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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulb by Zoo Med

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UPC: 097612343182
MPN: OS-18
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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulb Description

The Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Bulb is the #1 most popular reptile lamp worldwide! This efficient light source is ideal for reptiles housed in larger vivaria whose natural environment and behavior patterns necessitate increased UVB exposure.

  • ReptiSun Bulbs emit up to 10% UVB and up to 30% UVA
  • UVA wavelengths help to increase appetite, activity, and induce reproductive behavior
  • UVB aids in Vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption

ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Bulbs provide an effective source of UVB without emitting excess heat, and are ideal for Old World Chameleons and other reptiles that need high UVB exposure without higher temperatures. These lamps allow UVB-assisted photo conversion up to 20" from the lamps surface (compared to 12" on the Reptisun 5.0), which allows the proper UVB wavelength for turtles and tortoises.

Taller cages, screen cages, and tank covers can reduce the amount of UVB rays getting to your reptile. The Reptisun 10.0 is the solution! These fluorescent bulbs emit more UVB than any other reptile lamp. Lamps should be replaced every year for optimal effectiveness. 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Recommended distance to animal: 10"-20"

Made in Germany.

Note: Contains mercury. Check with your local waste company for disposal instructions.

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4.8 (16)

Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulb Customer Reviews

Kaylene, Dekalb ILLINOIS on 2022/03/05
Highly Recommend!!

Such fast shipping!! I was expecting it to come in another week or so it came within a week of ordering!!

Irene, Massapequa Pk NY on 2021/07/14
Reptile light bulb

Item came quickly. It came four days after I ordered it. ( I paid for regular shipping. They sent it 2 day priority mail. Packaged in bubble wrap in addition to the box it came in and an outside cardboard box. Came in excellent condition. Price was lower than anywhere else. Very good experience.

Richard, Fall River MA on 2016/08/04
Works perfect

Very cheap price for the same product in stores works great fit perfect thank you. I will be buying from you again.

Kai, Charleston SC on 2016/03/23
Trusted product at a great price

Reptisun 10.0 are amazing lights for reptiles that require such. I only trust this brand and I love that PetMountain has them at such a great price! Packaging was VERY secure and I am pleased with the short time it took for my order to arrive. Thanks!

Kai, Charleston SC on 2016/02/27
Great product. Amazing price.

This is one of the best places to get this fabulous fluorescent bulb for an amazing price! Bulb was securely packaged and arrived quickly.

Sue, Simpsonville SC on 2015/10/30

Great price for UVB tube, and absolutely FANTASTIC packaging for shipping! Thanks!

John, Oneonta AL on 2015/10/08
Great bulbs

I ordered 4 Reptisun bulbs and was a little nervous about being shipped through the mail. Fantastic packaging and arrived in perfect condition. My Dragons love the new UVB.

Judith, Bayonne NJ on 2015/09/08
Great Price

The price was the cheapest I could find on the internet or any local store. They shipped it very quickly. My turtles are now basking in the light from the bulb and loving it. The tank is the Trump Towers for turtles with it.

Sheila, Lenexa KS on 2015/05/01
Best UVB for Bearded Dragons, Hands Down!

Excellent product! I regularly purchase the Zoo Med 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs for my bearded dragons due to their consistent output and no risk of photo kerato conjunctivitis (if hung at correct height) because they are well made, unlike another name-brand UVB fluorescent. And, PetMountain's price beats them all! Thank you for carrying a quality product at such a great price, for fast shipping and high standard packing. I've never had any bulb break in the post! (That was my greatest concern when buying online). THANK YOU! :-D

Melissa, Hudson WI on 2015/04/29
Fantastic Prices

I am very impressed all the way around the board. The prices here are fabulous and the products are great. I am happy with the way it came shipped and packaged as well. I will buy from here again.

Rebecca, Stockton CA on 2015/02/17
UVB light

I have never had a problem with the company, and everything shows up in great shape.

