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Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier by by Zoo Med

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  • $99.99
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SKU: ZM95015
UPC: 097612950151
MPN: RF-10

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Product Description

The Zoo Med Repti Fogger has a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable fog output control to help you increase your tank's humidity. The Repti Fogger has a "no spill" valve that is easy to remove and makes refilling a breeze.

  • Compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger
  • Adjustable fog output control
  • Ready to operate

The Repti Fogger includes its own one liter bottle and all necessary fittings for quick setup and operation. Ideal for tropical and temperate setups.

Warranty: 90 days.

Q: My Fogger won't turn on and the blue light is not on.
A: There is a small white float in the center of the reservoir that is attached to a safety shut off that does not allow the Fogger to come on if there is not enough water in the reservoir. If your blue light will not come on, be sure that there is water in the Fogger. You can squeeze the bottle gently to release water into the reservoir and allow the float to float. If that does not work, take the top off the reservoir and tap the float with your finger to be sure that it isn't stuck.

Q: My Fogger is making fog but it won't go through the tube.
A: There are two working parts in the Repti Fogger. The transducer creates fog and there is a small fan which pushes the fog through the tube. If the fan is malfunctioning, the Fogger will still produce fog in the reservoir, but will not be able to push it through the tube. To order a replacement fan, review our Repti Fogger Replacement Parts Section. You can also contact our Customer Service for more details.

Q: The Repti Fogger won't come on at all. Why isn't it working?
A:With this unit, it is important to know that there is a float in the center of the reservoir which controls a safety shut off feature. If the reservoir is not full (because water has not been added or the no-spill valve on the water bottle is stuck) or if the float is stuck to the bottom of the reservoir, the Fogger will not come on at all. Make sure there is water in the reservoir and that the round, white float in the center is not stuck to the bottom.

Q: The blue light is flashing and the Fogger keeps turning on and off. What should I do?
A:If the blue light is flashing and the Fogger is turning on and off, the water level is probably right on the verge of being too low. Users should check to be sure that there is water in the bottle and that the valve isn't stuck. Usually a gentle squeeze on the bottle will take care of this problem.

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Customer Reviews

Kyle, Champaign IL on 2015/09/26
My iguana is more comfortable but..

It holds the humidity around 50 in a 55gal aquarium. This product is great for small tanks and good for making it wetter in bigger ones. I notice it leaves huge puddle of water under the bedding (cypress mulch) I have in there so that's a minus but besides that while it's running my iguana really looks more relaxed an she plays in the mist sometimes.

Gary, Stony Brook NY on 2015/09/13
Great product

Keeps my ball python's enclosures at optimal humidity. Run it for 15 minutes, six times a day and use distilled water, what was recommended.

Andy, Tampa FL on 2014/12/25
Great product (here is my experience)

The product works great. Pros: -Plug into a timer and the guesswork is gone. -My snakes shedding great now and his humidity is perfect. -Easy to setup and quiet -Produces fog very well -Variable fog volume production knob. Cons: -Cheaply made -Fan motors fail easily and are loose in the device from the factory. Remove bottom and secure the fan with something if it gets noisy. -Unless you want to remove the atomizer contact from the machine and clean the crusted gunk off of it after it stops producing fog, I recommend only using distilled or filtered water.

Dan, Upland CA on 2014/08/05
Fogger for Orchid Terrarium

I am using the fogger for a terrarium in which I grow exotic orchids that require high humidity. The fogger along with a hygrotherm control are excellent for this application, easy to use, accurate and reliable. I have two such terrarium set ups. The orchids are thriving, especially those that require a "cloud forest" type of environment. I highly recommended this application to any orchid grower who need the same growing requirements. Thank you for a great product.

Dina, Lake Orion MI on 2014/01/02
Works great!

We were having trouble keeping up the humidity in our veiled chameleon's home. This works great, lots of humidity output.

Scott, San Jose CA on 2013/08/04
Use some sense when using this product.

These are not intended to run 24 hours a day. Use a little common sense. My setup uses an X-10 interface. This unit comes on 5 times a day for 20 minutes each time. It puts a cloud in the cage and then dissipates. My unit is now over 2 years old using distilled water without replacement. I have no accumulation of excess water on the bottom of the cage. I grow orchids and carnivorous plants in this enclosure as well.

Aniko, Salt Lake City UT on 2012/09/25
Works as it should

The fogger works well, keeps the humidity levels up in my dry climate. Water collects at the bottom the terrarium however, so it is probably best to have some sort of water pump system in place when using the fogger (or a turkey baster and bucket if desperate) otherwise the environment becomes mold friendly and thus, herp unfriendly.

Alexis, Hartford WI on 2012/09/15

I have read a lot of reviews on this product before I bought it, and they made me a little hesitant. I decided to go ahead and give it a try anyways. It works wonderfully! It keeps my Brazilian Rainbow Boa cage at about 85% humidity, and I love it. It doesn't make a humming noise or anything like it said in some of the other reviews, and it came in working condition the first time I bought it! Awesome fogger!

Shawn, Pratt KS on 2012/07/24
Repti Fogger

These foggers are great but they don't last but only a few months.

Tim, Mount Vernon WA on 2012/07/23
It's the fan

The reliability problem with this fogger seems to be centered on the fan. If it gets wet, it dies, so you have to be careful about getting water into the casing. Clean carefully. If you call Repti Customer Service, they will send you a new fan -- gratis! I love mine, and am getting more.

Badass, Brooklyn NY on 2010/12/26
perfect package

Product was purchased at a really good price, delivery of product was excellent, and the product itself is outstanding !!!! thank you

Jeff, Alexandria MN on 2010/12/07
Durable it is Noy

My repti-fogger worked great for about six months, after that the fan that blows the mist out burnt out, good luck trying to find a replacement. at 40 or 50 bucks a pop i expected it to last longer.

Justin, Jacksonville FL on 2010/11/05
Makes it easy!!

This product has taken the guess work out. Did I mist the frogs? Are they going to be ok while I'm gone? Works great when paired with HydroTherm.

Tasha, Tucson AZ on 2010/09/17
Very Nice

Great product outstanding price! Works really well, fills up my 55gal in just minutes!

Allison, Chattanooga TN on 2010/08/18
I agree

Distilled water definitely prolongs machine's life. Better for pets too. No chlorine/water minerals to irritate skin/scales.

Josie, Seattle WA on 2010/06/24
Needs distilled water

If you want your fogger to last more than a couple of months, use distilled water.

Shawn, Pratt KS on 2010/06/12
Repti Fogger

This product works great but it doesn't last very long. I wish they would fix the problems so it would last longer. It isn't cheap and you have to buy them often. It is alot better than having to mist your cage with a spray bottle all the time though.

Carolyn, Hampton Bays NY on 2010/04/10
love the product BUT IT DOES NOT LAST

This product does a great job of loading up the humidity. We have several enormous iguana cages & filling these cages with humidity is no longer a problem. We do however, find ourselves replacing these after only 4 to 6 months. (it gets to be very expensive)

Narnar, Lakewood CO on 2010/01/09
Great for Hermit Crabs, thumbs up to Zoo-Med

This fogger is perfect for a hermit crab tank, it allows the 75-85% humidity level to be maintained easily. Not to mention the crabs love to sit in the fog and soak it in or bathe. My first experience with the fogger was, indeed, short worked for 2 months and then completely died-couldnt get it to even turn on. I contacted Zoo-Med and mailed it back to them, they sent a completely new fogger within a week and a half of when I shipped. They were perfect about honoring their 90 day warrenty. Hopefully this one lasts longer! The hermit crabs give it 4 stars!