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Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Style by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Style Description

Zoo Meds Repti Rapids Wood Style LED Waterfall adds light, beauty and excitement to your reptile or amphibians terrarium! This naturalistic water feature adds beneficial humidity to your pets tank while providing fresh, running water that stimulates your pets natural drinking behaviors. Waterproof LEDs light up the cascading water for a stunning light show!

  • Adds beneficial humidity to your terrarium
  • Stimulates natural drinking behaviors in many species of lizards (like chameleons)
  • Waterproof LEDs create beautiful light

The Zoo Med Repti Rapids Waterfall is the simplest waterfall feature you can get for your reptile terrarium. All you have to do is add water and turn it on for an instant, beautiful source of natural, flowing water. Separate power cords allow for independent control of LEDs and waterfall so you are in complete control.

Instructions (complete instructions included):
1. Remove and rinse: Remove waterfall from package and rinse thoroughly. Check for damage.
2. Install and fill: Install waterfall by simply placing it in the terrarium. Fill the reservoir with water. Use Zoo Meds Reptisafe Water Conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines.
3. Plug in and enjoy! Connect LED power supply. Plug in pump and LED power supply for an instant waterfall!

1-year manufacturer warranty.

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Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall Wood Style Customer Reviews

Heather, Carol Stream IL on 2018/10/13
Beautiful Water Fountain

It is beautiful at night. I just cleaned and rearranged my dragon's cage. It's a little loud but doable. It's a waterfall, what do you expect. It doesn't bother him, he is a sound sleeper.You do need to take the whole mechanism apart to clean before to put it all together. This is not easy, but it will come apart. Clean well, it's not that clean when you get it. Cleaning is hard if you don't have a big sink or sprayer.I suggest you use distilled water since there is no filter. It says to use some reptile water cleaning drops, but if you don't have that. I would use distilled water. That's the only water I drink myself.I don't know yet if he likes it yet, he is sleeping. I hope he uses it for drinking. He will only drink and go to the bathroom when I bring him to the sink and put water on him. Spoiled! So, I hope this helps him have water more often and helps him go to the bathroom better. I will see later if I can add an add-on to this later when he actually gets to use it.