Kindra, Marshfield WI on 2014/11/12
Amazing light :D

Nicely packaged and in great condition......this light has brought my dragon outta the slump he was in for about two months. He's more active and his appetite has increased :D He seems happy and healthy which is all that matters :D

Sonia, Clifton NJ on 2014/10/23
Greatly priced

I ordered this product for my bearded dragons, they absolutely love this light and it was so greatly priced that I will never buy from the pet stores again, they are a rip off. You have to wait a few days for shipment but it is well worth it.

Dave, Niagara Falls NY on 2014/08/21
Great Service

I ordered and received a Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB 36" Bulb for my Bearded Dragon tank. I received it quickly and intact as the product was well packed. I was pleased and happy with their service. This light was very hard to find and pet stores in my area had none. I went to the Pet Mountain site online and found it right away and ordered it easily.

Nikki, Martinsville IN on 2014/08/04
Great Deal and Bulb!

This is a great bulb for bearded dragons! I could tell the difference as soon as I switched it out with the other bulb I had previously. Also a great price from Pet Mountain, and it arrived 2 days earlier than promised and it perfect condition. Very happy with this purchase!

Jen, Sacramento CA on 2014/08/02
Great deal

I could not find one of these bulbs anywhere in town, and these were far cheaper than any other site I found. Great price, and shipping was pretty quick, especially considering I ordered it right before a holiday. Came well packaged and intact. I will be buying bulbs here from now on!

Vee, Pittsburgh PA on 2014/06/05
The absolute BEST UVB out there!

If you have a reptile that needs full UVB, there is no question that the Repti-sun 10.0 tube uvb bulb is the best! Most UVB bulbs only last 5-6 months but I have friends with UV meters and I can get almost a year out of these bulbs before the UVB is inconsistent. I need to buy several in different sizes every year and Pet Mountain is the least expensive. I wait for a sale or a free shipping deal and order enough for the whole year at one time, saving even more. You want the best for your reptile, and this is it!

Troy, Dundalk MD on 2014/04/22
As expected

Arrived intact and functional, if a little slower than expected.

Dawn, Akron OH on 2014/03/13
Happy Dragons

We have bought these for a few years for our dragons, very pleased every time for a good price and always in-stock. We did get one bulb that would not light properly, was very dim, and these guys sent a replacement bulb out when I sent the bad one back for proof. Very pleased, they handled a defective item swiftly and professionally. I highly recommend them to friends and family all the time!

Sarah, Tyler TX on 2014/01/28
Very happy with these!

These are great bulbs, good need to make the long trip to the pet store! I got these for my baby Veiled Chameleon and they work perfect and were safely packed and sent quickly. Thanks, Pet Mountain!

Amanda Mosher- Dragonheart Rescue And Sanctuary, Hudson Falls NY on 2013/10/22
Best UVB Bulbs

I use nothing but ReptiSun 10.0 for my 15 bearded dragons. It helps keep my bearded dragons healthy. I rescue neglected and abused beardies and this UVB bulb is the best.

Michelle, Gilbert AZ on 2013/10/03
One of the best bulbs for bearded dragons!

The ReptiSun 10.0 (T8 version) is the only UVB bulb that I trust with my bearded dragons. I was excited to find it at such a great price at Pet Mountain. Of course, I was skeptical - I figured that at such a great price, the shipping/packaging would probably be lacking, or worse - maybe it wouldn't even be a genuine ReptiSun bulb (I've had that happen before from a different pet store). But - I'm happy to say that the bulb arrived quickly and was packaged well - in green bubble wrap, and inside a sturdy brown shipping box. It came in all of its original packaging and appears to be a genuine ReptiSun 10.0 bulb. I will definitely order this bulb again from Pet Mountain.

Danielle, Central FL on 2013/04/16
Great Price

The only cheaper place to find this is at a reptile show, and only by a few dollars. Loved the price, and needed other things anyways. One stop shopping and free shipping!

Danielle, Blairsville GA on 2013/03/28
Best price plus excellent packaging!

