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Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor UVB Lamp by by Zoo Med

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Product Description

Zoo Med PowerSun UV is a self-ballasted mercury vapor bulb with two main components. The first is a standard incandescent filament, which is the first to light.

  • Provides essential UVA, UVB light and heat all in one lamp
  • Self-Ballasted mercury vapor UVB bulb
  • Keeps your reptiles healthy by preventing metabolic bone disease

The second is a mercury vapor arc tube, which takes a few minutes to heat up. There will be a noticeable change in hue (or color) when the bulb is completely warm and fully functioning. Because the PowerSun UV is a self- ballasted bulb it can be used in any ceramic socket that is rated to handle the wattage.

Zoo Med PowerSun UV has nickel-plated threads to ensure that it will not corrode in humid reptile habitats. This new bulb also incorporates a short neck design, unique among mercury vapor lamps, that allows it to better fit into "clamp lamp" type fixtures. PowerSun UV projects useable UVB radiation a far greater distance (up to 6 feet) than conventional fluorescent tubes.

PowerSun UV projects useable UVB radiation a far greater distance (up to 6 feet) than conventional fluorescent tubes. This makes it ideal for large enclosures and reptiles with high UV demands. PowerSun UV has the added benefit of increased intensity (50µW/cm2 UVB!!) and heat. UVB radiation has always been the safest, most effective way to ensure proper levels of vitamin D3 in captive reptiles and the PowerSun UV will continue to emit significant levels of UVB for all of its 10,000-hour average life (over 2 years with normal use.)

1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Important: Read and follow all directions to maximize lamp life and keep your pets safe.

Q: Can I use the rheostat/thermostat with a Reptisun, Avian Sun or Power Sun UV?
A: These lamps need specific line voltages; they cannot be used with dimmers/rheostats.
Q: How can I get the maximum out of a lamp?
A: Minimizing handling: lamps that get moved or vibrated burn out quickly. Make sure that the fixture isnt being moved regularly. It is best to use a quality ceramic socket, not a plastic socket. You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in. This tab can be pulled slightly forward to ensure that it makes a good contact with the bulb.
Q: Does this lamp emit UVB?
A: Yes! This lamp provides the full visible spectrum as well as UVA and UVB. What is UVB and why does my reptile need it?
Q: How often should this lamp be replaced?
A: This lamp will provide optimum levels of UVB for 12 months so it should be replaced once a year.
Q: How long should I leave this lamp on each day?
A: This lamp should be on for 10 - 12 hours a day to maintain your animals day and night cycle.
Q: How should the lamp be mounted?
A: The PowerSun UV lamp must be mounted in a vertically oriented fixture so the lamp points straight down, not at an angle. Mounting this lamp at an angle will reduce its "burn life" and void any guarantee.

1) These bulbs get EXTREMELY hot and can kill your reptiles if used on enclosures that are too small.
2) We do not recommend the use of this bulb with 10 gallon aquariums.
3) We strongly recommend the use of a high quality "high range" thermometer when using this light.

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Customer Reviews

Grace, Indianapolis IN on 2016/11/08
Just what we needed!

This light is awesome for animals that need different types of light to stay healthy. Instead of having multiple lamps and lights we are able to just use the one. The price was good and it was delivered before we expected.

Carrie, Tallmadge OH on 2016/02/23

Love these mvb, Pet Mountain has it at a great price and fast shipping.

Siobhan, Grafton MA on 2015/01/30

I was skeptical at the packaging at first (it came in the same box with some substrate so I was worried it would be crushed). I worried for nothing. The bulb was in perfect condition and my tortoises are very happy basking now. I love this particular bulb because it cuts down on the number of lamps I have hooked up at a time (since it provides UV and the last bulb I had lasted for a decent amount of time.) Worth spending more then a traditional basking bulb in my opinion (Pet Mountain had the least expensive bulbs I could find). Very happy with the service I received from Pet Mountain.

Marion, Placerville CA on 2014/04/21

Iguana was having issues with calcium absorption, wasn't eating. Once the lamp was set up he immediately sat under the lamp, his appetite returned he went from eating once a week to every other day and is now eating daily.

