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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums or Aquariums by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums or Aquariums Description

Use Zoo Med Mopani Wood to transform your terrarium or aquarium into a natural wilderness. Great for climbing on, crawling over, slithering through and hiding under, this beautiful, unique African hardwood makes a great addition to any habitat.

  • Real African hardwood for aquariums and terrariums
  • Sandblasted smooth surface, textured detail, and unique mottled color
  • Sinks instantly in aquariums and resists rotting
  • Small Mopani Wood Measures 5-8" Long
  • Medium Mopani Wood Measures 9-12" Long
  • Large Mopani Wood Measures 15-18" Long

Collected from dead tree roots. No trees were harmed in the harvesting of this product.

Terrarium Instructions: Mopani Wood is sandblasted clean and comes ready to add to your terrarium. Make sure each piece is securely placed so it cannot fall and injure your pet (it is very heavy).

Aquarium Instructions: All natural wood products leech tannins, which discolor water and reduce pH levels. To remove excess tannins and minimize this effect, soak the wood in a separate container and change the water daily. When the watercolor goes from dark brown to a very light "tea" color (or clear), the wood is ready for your aquarium. Adding extra carbon to your aquarium can help remove any remaining discoloration.

Note: Mopani Wood is a natural product. Since trees tend to not all be exactly the same, every piece is different and varies in size and shape. Be sure to choose a size that suits your animal and fits your habitat.

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Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums or Aquariums Customer Reviews

Linda, Quincy FL on 2017/07/21
Beautiful wood

This Mopani wood was very pretty. It had just the right mixture of light and dark wood colors. It is working out great for my arrangement projects.

Linda, Quincy FL on 2016/09/07
Beautiful wood

This Mopani wood is a wonderful product. The combination of light and dark colors in the wood are exceptional. I use the smaller pieces to design air plant arrangements. My customers really love them. Thanks for a great product.

Linda, Quincy FL on 2016/05/23
Pretty Mopani wood

The Mopani wood is the perfect wood for my needs. I have an online store and I mount air plants on the wood. It has a blend of light and dark colors in the wood that really impress my customers. Great service and quick shipping from Pet Mountain.

Susan, So. Portland ME on 2015/11/14
Very nice

Purchased two sizes, very happy, nice color. Be patient and let it soak in a pail of water. I wasn't, it turned water black. Great price compared to pet store retail. Have 5 nice pieces. Recommend!

Linda, Quincy FL on 2014/12/03
Great Variety of colors

This shipment of the small Mopani wood is really nice. The size is small and just right for my airplant arrangements. The colors vary from light to dark and give the wood its special quality. Thanks for timely shipping, will buy again.

Ciera, Starkville MS on 2014/11/01
Excellent-My Beardie Loves it

Not only is the wood absolutely gorgeous (I've had several friends as me about it) but my beardie loves to climb on it and bask. The ONLY con about this wood is the way it is shaped. The particular piece I have has several arches underneath and crickets will immediately go hide under it, which makes it difficult for my beardie to get at them, and I can't just flip the wood over as the bottom has several jagged edges I'm worried he will hurt himself on. That's really the only reason I took away a star.

Leann, West Chester PA on 2014/07/10
Natural mopani wood for snake cage

Great piece, loved it. Very nice.

Lisa, Cabot VT on 2014/04/27
Beautiful piece of wood

Very nice size. Looks great.

Stephanie, Ft Lauderdale FL on 2013/03/29
Adds a natural look...but some words of wisdom.