These bulbs are by far the best for Bearded Dragons. Am very pleased with this website also! $30 dollars cheaper than anywhere around here and got here in a timely manner. Will do business again!

Becky, Myrtle Creek OR on 2013/02/14
Repti-sun 10, Zoo Med light,

The best UVB bulb you can buy for your beardie. I have used this light for over 2 years now, always arrives in perfect shape, never broke.

Neil, Brownsville PA on 2013/01/11
Great Product

You can't find bulbs this long in most pet stores. Great product! I'll still be replacing every 6 months.

Gail, North Versailles PA on 2012/12/24
The BEST bulb money can buy

Do not waste your money on other bulbs - especially the compact coil type that fit in a regular bulb socket - they DO NOT provide the needed output. This bulb made a significant difference in the health of my animal within just 2 weeks!

Tory , Federal Way WA on 2012/10/11
Amazing price, best UVB bulb.

This is the second time I've ordered this bulb from petmountain and it is by far the best UVB bulb and the best price I have found. It was shipped quickly and wrapped to the point that I don't have any worries about it breaking. Thanks a lot!

Brian, Orem UT on 2012/08/04
Best Prices, Safe Delivery, Best Products

I live in Utah. Sometimes people refer to it as fly over country but then there are more of us here in the middle than most realize. So, purchasing pet products online might make some nervous who know the material, especially lightbulbs, might break the longer they are in transit. Lots and lots of those air packing bubbles are used and I have ordered a number of Repti-sun 10s from Pet Mountain! No breakages and lots of fun popping (although it drives everyone else in the house who aren't involved crazy!). Bottom line: 1) Safest Delivery: Never had any breakage over about 6 to 10 bulbs. 2) Best Prices: Even with shipping, I can get almost get 2 UVB bulbs for the price of one purchased at retail pet stores. 3) Best Products: We have two thriving Bearded Dragons. Reptisun 10 about 6 to 9 inches from the basking spot offer 75 to 100 microwatts of UVB. Best product I have seen to avoid the terrible pain of Metabolic Bone Disease common to lizards without appropriate UVB levels. Nothing else proves to be as good.

Jessica, Hagerstown MD on 2012/07/17

So everyone already knows Reptisun lights are the best on the market...they are beneficial in every way possible for my beardie Yoshi! And you can't find a cheaper price for one than on PetMountain! I bought my light as well as the terrarium hood from here and in my local petstore they sell for $50 each so definitely great price and arrived in 5 days exactly! If your using anything else or buying from anywhere else I feel sorry for your reptile and your an idiot:)

Jacob, Sulphur OK on 2012/06/22
Great Price! Even Better Packaging!

These bulbs are the best in the U.S. End of story. I must say, I've ordered bulbs before and they've been packed poorly but the packaging petmountain used could have been a plane's black box. Great buy! Will buy again!

Jacob, Sulphur OK on 2012/06/22
Great price! Even better packaging!

These bulbs are the best in the U.S. End of story. I must say, I've ordered bulbs before and they've been packed poorly but the packaging petmountain used could have been a plane's black box. Great buy! Will buy again!

Randy, Battle Creek MI on 2012/04/11
The Best

This bulb is the best bulb money can buy. I've used it for both Bearded Dragons and Iguanas. This bulb provides the essential UV rays needed by your reptile.

Angelica, Fairfax CA on 2012/02/26
So much better then repti-glo!

I used to have exo-terra repti-glo and my beardies eyes would dilate randomly and he wouldn't move around as much. Ever since I installed the bulb in the fixture his stress marks were gone and he's moving around his cage way more.

Stacia, Orem UT on 2012/02/07

its working well for my sons beardie.

Aaron, Wewoka OK on 2012/01/31
Big diffrence

I was looking at the different bulbs that would fit my T8 lamp and these were rated the best and I believe it. I bought this for my 55gal turtle tank, and my turtle seem a lot more active now.