Tracy, Redmond OR on 2014/01/01
Great bulb at great price

My son has a Bearded Dragon and has always used PowerSun Mercury Vapor bulbs in the habitat. This bulb is the best quality and long lasting. PetMountain offers the best price for this bulb. They get pretty expensive other places for the same exact bulb. With the money saved, we buy other pet supplies and feel like we got them for free!

Skink, Cleburne TX on 2012/12/12
Excellent all in one bulb!

Mercury Vapor bulbs might seem a bit expensive, but they are very worth it! This one is great! I have been running it for a long while now with no problems. It has auto-safety built in to keep itself from over heating. Really brings out the beauty in my Caiman Lizard and he loves to bask under it! Much easier to achieve the right basking length in tandem with heat when your bulbs are one. Just be careful not to mist the bulb directly in high humidity enclosures or you risk cracking and shattering.

Joanne, Norfolk VA on 2012/09/17
Off to a bad start.

My first PowerSun UV 100W bulb only lasted 1 month. My current bulb has been working fine for 11 months. Would be nice if they'd offer free return shipping. It does take several weeks to get the item.

Ernie, Annandale VA on 2012/08/11
Great bulbs, great price

I love these bulbs since the are both heat and UV in one. They are a little pricey, but my bearded dragon and tortoise love them!

Kelly Pangburn, Liberty MO on 2012/01/19
High quality, best warranty and guarantee

I use the PowerSun 100W for my Panther Chameleon--and I admit I used it past the recommended 12-month replacement schedule. But that only speaks to the quality of the bulb. At about 18 months it was still working, but I could notice the intensity was not as much as a new bulb so it was time to replace. I bought a new one from Pet Mountain where I had bought the first one too--best price available.

Dan, Minneapolis MN on 2011/09/27
Loved it

Absolutely love the the zoo med light -don't go with any other brand. Tortoises love to hang out under the bulb.

Tegu, New York NY on 2011/01/15
zoo med power sun

This product is extremely good and hands down the best bulb ever,just make sure you have the proper light fixture and it will work wonders.

Carlos, Orlando FL on 2010/11/03
Works great, with a great price!

Was going to buy it at petsmart for 80 dollars for my new bearded dragon, saw the same thing on here for 40, and it works great!

Lisa, Hemet CA on 2010/10/09
Much fewer light fixtures!

No more basking lamps and UV they're all in one. There is much less clutter. I love these bulbs.

Omar, Redmond OR on 2010/09/12
power of the sun is great

I had some other brand of uv bulb and it went out in two weeks. I took it back to the store got the same one, same thing happened. Then I got the PowerSun, loved it and never went back!

Lisa, Rowlett TX on 2010/09/06

I am happy to see that there is another product available that does two things in one product. The price is great!

Brittany , Monument CO on 2010/08/25

I use this bulb for all my diurnal reptiles! I love it! It's so nice having just one bulb for both the UVB and UVA!

Carol, Alta Loma CA on 2010/08/11
My tortoises love it!

A great bulb for both UVB and heat. I have been very happy with the quality of the bulb. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Zona, York PA on 2010/07/19
Best lamp ever...

This lamp lasted almost two years. When it did go out, I went to my local pet store but didn't have the zoo-med brand. I bought another brand and it last ONE month.That was the 2nd one. The Zoo-Med is the BEST....

Nadine, Danbury CT on 2010/06/09
My Tegu loves it!

This is an excellent all in one product at a terrific price. The built in safety feature of turning off when the temperature gets too hot is amazing. This works great for maintaining the proper temp for my Argentine Tegu and reduces the need for multiple light fixtures.

John, Richmond TX on 2010/05/04
Bearded Dragon loves it

The Powersun gives my bearded dragon everything he needs for UV and for heat. So much easier to use a single source for both. I do have a second heat bulb simply because the enclosure is 4' x 2'. However, the PowerSun is so important I keep a spare on hand so I won't be without.