I have never put wood in a tank before and was pleased with look of the piece that was sent to me. I immediately put it in my tank. DON'T DO THAT. The tannins that leeched from this piece turned my water the color of weak coffee. It didn't bother my fish or shrimp, in fact my betta got breeding stripes! But my plants weren't too happy with the lack of light. I did daily 20% water changes for 5 days in hopes of clearing up the water a bit (I don't mind some tannins) but it got so bad I couldn't see my own fish! After some online reading I ended up pulling out the piece and boiling/soaking it in a 2 gal pot to leech the tannins manually. I did this over TWENTY TIMES before I started to notice a lessening in the tannins. In this period I was also doing research on how to get rid of the "coffee effect" in my tank. What I found? PURIGEN. If you are gonna have this wood, buy some purigen to run in your filter. It will cost you between $10-15 but it's worth it. And it's reusable! Cleared my tank in less than 6 hours! The wood has since been added back and looks great in my tank, plus my fish and shrimp love it. I did get a white (fungal?) bloom on the piece, which I'm told is normal for new driftwood and doesn't bother the fish. It's already started to clear. Bottom line: If you are putting this in a fish tank, boil it in a pot you don't mind ruining and get yourself some purigen.

Kenneth , Ball LA on 2013/03/02
Better than expected

Ordered a small and a large mopani wood for my aquarium. The pieces were beautiful with rich red colors and much larger than expected. I couldn't be more pleased.

Debbie, Bowling Green OH on 2013/02/26
Just beautiful!

I was nervous that this would arrive smaller or not as pretty as the picture...I am delighted to be wrong! It is gorgeous! After a little soak it will look beautiful in our tank...Can't wait! Thank You!

Neil, Brownsville PA on 2013/01/11
Good wood

It's a big ole' piece of wood. My dragon likes it, but I have to keep it on the cool side of the terrarium because I'm concerned about the color. Under the heat lamps are my pieces of wood that are very light in color. This one is very dark brown and I'm worried it will heat up too much and make my bearded dragon uncomfortable.

Renata, Bonita Springs FL on 2012/07/20
Beautiful wood!

I loved this wood not knowing much about it. The pieces were gorgeous and will display perfectly. I was really impressed with the quality and very interesting pieces I received. Order arrived very quickly too. I will order from you again. Thank you.

John, Chepachet RI on 2012/04/27
Drift wood

If you're going to add drift wood to your tank, go ahead, it looks great and the fish love it. TIP: I have found that all drift wood bleeds for a long time and can make a mess out of your tank. Tip #1 boil the wood for around 2 hours, this will help in pulling the tar out of the wood. Tip #2 let sit in clean water, changing every day for about a week, before placing in tank, Tip #3 microwave wood for about two minutes, this will kill any bacteria and alge growth which will pop up if you don't. Plus wood is a natural ph/ it keeps the ph levels low, so check often!

John, Eastham MA on 2011/04/22
great transaction

The Mopani Driftwood (and the whole transaction) was the best. It was exactly as expected and I had it in my hands in a week. I use it in a craft, not an aquarium, but it's perfect. I shall certainly be ordering this item again.

Lauren, Santee CA on 2010/11/03

It is great, my beardie loves it!

Mark, Dallas PA on 2010/09/11
Great Aquarium wood

This wood is an excellent addition to ones looking to improve aquarium natural decor. I only had to soak it for a week to get rid of the green. You Can't beat pet mountains pricing on Aquarium products! -Wish they sold even Bigger Pieces!

Mike, Dekalb IL on 2010/07/24
Nice Driftwood!

The wood is beautiful and has lots of nooks and crannies. Soaking it took a few days but it is definitely worth the wait!

Tara, Meriden CT on 2009/10/28
Was Totally Worth It!

I was scared to order this online since I couldn't pick it out myself. Boy was I surprised when I got it and it was sooo big and beautiful! A little bigger than I expected or wanted but so beautiful! I figured I would be able to soak/boil it in a 5 gallon bucket - WRONG - it was too big to fit in it! (I ordered the large) I really got lucky and I am glad I gave it a try. Also, I only had to fill the enormous bucket that I soaked it in twice with boiling water and then I put it in my tank - no brown water at all in the tank!

Frederick Singh, Glendale NY on 2007/11/29
I like this driftwood very much

This is my first purchase. I must say I am happy with the purchase. Great piece of decor. Unique shape and colors - two toned. Looks extremely beautiful in my aquarium. Stands out from all the other pieces of driftwood I have.