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Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb Description

Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulbs provide the exact band of rays within the UVB spectrum for maximum vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption. These low heat bulbs also emit UVA, which helps increase your reptiles appetite, activity and breeding.

  • Simulates sunlight for maximum Vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption
  • Helps turtles and tortoises develop strong, healthy shells
  • Increases reptile appetite, activity and breeding

ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulbs provide 5% UVB which helps facilitate natural vitamin D3 synthesis, preventing or reversing Metabolic Bone Disease and other potential health issues in turtles, tortoises, bearded dragons, iguanas, and all other diurnal reptiles. They also emit 30% UVA, which stimulates healthy appetites, activity levels, and breeding behaviors. Lamps should be replaced every year for optimal effectiveness. 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Made in Germany.

Q: Can I use the rheostat/thermostat with a ReptiSun, Avian Sun or Power Sun UV?
A: These lamps need specific line voltages; they cannot be used with dimmers/rheostats.
Q: Does this lamp emit UVB?
A: Yes! This lamp provides the full visible spectrum as well as UVA and UVB.
Q: Does this lamp provide heat?
A: No. This lamp emits UVA and UVB without heat!
Q: How often should this lamp be replaced?
A: This lamp will provide optimum levels of UVB for 12 months so it should be replaced once a year.
Q: How far away should this lamp be from my animal?
A: This lamp should be placed 12 inches from your animals basking site.
Q: How long should I leave this lamp on each day?
A: This lamp should be on for 10 - 12 hours a day to maintain your animals day and night cycle.

Note: Contains mercury. Check with your local waste company for disposal instructions.

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Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb Customer Reviews

Shirley, Annapolis MD on 2015/05/27
Best UVB Bulb!

Reptisun is touted by many professionals I know to be the best UVB bulbs readily available in the US. I agree, as I have now used them for years with my chameleons, mostly rescue, for whom an exceptional UVB is required, as many are deficient in calcium due to lack of UVB exposure. is beyond amazing with their service, shipping, packing of these delicate bulbs, and price. I will never shop anywhere else as long as Pet Mountain stocks these.

Joslyn, Nashville TN on 2014/01/22
Good bulb

Bulb works good and is at a great price. Only thing I don't like is, it gives the water a green tint.

Kelli, Tulsa OK on 2012/05/12
High Quality, Great Price

We've been using these bulbs for years, but just recently found the BEST price at The bulbs themselves are great quality and keep our beardie healthy and happy. And they last for years.'s prices are outstanding and their communication and service are fantastic.

Cheri, Tallahassee FL on 2011/12/08

Perfect lighting for Chameleons! Remember to change them every 6-8 months as they lose their UVB rays over time.

Brenda, Oakhurst NJ on 2011/09/10
bearded dragon loves it

My bearde has used this bulb since he has been 6 mos. old. He is healthy and has grown tremendously. he is now 2 years old.

Stephan, River Heights UT on 2011/06/16
An Absolute credit to Ebay

My order was High Quality & packaged perfectly. My pet and I could not be happier! Thank You, Petmountain for the extra care & response!

Nathan, Mt. Laurel NJ on 2010/12/13

Fantastic experience! Item came quickly and was packed in 50 dollars cash!!! Highly recommend

Jason, West Chester PA on 2010/11/01
Always reliable..

Pet Mountain always has a wide variety of options for all my needs. I always shop around for pricing and each time I come back to Pet Mountain. There products are also packaged where I don't have to worry about things like lights being damaged. Thanks for making the maintenance of my aquariums easier.

Kyle, Columbus OH on 2010/06/23

Received it on time great product

Susan, Port Orchard WA on 2010/04/18
Great Price!

Ordered the ReptiSun bulb for my aquatic turtle's tank, (replacement) Your price beat all the other website/dealers out there, and your shipping was economical and fast!

Judy, Westminster MD on 2010/01/12
Great UVB Bulb

We bought the 5.0 for a bearded dragon we rescued. She is over a year old and had never had UVB, so we wanted to introduce it slowly to her. We'll keep this on her for a few months and then upgrade to the 10.0. We can already see her yellow and orange coming out brighter.

Jim, Marietta GA on 2009/10/17
Good Deal On Terrarium Light

Fast service, great price, secure packaging, swift delivery, and my Mediterranean tortoise loves it.

Juan, Sg CA on 2009/10/16
Top of the line UVB Bulb in the market today!

An excellent UVB light for your reptiles. Beneficial health purposes! Also, a great price here on! Looking forward to doing business again...

Amy, Savannah GA on 2007/11/05
Best UVB Bulb

Best UVB bulb on the market is definitely ReptiSun fluorescent tube products.