Jon, Tarrytown NY on 2010/04/15
Very happy with my purchase

I got my Zoo Med Power Sun UV light. It arrived quickly and was packed well. I plugged it in and YES! it worked. Very happy with the service and the product. Ill be back!

Danny, Narberth PA on 2010/01/17
good price and good service

We are very pleased that Pet Mountain has such a broad range of products and that the prices and shipping rates are good. Thank you Pet Mountain!

Bearded Dragon Lover, Wisconsin WI on 2009/08/06
great! Safe!

The safest UVB available for reptiles! Very reccommended! Normally $85!!!

Sandy, Hood River OR on 2008/01/01
Does a tortoise good!

I have used the power sun vapor bulb for my tortoise for several years and it works great for his environment. I usually order from Zoo Med as the quality is good and the price is always better than the other stores that handle the bulb.

Sharon, Virginia Beach VA on 2007/12/26
love it

I've used this bulb for over a year and it's still going strong. You can't the beat the value.

Sharon, Virginia Beach VA on 2007/12/26
love it

I've used this bulb for over a year and it's still going strong. You can't the beat the value.

Mike, Atlanta GA on 2007/12/08
Great Product

I like the fact that I only have to buy 1 light for heat and uvb rays, the cost is more but it last twice as long.

Nunzia, Sunland CA on 2007/11/08
"M turtles Love IT!

I have two turtles (water turtles...aka red eared slider turtles and I didn't want to get them a basking lamp so I got this instead and they love it. They are very active and they use it not only for uva and uvb but also for heat because this bulb gives off heat too... I recommend it to anyone.

Colby, West Monroe LA on 2007/10/11
Powersun uv bulbs rock!!!!

This is the most awesome light to use on bearded dragons. they love it and it is better for their health and is cheaper than buying all the other stuff. This bulb is the best!!!!

Randy, Lake Forest CA on 2007/09/01
Works great!

I have used these for several years and they always work great. I usually change them after 1 year of use, but recently I let one run for 20 months and it is still going strong. You should remember to replace them, though, because UV output does decrease significantly after 1-1.5 years. They may be a little expensive, but these are essential to the proper care of your turtles!

Randy, Lake Forest CA on 2007/09/01
Works great!

I have used these for several years and they always work great. I usually change them after 1 year of use, but recently I let one run for 20 months and it is still going strong. You should remember to replace them, though, because UV output does decrease significantly after 1-1.5 years. They may be a little expensive, but these are essential to the proper care of your turtles!

Linda, Chicago IL on 2007/08/30
My turtles love it!

Love this bulb! My turtles sure do enjoy basking under this lamp. I used to have a regular fluorescent tube with a 100W light bulb in order to provide my turtles the UV and heat sources, which was very clumsy. With this bulb, my turtles can enjoy both the UV light and heat evenly distributed from 1 source.I highly recommend it to all turtle lovers out there!

Troy, Austin TX on 2007/06/03
Excellent Product

Provides both heat and UV light for our bearded dragon. Saves us money vs. buying both heat lamps and UV fixtures + replacing heat bulbs every three months. This bulb lasts between 1 and 2 years depending on use. Couldn't be happier.

Marcy, Ft Lauderdale FL on 2007/05/27
zoo med powersun bulb

This is a really good bulb. It seems like it lasts forever!

Christine, S. Berwick ME on 2007/05/21
Nice product

I like the fact that you can use 1 light for heat and uvb rays, and eliminate clutter, thanks!

Billy, Weston FL on 2007/03/22
powersun bulb

great bulb!

Theresa, East Lansing MI on 2006/10/20
Reasonable Price for longlasting bulb

This blub in combination with the 10" ceramic socket makes alot of sense for reptile habitats. I use this bulb on my 29gallon turtle aquarium. Though initial set-up is more expensive than a normal heat lamp plus florescent UV light fixture. In the long run, this high quality, long lasting blub has saved me money. Where as any brand of 100w heat bulb I would buy would die within a month, this bulb is still going strong after 6 months, and is rated to have high UV output for up to a year!!!