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Zoo Med Precision Analog Reptile Thermometer by by Zoo Med

  • $7.99
  • (38%)
SKU: ZM30020
UPC: 097612300208
MPN: TH-20

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Product Description

Zoo Med Precision Analog Thermometer is for precise temperature monitoring in terrariums or small animal cages. It offers an extreme temperature range from 20 degrees to 140 degrees F (-28 degrees to 60 degrees C).

  • For precise temperature monitoring in your terrarium or small animal cage
  • Made with precision German movement
  • Unique Velcro backing enables removal of the gauge for thorough terrarium cleaning
  • Extremely high/low range from 20°-120°F

Add additional thermometers, one in each temperature zone in your terrarium (for heat gradients).

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Customer Reviews

Weezy, Trotwood OH on 2015/04/28
Great Product

This thermometer was exactly the type I had been looking for. It is accurate and easy to read. I highly recommend it.

Vladimir, South Hadley MA on 2010/10/29
Great instrument!

This thermometer is really nice and simple. It has really well graduated markings and is very easy to read from the outside of the glass tank. The needle is red, the face is black and the numbers and gradations are white. Simple. The needle hovers right over the gradations, which makes it easy to read with very little parallax error. Very inexpensive and precise unit. I have another that is multi-colored to indicate cold (blue), warm (yellow) and hot (orange). The needle is so far below the gradations it is very hard to tell where it's pointing. Also the colors make it hard to see the needle sometimes. This one is so simple and easy to read that I want to throw the other one out and get a second one of these.

Justine, Rogers MN on 2010/08/10
Very good product

This thermometer works very well, its temperature is pretty accurate.

Jordan, Lincolnton NC on 2007/09/10
I love it! it's very accurate and now I can rest at ease and am more confident that my snake will not get sick due to low tempuratures.

My best friend recommended this to me about a week ago and now I'm glad I chose to purchase it. Thanks a lot!