Charles, Sturtevant WI on 2012/01/11
Best Bulbs EVER

I've been using these bulbs now for well over 5 years and they have worked flawlessly. my bearded dragons love them! Pet mountain also has the best prices anywhere!

Dylan, Claremore OK on 2012/01/04
Great Bulb

I installed it and within an hour noticed a difference in how my bearded dragon acted. She has been much more energetic since I installed the new light. I recommend Reptisun 10.0 over any other UVB bulb

Amber, Mesa AZ on 2011/12/17
Buy them regularly!

These bulbs are great! They are one of the VERY few on the market that are actually safe and effective for producing the correct amount of UVB. I purchase one every 6 months. They state to replace yearly, but unless you have a UVB meter its best to replace every 6 months as the coating starts to wear off around this time. This is the cheapest website, and I'd highly recommend this bulb and site. I use for my beardie and armadillo lizard.

Laura, Quakertown PA on 2011/12/01
I love this bulb!

More importantly, Roomba (my greek tortoise) loves it. The vet said how healthy he looks! As soon as I put the new bulb in he perked right up. I love the fact that I can count on the "rays" reaching him. I have the light sitting on top of the screen cover of his 40 gal long terrarium. In spite of the 1 year guarantee, I plan on replacing the bulb in 6 months as the vet recommended.

Sierra, Cfalls OH on 2011/11/05
Great product at a great price!

The Reptisun is highly recommended as the best UVB bulb on the market for Bearded Dragons. This is the best price I have found. I bought three, so my shipping was free.

Gene, Hudson Falls NY on 2011/10/25
The BEST bulb for your bearded dragons!

After much investigation into UVB bulbs on bearded breeders and owners alike were only recommending the ReptiSun 10.0 tube bulb for bearded dragons to improve their D3 production for better calcium absorption, improve their energy level and general well being, not causing eye problems as some other UVB bulbs do and producing more constant and appropriate UVB levels for them I ordered these bulbs. With-in 2 short days I noticed my Dragons improved energy level. I figure if the educated bearded dragon community of owners and breeders were recommending it as being best for my beardies health that's what I wanted for them! I have noticed a great difference. I'm so glad I switched bulbs. I'm a ReptiSun customer for life.

Daniel, Sacramento CA on 2011/08/27
Best Bulb ever

This is the best uvb bulb for bearded dragons hands down. It is recommended by breeders and professionals. Most importantly it is the most safe bulb to use. I would recommend to replace this every 6 months as the uvb levels lower as it is used more.

Tracie, Reno NV on 2011/08/11
Great product

These UVB tube bulbs emit a good amount of UVB for our bearded dragons. They really love the lighting and it seems to have a good brightness to balance out the UVB level as well. I recommend this light to any reptile owner! Thanks! Tracie

Emily, Asheville NC on 2011/07/30
My Dragon adores it!

The best UVB on the market for bearded dragons - hands down. I recommend this for ANY dragon owner anywhere!

Michelle, Fountain CO on 2011/07/07

I bought this light for my frilled dragon. It got here in a timely manner and was packaged very well to prevent any breaking during shipment. It easily illuminates the entire cage which is 4L x 2w x 6h. Great product I will continue to purchase from Petmountain.

Teneisha, Sacramento CA on 2011/07/01
The best UVB bulb

After all the hullabaloo with mercury vapor bulbs, these ReptiSuns are the only source of UVB I will use anymore, and ALWAYS ordered from here, period. Thank you to Petmountain for consistently carrying them! They are difficult to find in stores, and more expensive when you do.

Bob, Gettysburg PA on 2011/05/10
Arrived quickly and safely!

I always worry about ordering light bulbs to be shipped. These arrived quickly and were well packed. All three were intact and worked perfectly.

Nick, Tampa FL on 2011/03/30
Great product

Was recommended by nearly every beardie breeder I looked into, works great and gives my bearded dragon all the UVB he needs!

