

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
Mopani Wood

Just Remember to Boil the wood a few times to get most of the Tannins out

Nik, Laguna Niguel CA on 2013/10/01
Its good!

Everything seems good, mounted some Anubias on it. It has heavy tannins, so boil it first- it will still leach into the water, but it will go away eventually. Just do water changes! Medium sizes, 2 pieces in a 60 gallon, worked out perfectly

Joy, Phoenix AZ on 2013/09/18
Lg Mopani wood is beautiful but BIG!

The "large" piece we received was much bigger than expected. It is about 20" long and the width varies from 5.5 to 9.5" wide. The price was almost half the cost for the same brand and size at the local pet stores. PetMountain selected a beautiful piece for us. I had been a little anxious about ordering this sight unseen but we were was pleasantly surprised.

Barbara, Poulsbo WA on 2013/09/13

The large piece of Mopani I received is a gorgeous piece of wood.

Cary, Brooklyn NY on 2013/07/22
Love it

I have 4 of these in my tank. They are well worth the price. Only drawback is you will need to soak these for a while. I had mine for a month before I put these in the tank otherwise your water will turn red. Soak it in a large bucket or a storage bin and pore out everyday or whenever you remember. The longer you soak them the less coloring will come off in your tank.

Gary, Atlanta GA on 2013/02/27

Wood looks great in my tank. Had to soak it several days to remove the tanins, but that is expected. Nice piece and very inexpensive for what you get.

Mallory, Coatesville PA on 2012/12/17
Great tank decoration

My turtle loves it!

Ed, Astoria NY on 2012/03/22
Much better than expected

Ordered two Medium - (10 - 12" Long) pc's received one 14" the other is 12" but with a curve that if straightened out is closer to 18andrdquo;. Both are very attractive. Soaking right now can't wait to place these in my tank. I would recommend to anyone looking for a natural looking aquarium.

James, Farmington MO on 2012/03/02
Big, Beautiful and Natural!

When I ordered the large aquatic wood, I never imagined the size and beauty of this Mopani Wood, it is awesome.

John, Richmond TX on 2011/09/26
Yes, finally a reasonable price

Needed a nice strong piece for the bearded dragon cage. This was perfect size. Gave him a nice smooth place to lay down with out costing me a fortune. I'll buy these at Petmountain again and again.

Ying, Los Gatos CA on 2011/04/04
Loved them

I bought 2 pieces: The 10-12" one wasn't very pretty but not downright ugly for the price, so I was quite indifferent on the purchase. This piece floats without soaking. The 16-18" they chose for me was absolutely beautiful. Worth every dollar and some more! Only cautions: Soak the wood in hot water for about a week until no more brown color runs off, unless you want your tank water to look yellow-brown. Doesn't seem to hurt the fish but clear clean water always looks nicer.

Mark, Dallas PA on 2010/09/11
Great Aquarium addition

This wood is an excellent addition to ones looking to improve aquarium natural decor. I only had to soak it for a week to get rid of the green. You Can't beat pet mountains pricing on Aquarium products!

Tara, Meriden CT on 2009/11/12
BIG Wood!

I ordered the large and boy is it BIG! It is the most beautiful piece of wood I have ever seen. Lots of places for fish to hide! Lots of twists and holes! I highly recommend this product!