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Zoo Med Reptile Eco Carpet Green or Brown by Zoo Med

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UPC: 097612700299
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Zoo Med Reptile Eco Carpet Green or Brown Description

Zoo Med Reptile Cage Carpet is a soft, non-abrasive substrate for all types of reptiles. Absorbent, pulling waste away from the surface and the tender belly of your reptile.

  • Absorbent and washable
  • Recommended by professional hobbyist as carpet aids in muscle development in lizards, turtles, and tortoises
  • Safe: Cannot be accidentally ingested

Better than non-absorbent astro turf type carpets, which are made of plastic and can irritate the animals underside, ultimately leaving the animal susceptible to bacterial build up and infection. Great for use as a protective layer when using the Reptitherm U.T.H. and loose substrates (i.e. Repti Bark, Repti Sand or Terrarium Moss). Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Made in the USA.

10 Gallon: 10" x 20"
10-20 Gallon: 12" x 24"
29 Gallon: 12" x 30"
40 Gallon: 15" x 36"
60 Gallon: 18" x 48"

Note: Ships in assorted colors (green or brown) - let us pick a color for you!

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Zoo Med Reptile Eco Carpet Green or Brown Customer Reviews

Katrina, Miami FL on 2015/11/17
Great Carpet / Sizing is off

The 10 gallon size is a perfect fit for your 10 gallon tank. The carpet is easy to clean and last a long time. This carpet is much better for bearded dragons as they do not swallow any harmful substances like sand, newspaper,etc. If you are looking to get this tank for a 40 gallon (breeder) long tank, then you need to go with the 60 gallon size carpet. With the 60 gallon size carpet, you would have to cut the excess carpet but it is super easy. I did it and with the excess carpet I was able to put it in a 10 gallon tank. The green carpet looked much nicer than the brown one. Overall, the carpet is a great (long lasting) material.

Selah, Gilroy CA on 2015/11/10
Cage carpet

I really love the carpet, the feeders cannot escape. It is very easy to clean and my lizards love it. The female bearded dragon was rubbing her belly and face all over it when I first put it in the tank. The male I have was a little scared at first but then did the same thing. I would buy this again because I used to use newspaper as a liner and the feeders would hide all the time.

Winona, Auburn AL on 2015/06/03
Works well

I use this in both of my snakes' terrariums. It looks great, it's easy to clean, and there is no danger of my snakes accidentally ingesting it. After my snakes defecate I usually throw it in the washing machine with a little bleach (about once a month) to thoroughly clean it but otherwise spot cleaning is pretty easy. It's nice to have a second one to use while you're washing the first one.

Shelby, Lucedale MS on 2015/01/08
Love this carpet!

Wonderful carpet!! Has sizes that the stores don't have and so much cheaper than stores! Just wish you could choose the colors!!

Alyssa, Greeley CO on 2013/02/07
Great deal!!! And the carpet isnt ROLLED up!

Every time weve purchased carpet for our leopard geckos at one of our local retailers it is packaged rolled up so we would spend days trying to flatten it out so the crickets werent able to crawl underneath. This product arrived folded in quarters and laid flat easily. Didnt fight with rolled up corners. Will definitely purchase again!

Lindsay, Saint Paul MN on 2012/12/14
Dragon loves it!

I had to adjust my cage because my crazy dragon likes to jump around and injure himself. He loves this comfy carpet. He sprawls out it at night. Looks beautiful.

Nicki, San Bruno CA on 2012/09/26

Didn't want to use sand for my baby bearded dragon and this carpet works great! Stuff sticks to it sometimes but it's easy to clean, just a pain to pull everything out to clean it.

Carrie, Dubuque IA on 2012/01/20

I was a bit surprised when this product arrived in brown. It has however been great so far.

Laura, Naples FL on 2011/04/16
Love material, hate the size

My tank is 36"X18" and the 40 carpet size is only 36"X15". It does not cover "wall to wall" and leaves part of the bottom of the tank python finds the space and goes underneath the carpet to hide. they need to make it the same size as the tank (the smaller ones fit the 30ga well). I should have gotten the 60 gallon carpet size (which is 48" X 18" and just cut it down to 36". The material is great, I love the actually product but the sizing for the 40 gallon does NOT fit the 40 gallon tank.

Merrie, Sabine Pass TX on 2010/12/30

Exactly what I expected...beautiful color of green. Makes my dragon set up very colorful

Merrie, Sabine Pass TX on 2010/12/15

This product is much nicer than the reptile carpet you see in the stores. This seems to have a bit more "padding" to it and a much nicer appearance.

Christine, Spokane WA on 2010/10/20
i love this product

i was having such a hard time with my new tortoise and finding the right bedding. i used shaving, sand, and bark but they were so expensive and they mold. when i found this i knew i had to have it.. ever since i switched there is no mold and he is happier then ever...

Steven, Lynn MA on 2010/10/14
Easy to clean and takes a beating

This stuff is great my bearded dragon that i have actually trained to only go to the bathroom on the side where i cut out two section he does his business i wash real good then put back a lot more sanitary then anything else some people would say tile but they run and walk a lot better on anything that they can grip.

James, Milwaukee WI on 2010/08/13

The carpet is great, one of the better brands at a better price I buy most of my pet supplies through here I wait for the 99 cent shipping and here the prices are much better than stores!

Dylan, Florence OR on 2010/07/18
My beardie loves it!

It is so much better also, as foster parent of my beardie the other owner used cedar chips!! looked online and saw that they cause impaction (can) so i bought this and she loves it. acts like an insulator.

Nate, Studio City CA on 2010/05/19
life saver

This product saved my bearded dragons life. We had used wood substrate until my male ingested it causing major damage when he tried to pass it through his system. This product was safer and easier to maintain, i would suggest this to anyone who has larger reptiles

Bruce, Stamford NY on 2010/04/28
Great Stuff

I have had 3 juvenile beardies on this carpet since January... it is very easy to maintain (I usually just have to shake it off... once in a while i take it out and run a vacuum over it) and has not developed any foul odor, pilling, or anything bad... I recommend this product for young bearded dragons for sure.

Jordan, Prattville AL on 2010/03/15

I love this. My reptiles feeders cant wiggle under it and hide, it has helped muscle development in my lizard and its super easy to clean!!

David, Sherrills Ford NC on 2009/12/10
Great product and great price!

Looks great and our corn snake seems to enjoy it. Great price. We bought two packs so that we can have one in the tank and one drying after being washed.

Chris, Rohnert Park CA on 2009/09/29
Great cage carpet!

I used to use calci-sand for my snake, but the stuff seemed to discolor his belly. This cage carpet is really nice and our snake seem to really enjoy it.

Sarah, Fort Atkinson WI on 2007/07/25
Easy to clean

Easy to clean and very long lasting. Great product to keep down on dust!

Laura, Glendale AZ on 2007/03/22
Great for Tortoise Cage

This is great because nothing gets stuck to the bottom of tortoise like most substrates and easy to clean.

Ang, Cleveland OH on 2007/01/03
My Reptile Loves It!

I have bought other carpet for my reptile cage in the past, but she loves this one!