Laura, Sacramento CA on 2011/01/04
Working good so far

I heard many good things about this bulb. Its working great so far. Although it was flickering the other day.. not sure if its supposed to do that. Overall, does its job. My baby beardie seems happy and active.

Valerie, Hilo HI on 2010/12/29
ZooMed 10.0 UVB Bulb

My bearded dragon has loved his new bulb! His appetite has increased as well as his activity level. His coloring is also brighter. Highly recommended.

Tia, Henderson NV on 2010/12/20
Great item

My Bearded Dragon loves it!

Merrie, Sabine Pass TX on 2010/12/15

Wow...using Petmountain I saved 50% from what I would have through a local pet store chain. I have heard that this is the top UVB bulb to use.

Anthony, Philadelphia PA on 2010/12/14

Awesome bulbs, they work perfect and my bearded dragons seem much happier since.

Ashley, Wilder KY on 2010/11/30
My Leela loves it!

I was so excited when I saw that it had arrived when I was at work. I immediately hooked it up and my bearded dragon (Leela) perked up within the hour, she's been eating wonderful ever since and seems a lot happier. Great ship time and packaging as well, I couldn't recommend this enough.

Magoo, Pomona NY on 2010/11/19
Good Deal

These bulbs were a great deal, and they certainly emit a very "white" light. I have 4 of them in 2 strip fixtures for our 3 sulcata tortoises. Without a UV analyzer, I cannot say for sure that they are putting out beneficial amounts of UVB, and neither can anybody else... so for now I'll take it on faith that they are!

Tundradragons, Racine WI on 2010/11/19
Bearded Dragon Breeder Recommended!

Hands down best bulb on the market, Period! Strong reliable UVB gives you healthy, colorful, and active dragons. This is the only UVB bulb we use at Tundra Dragons.

Jen, Minneapolis MN on 2010/11/18
Great light

I switched to the Repti-sun from the Repti-Glo compact on advise of other bearded dragon owners. While I didn't notice a dramatic change in his behavior, his colors seem to have brightened up, and he likes to sit under this light in lieu of basking for a small amount of time a day. And Petmountain's prices were the best by far! (Just don't go with the cheapest shipping, unless you want to wait 2 weeks for your package)

William, Jersey City NJ on 2010/10/19
stick with the same!

I only stick with the ReptiSun 10.0 for my Beardie.. He thrives with color!

Tao, Flushing NY on 2010/10/14

Definitely will recommend to my reptile friends. Great product:) It's making my bearded dragon happy!

Beth, Hamilton NJ on 2010/10/12
Best UVA/UVB Bulbs out there!

My fiance' and I have 6 baby bearded dragons and have gone through so many different uva/uvb lights because many of them have caused eye problems for our little guys. These are the best bulbs by far and we've had no problems whatsoever. They are the best!

Brian, Little Falls NY on 2010/10/06
Best bulb out there for beardies

I've been using this bulb for awhile now and it is the best available.

Nicole, Reno NV on 2010/10/06
Only The Best

This is the only UVB Light I will ever trust to use with my Bearded Dragons; I don't have to worry about it failing or being faulty or having horrible issues that some other brands cause. Repti Sun 10.0 is The Only bulb for my herps!

Randy, Battle Creek MI on 2010/10/01
ReptiSun 10.0

This is by far the best light I have found. It is also the best deal I have found.

Kara, Manassas VA on 2010/09/27
Good for the price!

I Have seen this bulb go for 40$ or more so this is a good buy.

Jon, St. Louis MO on 2010/09/17
Works well for dragons

I use this bulb for both my bearded dragon and frilled dragon to make sure they get the necessary uvb rays.

Erick, Coconut Creek FL on 2010/09/17
Pretty Good

Its just what I ordered. I didn't realize that the light it puts out is pretty white. Not a huge deal, but the light in my tank is very white compared to other bulbs Ive used.

Cynthia, Northern IN on 2010/09/15
Highly recommended!

