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Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamp by by Zoo Med

  • $17.99
  • (43%)
SKU: ZM97100
UPC: 097612971002
MPN: HB-100
  • $17.99
  • (43%)
SKU: ZM97150
UPC: 097612971507
MPN: HB-150

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Product Description

Zoo Med Repti Halogen Heat Lamp is another “First” from Zoo Med! Super high quality halogen lamps specifically made for reptile use! (This is not the same bulb you would find at a hardware store.)

  • Intensifies the color of your reptiles
  • More light and UVA output than standard basking spot lamps
  • 2,000 hour average burn life
  • 6 month manufacturer's warranty

Repti Halogen Heat Lamps last 2,000 hours up to one full year based on 8 hours daily usage. Produces 15% more heat, light and UVA than comparable reptile basking lamps. These lamps are primarily a heat source. They generate UVA but not UVB.

6-month manufacturer warranty.

Q: How can I get the maximum out of a lamp?
A: Minimizing handling: lamps that get moved or vibrated burn out quickly. Make sure that the fixture isnt being moved regularly. It is best to use a quality ceramic socket, not a plastic socket. You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in. This tab can be pulled slightly forward to ensure that it makes a good contact with the bulb.
Q: Does this lamp emit UVB?
A: These lamps are primarily a heat source. They generate UVA but not UVB.
Q: Does this lamp emit UVA?
A: Yes. This lamp provides beneficial UVA rays which promote breeding and feeding and are beneficial to your reptiles well being.
Q: Can I use a rheostat/thermostat with the Ceramic Heat Emitter?A: Yes! A Thermostat or rheostat can be used to control the heat output of this heater.

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Customer Reviews

Tracy, Calhoun GA on 2014/03/13
Good for Small tank

Good for a small tank, not so good for a big tank. The product description should say how big of a tank it heats. For example: It heats up a 10-20 gallon tank. So I got a higher watt one.

Edward, Niagara Falls NY on 2013/12/30

Superior item, great price