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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable Description

Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture! Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks!

  • Put the heat right where you need it
  • Wrap it around branches or cage furniture
  • Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks

Optimum heat source to achieve temperature gradients inside the terrarium.Flexible, water resistant, and durable Repti Heat Cable has numerous uses for the professional or the hobbyist. Discover what keepers in Europe have used for years.

25 Watt: 14'9" Long (10-20 Gallon Tanks)
150 Watt: 52' Long (Breeder Tanks)

Note: Can be used in high humidity terrariums, NOT TO BE SUBMERGED IN WATER! The first 6.5 feet is the "cold lead". It does not heat up.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: How is the wattage distributed?
A: The wattage is evenly distributed throughout the length of the cable (not including the cold lead).
Q: What can I use to stick the heat cable to my terrarium?
A: You can use electrical tape or any heat resistant tape to secure the cable to the cage and cage furniture.
Q: Can the heat cable be used with a thermostat or rheostat?
A: Yes! We recommend using a rheostat or thermostat if your home reaches 80 degrees or warmer.
Q: Why doesnt the whole cable heat up?
A: The first 6 feet of the cable is a cold lead designed to keep the heat from reaching the electrical socket.

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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable Customer Reviews

Daisy, Riverside CA on 2011/03/22
At wont burn your pet

I thought it was going to get hotter than it did, but now that I think about it, I think it's actually a good thing. The substrate is nice and warm from being heated by the cable, but the glass underneath isn't burning hot. If you have a large tank, definitely order the longest one. I thought the 14 foot cable would be long enough for a 6 foot long tank, but half of the cable doesn't heat up, and with the way it needs to be put onto the tank, I only got half of my tank heated by it. Other than that, I loved the heat cable :)

Miz M, Lakewood CA on 2010/02/10
Perfect for the purpose. Wish I had seen these years ago!

This go round, I was not buying for a reptile but for a 10 ft CRAP hose. I know, weird, right? This one is the perfect length for the 10 ft, and I placed a "dimmer" plug between it and the outlet so I can make my air warmer or cooler. It keeps the humidified air from re-condensing and raining on my face. Anyhow, when I had tree frogs I could have used this. I had tried purchasing a "vine" that was heated, but it was paper mache covered and just dissolved in their wet environ. This is just a flexible, floppy, plastic-rubber rope you can wrap around a branch, or attach to the bottom for heat source (instructions included). Excellent! Apply my HomeDepot sourced dimmer if you want to further control the heat. Easy purchase, Super fast delivery

Stanley, Three Rivers MI on 2008/12/10
loved it

it works great it wasn't the easyest to install but keep the floor of my monitor cage prefect for her now she dosn't get on the shelf in her cage hardly ever to get warmer she happy on the ground

Karolann, Courtland MN on 2007/10/31
Excellent product...

My husband normally uses heat tape in his racks which works fine, but requires him to have each tub set to the same temperature. With this he was able to give each snake the exact temperature it required. Plus, it is easy to adjust so for those snakes that he planned on cooling he was able to give less heat rope to.There are some cool spots in the cable but none were so large as to cause an entire tub to be too cool.Highly recommended... along with a thermostat of course.

Malissa, Easton PA on 2007/08/24
Great Product!

I have always trusted zoo-med products for my reptiles. The heat cable is great for heating multiple cages! Or for providing heat at night for your reptiles.

Tim, Greenwich NY on 2007/06/08
Its ok.

Its a great product, heats up to about 90ish. It can have some hot spots but nothing to serious. Just remember that the first 6 feet doesn't heat up.