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Zoo Med ReptiRain Automatic Misting Machine by by Zoo Med

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  • $133.99
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SKU: ZM95010
UPC: 097612950106
MPN: HM-10

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Product Description

The Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine is a programmable misting unit for terrariums, bird cages, aviaries or indoor gardens. ReptiRain increases relative humidity in your terrarium, provides drinking water for your animals and can stimulate breeding activity in rainforest species!

  • 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Mist Nozzle
  • Increases relaticve humidity and provides drinking water
  • Can stimulate breeding activity in rainforest species

Includes adjustable mounting hooks, 4 point suction cup hold down, remote nozzle extension and 6 watt AC adapter. New technology allows for a stronger and quieter pump that can mist 2 separate cages.

  • 4 Spray Duration Settings: 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds
  • 4 Spray Interval Settings: 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours
  • 28 oz Water Resevoir with external level indicator

Portable: for indoor or out-door use. Includes AC adapter, or will run on batteries (4 C batteries, not included). Four programmable spray interval settings 1/2 every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours. Four spray duration settings: 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds.

Setups: Tropical and Temperate.

1-year manufacturer's warranty.

FrequentlyAsked Questions:
Q: How much water does the Repti Rain hold?
A: The reservoir holds 28 oz of water.

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Customer Reviews

Tami, Kyle TE on 2015/08/05
Great product, with just a small problem

I love the fact that this product has a two layer timing system. You can choose the intervals that the unit comes on throughout the day, AND choose the duration of each spray. However, on day 5, it began leaking from the bottom of the holding tank. My husband will be taking it apart and applying silicon to fix the leak. There just isn't anything out there that comes close to what this unit does, so we are going to keep it.

Nathan, Carson City NV on 2014/01/12
My chinese waterdragon, Turok, loves this!!

I was having difficutly keeping my chinese waterdragon's enclosure damp and moist, BUT with this affordable product, I have NO Problem now. Turok loves basking in the mist..

Chad, Colorado Springs CO on 2013/11/16
Works well after Repair

Got the unit and it sprays more than mists, but I already expected that based on other reviews. It did start leaking really bad from the bottom of the unit. I had to take it apart a few times to find the leak and fix it. I had to cut a piece of the bottom hose off the reservoir tank and put some sealant on it and a new zip tie to get it to stop. Works fine now - had it for about a week. No leaks yet!

Rita, Elgin NE on 2012/12/20
Love it!

When I first received this product i was missing a piece. I emailed zoomed and told them about this issue. The customer service was awesome! No complaining and basically no questions asked they mailed me the missing part the same day I gave them my address. I received it 3 days later! The product works very well and I am very happy!

Nico, Coastside CA on 2012/08/03
No mist

No mist from this guy. Only spray. Works good but makes a mess. Leaks sometimes when filling. However, I can now go on vacation and not worry about my chameleon for 2-3 days.

Colleen Stormer, Rochester MI on 2012/01/19
Habba Mist

I love the Habba Mist machine by Zoo, I never have to worry about misting my chameleon everything is automatic!

Katie, Eugene OR on 2010/08/23
Its good, but not really good.

I purchased the Habba Mist for my chameleon cage so that I wouldn't have to mist by hand multiple times daily. The product has multiple settings that allow different misting options to my liking. It also holds quite a bit of water which means I don't have to fill it up every day. My only complaint is that the sprayer/mister head does not mist, but rather drips larger droplets. My enclosure is 6'x4'x2' so it is a rather larger space. I didn't think the habba mist would cover the entire space, but I am disappointed by the lack of space it covers. The water spurts out in one small area and wets the floor more than it mists the cage. It also comes with an attachment to extend the sprayer nozzle, but it performs at the same quality. If the nozzle actually misted like I imagined, I would give this product a 5 star rating, but at it's current performance, I will have to give it only 3 stars.

Erika, Portland OR on 2010/07/21
Almost perfect

This works great for my chameleon, Except for one major flaw. If you overflow while filling the water tank, even a little, the housing around the motor isn't water proof, and you'll kill it. Tried drying them out, taking them apart, etc to rehabilitate them, but no luck. I've accidentally killed one a year for 2 years running, and at $40-$50 a pop....but I can't find anything else that works as nice and efficiently, especially for a leaf licking species. This time I will seal up the motor side with duct tape before anything happens and see how that goes...

Ryan, Manville NJ on 2010/04/22
Great for weekend trps and lond work days!

This product has been a major help as far as having to constantly mist my terrariums with a spray bottle, now I can take over night or weekend trips without worrying that my terrariums will be misted. You just set the amount of times you want it to mist and also set the duration time of the automatic misting and your good to go, the one thing I believe ZooMed needs to improve on is the way the mist exits the units. It sprays rain drop mist instead of a fine mist other than that, this is a great unit in my personal opinion!

Dean, Montpelier ID on 2007/09/01
Pretty awesome

This is something really cool to get. You can go on vacation and know that your pet is getting the water it needs (especially when you have a dew-licking reptile) Only problem is that it's more like a spray than a mist.

William, Duluth GA on 2006/12/14
Did the trick!

Habba Mist is great - you won't be let down! Pet Mountain rules!!!!

Sandra, Shrewsbury MA on 2006/11/18
Great Deal!

Lowest prices so far. With free shipping on orders over 99.99! Great site.