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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5 HO High Output Fluorescent Bulb by Zoo Med

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SKU: ZM34815
UPC: 097612348156
MPN: OS5-15
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In Stock - FREE shipping over $75
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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5 HO High Output Fluorescent Bulb Description

Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 UVB High Output Bulbs offer increased UVB and brighter light output that's perfect for larger reptile habitats. This helps enhance vitamin D production to prevent or reverse metabolic bone problems in reptiles.

  • High output UVB bulb that's perfect for larger reptile habitats and desert reptiles
  • Helps increase vitamin D production and prevent or reverse metabolic bone ailments
  • Strongest Reptisun available, 2X as strong as standard Reptisun 10.0 reptile lamps

Measuring just 5/8" in diameter, this lamp doesn't take up valuable space, but is still twice as strong as standard 10.0 UVB bulbs. Ideal for large habitats, these lamps emit beneficial UVB light up to 36" from the surface of the bulb. Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 UVB bulbs emit UVA (30%), UVB (10%), and full-spectrum visible light, and are used and recommended by zoos, veterinarians, and top reptile professionals worldwide. Use only in lighting fixtures rated for T5 HO (High Output) lamps.

1-year manufacturer warranty. Made in Germany.

Ideal for Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx, Monitors, and Tegus, other desert species of reptiles.

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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5 HO High Output Fluorescent Bulb Customer Reviews

Andrew, Charleston WV on 2018/06/02
Excellent product and service

Bought 2 of these to replace the included 5.0 bulb in the Zoomed T5HO hood. One arrived broken. I contacted customer service, they responded immediately and another arrived within the next several days.

Daniel, Williams OR on 2018/03/09
Great price

Unfortunately the first one they sent me was broken I then contacted them they responded very quickly and replace them immediately awesome price.

Jenna, Port St Lucie FL on 2016/09/02
Awesome but

The Reptisun bulb came in great condition but would recommend putting fragile stickers on the box so it won't be carelessly dropped by the delivery men.

Hannah, Worcester MA on 2016/07/08
Great quality

Works really well in a $20 fixture I got from Home Depot! Overall the cheapest and best quality UVB bulb you can find and it shipped incredibly fast.

Laura, Maple Shade NJ on 2015/12/20
Great for bearded dragons

This bulb fits in the light hood I purchased for my arcadia light, great that I didn't have to buy a whole new hood. My latest order arrived sooner than it said. The prices on this site are very good and, with shipping, cost less than my local pet stores.

Philip, Arcade NY on 2015/05/12
Good Job!

Pet Mountain did an excellent job and the product was received well packed and un-damaged. All the lamps lit on a test run. I am sure my daughter's pet "Dragon" Delilah will be much happier now!

Diana, Florissant MO on 2015/01/22
Satisfied with Purchase and Price

Very satisfied with purchase of this item and the price was great!

Jeff, Spring Hill TN on 2014/09/11
Happy with purchase.

Received light in a reasonable time limit. Impressed with packaging, and price of bulb was much better than local pet stores.

Sandra, Texas City TX on 2014/08/26
Incredible service

I ordered several items, including the long 46" UVB bulbs for a bearded dragon. They arrived last week, very well packed, but unfortunately the two long light bulbs were in pieces. I called customer svc, and Gina had replacements shipped out to me ASAP via FedEx, along with instructions to repackage the broken ones for FedEx pickup (so a breakage claim could be filed). Yesterday I recalled, hoping the promised replacement bulbs truly would arrive. Gina once again assured me, via tracking, that I would see them. They came late yesterday afternoon, intact. Beardie (Puff) was delighted to have his light back on! I have ordered from Pet Mountain a number of times in the past, and find them to have incredible values and incredible service. Whether ordering or after, they just can't be beat! (PS, thanks Gina, for the great help).

Jeff, Molalla OR on 2014/03/26
Excellent all around!

We use these for our Bearded Dragon and are extremely happy thus far. Knowing the importance of proper lighting we won't skimp when it comes to Stubby's well-being. Pet Mountain has earned a new customer who will be back. Price was great and shipping extremely fast and bulbs packaged extremely well. Couldn't ask for a better online experience.

David, Bennington VE on 2014/03/25
Great customer service.

The above and good prices and prompt delivery, what more could you want?

L. Catherine, La Plata MD on 2013/10/13
Very pleased with this T5HO

This bulb fits the 36" T5 HO fixture. It is so bright, and really brings out the colors in my water dragon and the plants in the vivarium. The packing was excellent, no breaking of this very fragile product. Shipping time was great. I will definitely order this again and use pet mountain.

Melissa, Chicago IL on 2013/09/24
Great UV Bulb, great price

I needed a T5 UVB bulb for my new light hood. I was very pleasantly surprised with this bulb. It puts out a lot of light as well as providing UVB. Petmountain shipped it quickly, had the best price, and wrapped it very securely for shipping. I'm very happy with my purchase and when I need a replacement I'll be back for more.

Jeffrey, Everett WA on 2013/06/13
Awesome Light

Just got my new light and fixture and this new set up is awesome. It seems to be brighter than my old T8 system.

Miguel, Houston TX on 2013/05/24
Great light

Wow, another great product from ZooMed. The T8 is a great bulb, but this one is even better. You get more light and you can't beat the price!