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Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat Manual Heat Controller by Zoo Med

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SKU: ZM37010
UPC: 097612370102
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Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat Manual Heat Controller Description

Zoo Med Repti Temp Rheostat - For manual heat control. With a turn of the knob, you can adjust the temperature of most non-thermostatically controlled heating devices! Plug in up to 2 compatible heating items with a combined wattage of up to 150 watts!

  • Provides manual heat control
  • Simple operation
  • For use with most reptile heating devices

Turn your heaters up in the winter and down in the summer depending on your inside house temperatures! Great for use with Zoo Meds Repticare Rock Heater, Ceramic Heat Emitters, ReptiTherm Under Tank Heaters, incandescent heat bulbs (up to 150 watts) as well as other reptile heat devices.

For use with:

  • Reptile rock heaters
  • Reptile heat caves
  • Reptile heat pads or under tank heaters
  • Reflector spot bulbs
  • Infrared spot bulbs
  • Ceramic heat emitters
  • All other types of reptile heat lamps up to a total of 150 watts maximum

1-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: What is the difference between a rheostat and a thermostat?
A: A rheostat is basically a dimmer. It allows you to manually reduce the amount of power reaching a heater. A thermostat like the 500R senses the temperature and turns the heater on and off accordingly.
Q: Can I use the rheostat/thermostat with a Reptisun, Avian Sun or Power Sun UV?
A: These lamps need specific line voltages; they cannot be used with dimmers/rheostats.
Q: How many heating devices can be controled with this device?
A: You can plug up to two heating devices into this temperature controller. Make sure the maximum wattage capability is not exceeded.
Q: I am using a thermostat/rheostat and the temperature is not rising.
A: Thermostats and rheostats cannot increase the temperature a heat source is capable of putting out. Setting the thermostat/rheostat to the maximum temperature/ level will be as hot as the heat source itself will get.

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Zoo Med Repti-Temp Rheostat Manual Heat Controller Customer Reviews

Melissa, Pine CO on 2016/07/26
Works well for my roach colony

I wanted a bit of temp control for my roach colony. Since they are in a storage room that doesn't have a large temperature variation, the manual control works well.

Jean, Williamsburg VA on 2013/11/06

Please remember to use a Rheostat when using a mat or pig blanket to make certain that you do not harm your reptile....This one works well for my tortoise.....

G, South FL on 2010/11/05
A must have

Purchased this when we bought a new UTH for our ball python enclosure. The heater gets much hotter than expected, especially since it is attached directly to the glass. This rheostat works like a charm. We just plugged it into the power strip and then plugged our UTH into it. Then you can dial it up or down for more or less heat. I can't imagine using the UTH without one. A good investment.

Heather, Elgin TX on 2010/08/09
Happy to have

I use 2 of these with my leo gecko and our ball python's UTH and it's a breeze to keep the temps even or adjust when needed.

Steven, Wayne NJ on 2010/06/26
Works very well

I bought this for my bearded dragons basking light so i could lower it when it gets to hot works well looks great best price anywhere another perfect zoo med product from pet mountain.

Wilson, Alhambra CA on 2010/01/18
Love it

I use this for my bearded dragons temperature. when it gets to hot i can just lower the heat so that my beardies don't get too hot. Overall great item to keep a constant heat.

Wilson, Alhambra CA on 2010/01/18
Great item

Very efficient for controlling the heat in a terrarium. I use this for my beardies. If the temp gets to high I can easily adjust it and lower how much heat is emitted. Very easy to use and affordable, I have 2 of them.