When I first got this, I was a bit disappointed because it didn't perk my bearded dragon up like I thought it would. After a day, I did some research and discovered it was because I had it resting on top of the mesh screening. Later that night, we had fixed it to where it was hanging inside the cage and within minutes, my bearded dragon was all over the place. He now regularly poos, has an amazing appetite and is just as happy as can be.

Lindy, Coos Bay OR on 2010/09/05
awesome light for bearded dragon

I love this light, It lasts 6 months but that is great as i only use it in the winter time when my beardys cant go outside. they are always bright and alert with this light

Jess, Pontiac MI on 2010/09/04
Best Bulb for Beardies

We have 2 juvenile bearded dragons that are red/orange color morphs. These bulbs really brighten their colors to their full potential! Plus you won't find these cheaper anywhere. Every bulb we have ever ordered from Pet Mountain has arrived in perfect condition and lasted its full life.

Mira, Stafford VA on 2010/08/29
Works well.

I first bought a ReptiSUN a year ago, when I became the proud slave of a bearded dragon. When a competitor website website stopped stocking ReptiSUNs, I resorted to trying the ReptiGLO. Unfortunately, the ReptiGLO made my beardie lethargic, and back to ReptiSUN I went. Always with good results! My beardie's very healthy and she's got high energy and beautiful coloring, partly in thanks to this bulb.

Jeritta, Trinity NC on 2010/08/29
great light

This is a great light for beardies. Petmountain has great prices.

Chris, Delran NJ on 2010/08/24

best bulb you can buy keeps your reptiles healthy and happy!

Luna, Fairbanks AK on 2010/08/19
The Best There Is

The ReptiSun is the only UV bulb I would ever buy. A must-have for beardies! Well worth the price paid.

Danny, New York NY on 2010/08/18
Best UVB light!

By far the best UVB light around. My Dragon is so much happier with this light!

Natasha, Dallas TX on 2010/08/16
Highly recommended light

The Reptisun is highly recommended for Bearded Dragons. Other lights cause eye damage and over all poor health. I would ask anyone with Beardies to get this light for your pet

Barbara, Fresno CA on 2010/08/12
Better than I expected!

I have been a die-hard Mercury Vapor Bulb user since I began with bearded dragons years ago. However in the past couple of years and all the issues there have been with some of the best reputable MVB's...I decide to give the Reptisun 10.0's a try. "I can not tell you how amazed I was with this product." I have now switched all 14 enclosures over to Reptisuns...even my special boys, Zak-n-Wheezie. I no longer have the mind set that the only good bulbs are Mercury Vapor. This is a great product for beardies and owners! I will continue to recommend it. It is also energy efficient which with 14 enclosures is a BIG plus. :)

Madison, Whiteland IN on 2010/08/07

I am making a new cage for my Bearded Dragon and this light just makes him feel right at home. :)

Justus, Memphis TN on 2010/08/03
Reptisun 10.0

Bulb came very well insulated in packaging. Arrived in perfect condition and I have noticed my bearded dragon has a lot more energy and spunk since installing this uvb light. I would suggest anybody that doesn't have one and owns a bearded dragon to get one asap. Also, petmountain has the lowest price for this product out of all the stores I have shopped.

Ruby, Copperas Cove TX on 2010/08/01
Great Light

This Light is great. I can tell when it's about time to get a new one because my lizard does start to "lag". once i pop a new one it he's recharged!

Nichole, Milford CT on 2010/07/30
Pet Mountain are good at packaging

And they ship quick, too. Can't beat that price with a stick, a competitor website is easily twice as much.

Mary, Grimes IA on 2010/07/27
Excellent bulb for an excellent price

This bulb was widely suggested on a forum I frequent, as was Pet Mountain. I price compared and could not believe the savings! I'll never buy these bulbs anywhere else again. These are by far the best bulbs for bearded dragons and other lizards. Their quality is unmatched right now, and these are the only bulbs, and Pet Mountain, is the only company, I trust to buy them from!

