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Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3 in 1 Cave by by Zoo Med

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  • $40.99
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SKU: ZM91031
UPC: 097612910315
MPN: RC-31
  • $92.99
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SKU: ZM91032
UPC: 097612910322
MPN: RC-32

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Product Description

TheZoo Med Repti Shelter 3-in-1 cave can be filled with Terrarium Moss or Eco-Earth to provide a humid micro-climate for shedding, hiding, or egg laying. Made of safe, durable, eco-friendly ceramic with naturalistic colors.

  • Naturalistic shelter for snakes, lizards, amphibians and invertebrates
  • Helps prevent stress, bad sheds and egg binding
  • Create a humid "microclimate" inside cave for proper respiratory functions

Durable resin construction means that it can easily be washed and sterilized, and the removable lid makes it easy to check on your animals or remove eggs. Excellent as a hiding shelter for adult Ball Pythons.

Warranty: 90 days.

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Customer Reviews

Michelle, Scarborough ME on 2015/12/26
Repti Shelter

Great product for both ball python and leopard geckos.

Gary, Stony Brook NY on 2015/09/13
Good product

Came in well secured box. No cracks in top or bottom. Snake prefers it to all other hides. A little big for a juvenile ball python but much room to grow.

John, Orange VA on 2014/04/21

I ordered a large for my ball python he loves it. I was a little worried about there being enough space but there is plenty of room. It has some weight to it so he can't lift it as he moves around inside. Shipping was fast and secure and arrived in perfect condition.

Martin, Van Nuys CA on 2013/05/16
The Best

I can honestly say this is the best humid hide you can get for your leos. I saw the medium on another website, so glad I found it on here, saved me a couple bucks. I will sure be doing my reptile shopping on here from now on.

Jack, Chicago IL on 2010/11/02
excellent multipurpose shelter

Excellent multipurpose shelter for snakes, large for ball python. Dry for shelter, add some mulch and water for moist shedding box, remove top for open shelter.

Christine, Littleton CO on 2010/10/27
Our Corn Snake Loves this

The Repti Shelter is great for our 2 foot long corn snake. Got the large so our snake will have room to grow. He is in it all the time!

Heather, Elgin TX on 2010/09/11
Like it

Our adult leopard gecko LOVES this as his moist hide. I like it due to easy cleaning.

Bob, Eau Claire WI on 2010/09/10
A little fragile, but my snake loves it!

I did have one accident where a really thin part of the cave did break out, but my snake has been very happy hanging out inside the shelter. She went in as soon as she realized it was there in her new terrarium.

Heather, Elgin TX on 2010/09/01
Love it

I have the medium for my adult leo and he loves it.

Jeremy, Clarksburg NJ on 2010/05/26
Poor manufacturing technique

The technique for manufacturing the bases of these, does not suit their use. by the nature of how they are cast there is no way to gauge the wall thickness of their product. What that means is you may wind up with one like mine, where a slight bump could crack it. The Large I bought a few weeks ago, had a crack, which has since expanded revealing some areas thinner than an egg shell (no kidding) maybe fine for a sculpture but not something to be used, handled and cleaned. It 's really just a gamble as far as how durable they are, you and the manufacturer have no way of knowing how thick the walls are. Household plaster would be better than what they used to make these, but it would have increased shipping costs from China. I.e. they should have used a different manufacturing technique They do look nice and are functional, if they stay together.

Petowner, Lg IL on 2010/03/31
Very content snake!

Favorite spot for my moderate size snake to hang out. Added moss and within first day of use, he began to shed. The humid climate is what he needed and I consider this product a must have for healthy snakes. Caution when handling bottom of cave: it is hollow and plastic will crack or break.

Sean, Bozeman MT on 2009/12/21
Perfect for (most) snakes

I bought a large cave for my ball python, who absolutely loves it. He sleeps in it everyday and comes out to explore every night. However, this probably won't work for larger snakes (longer than 3.5', or wider than 2"). It is very easy to clean and open. Very well made, and is a great addition to any terrarium. Well worth the money.

Nat, Arcadia CA on 2008/07/30
Roomy and easy to clean!

My first fear when buying this cave was that it wasn't going to be big enough for my adult leopard gecko (I ordered the medium size). Boy was I wrong! The cave that arrived is very roomy, and the inside of it is relatively smooth. I found it very easy to wash. The lid stays on without wobbling and it's definitely the most attractive shed and egg-laying box on the market! I'd recommend to everyone looking for a shed box!

Dean, Montpelier ID on 2007/08/10
Not as good as expected

This product (in the small size) I got and my green anoles never used it. I moved it around and they still never did use it, even after a month. Maybe it's because anoles are more used to being up in the trees then in a hole in the ground, but the box it came with said, "For geckos, anoles, ect." But it does look really cool and natural.

Marwin, Bismarck ND on 2007/07/16
good stuff

They work awesome for egg laying!