Nichole, Roseburg OR on 2010/07/22
Safest bulb on the market! :)

We use these bulbs for all of our animals that require UVA/UVB lighting. It's by far the best bulb we have ever used. Our dragons and savs eat and bask more because they love these UV rays! :)

Rob, Avon Lake OH on 2010/07/14
Best bulb you can buy.

This bulb is 100% with out a doubt the best bulb you can buy for your Bearded Dragons. I swear by it and will never use anything else! Pet Mountain offers it at the lowest price around!

Ben, Columbus OH on 2010/07/05

The best bulb for your money, hands down. Perfect for my taller tank.

Kim, Elizabethtown IL on 2010/06/29
Reptisun 10.0

I have used this bulb for approximately a year and a half and I love it. This bulb helped my beardie overcome health problems due to insufficient UV lighting and it's the only one for me.

Rudy, Inglewood CA on 2010/06/28
Sun ina Tube

My Beardy loves this light. I used to use only a basking Light that produced UVb, but now I use both and hes very happy.

Steven, Lynn MA on 2010/06/26
Best UVB bulb on the market

These bulbs are perfect for a bearded dragon along with zoo med basking light and your all set and the best quality Made in Germany. Pet mountain has the best prices as always and it was pack well and shipping was only $6.99. I will be buying more in the future.

William, Bronx NY on 2010/06/18
Best UVB Light

reptisun makes the best light for little beardies. mine love it. if their not basking in their zoomed spot light, their chillin on a hammock under their reptisun 10.0!

Brenda, Arlington TX on 2010/06/16
Excellent lightbulb Great Price

This is an excellent purchase. The price is great. I was able to purchase light bulbs for all my lizards for the price of 1 bulb at the store.

Logan, San Francisco CA on 2010/05/25
These are the most reliable!

This is perfect if you're looking for a lamp with high UVA/UVB output. Do not use the compact lamps; those are not good and by the time you realize it your lizard will already be sick. Zoo Med's high output, full spectrum lamps are the best.

Dina, Bel Air MD on 2010/05/16
By far the best light to use

The Reptisun 10.0 is by far the best light out there for bearded dragons. HIGHLY recommend this product!

Carol, Richmond VA on 2010/04/26
Great for Turtles Health

My box turtle has been around for almost 9 years now, thanks to these bulbs. I had several other turtles which all developed calcium deficiency due to lack of these uva/uvb bulbs.

Robert, Conroe TX on 2010/04/25
love it


Ron, Dixon IL on 2010/04/20
More bulb for the Money

Best tube bulb out there by far!

Trent, Dearborn MI on 2010/04/20

This product is awesome and is working great my dragon loves it! Recommends distance is 6-8 inches though.

Laura, Quakertown PA on 2010/02/23
My tortoise loves his new lamp!

I have a Greek tortoise and he had been acting more sluggish this winter. His UVB bulb was due for replacement but the lamp had been getting increasingly hard to find bulbs for. I decided to go with the Zoo Med name and the excellent reviews for the 10.0 UVB Terrarium bulb. A week later I received my new lamp and bulb. Within 5 minutes of setting it up on my 40 gallon long terrarium, Roomba became a happy active boy, more so than he was even with a new bulb for the old lamp he used. If you have a tortoise I highly recommend this lamp! I bought the 20-inch hood which takes the 18-inch bulb. It is not bulky and seems to be sturdily made. I am thrilled with my purchase and so is Roomba!

Chrissy, Lawrence KS on 2010/02/11
Increased activity in Bearded Dragon!

Package arrived safe and on time! I can tell the increased activity with my bearded dragon after using this bulb! I'm glad I ordered to, so I can always have a fresh one available!

Jason, Alpharetta GA on 2010/01/15
A great product

A+ This is the best light you can get for your reptiles. Never had a problem. Repeat buyer.

Charles, Granite City IL on 2010/01/06
Great Bargain!

Very happy with price, and delivery. I will purchase from again and recommend to any pet owner. Much recommended!