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Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO High Output Terrarium Hood by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO High Output Terrarium Hood Description

Zoo Med ReptiSun HO T5 Terrarium Hoods are designed to provide your pet reptiles with the UVB and UVA they need in an efficient, long-lasting lamp. High Output (HO) T5 fluorescent lamps provide UVB penetration at greater distances, making these hoods an ideal choice for taller terrarium tanks and cages.

  • Includes ReptiSun T5 HO 5.0 UVB Lamp
  • New low profile design is only 1" tall with a highly polished curved reflector for increased lamp efficiency
  • Energy efficient T5 HO electronic ballast for rapid start and maximum light and UVB output
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

The included T5 HO lamp is the strongest ReptiSun lamp available, is 2 times stronger than T8 fluorescent lamps, and provides UVB, UVA and visible light for your reptile. The lighting hood features a low profile design and uses an energy efficient T5 HO electronic ballast for rapid startup and maximum lamp performance. A highly polished curved reflector increases the lamps efficiency.

14": Includes 15 Watt 12" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
24": Includes 24 Watt 22" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
30": Includes 24 Watt 22" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
36": Includes 39 Watt 34" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp
48": Includes 54 Watt 46" Reptisun T5 HO Lamp

Why is UVB important
Reptiles need UVB for Vitamin D production and calcium metabolism. Without UVB, reptiles can develop Metabolic Bone Disease in 6 months or less. UVB, along with proper temperatures, will enable your reptiles to make Vitamin D and process calcium from their diet.

Why is UVA important
Reptiles and amphibians can see things that humans can't. UVA is part of the rainbow of colors that reptiles can see. UVA helps to increase animal activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors. Without UVA, they are color blind!

Note: Always follow all safety instructions when setting up and operating your terrarium light hood.

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Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO High Output Terrarium Hood Customer Reviews

Jeana, Mims FL on 2018/08/04
Great product, fast shipping andamp; low prices!

Great products and very pleased it only took a couple of days to receive my order. Oh, and great prices too!

Andrew, Charleston WV on 2018/06/02
Just as expected

Arrived promptly. Quality light with T5 5.0 bulb included. I was impressed by how thin hood actually is.

Collin, Chadds Ford PA on 2016/04/05
Worth the money

Sleek, quality product. Easy swap to a 10.0 bulb for my beardie!

Tory , Tacoma WA on 2015/12/12
Best UVB fixture out there in my opinion!

This is the second fixture of this type that I have purchased for my bearded dragons, and is in my opinion the best UVB fixture available. The second one I ordered had some flickering problems but PetMountain was SUPER quick to replace it for me for free! Replacement fixture works perfectly! I highly recommend ordering this fixture from this site! Great customer service also!

Christina , Houston TX on 2015/03/19
Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO High Output Terrarium Hood

This is a great product. I have noticed with this new UV bulb that my gecko has been firing up a lot darker and brighter.

William, Englewood FL on 2015/02/27
Love It

Just go my new zoomed ho t5 light fixture and bulb works great came real fast too will be ordering again thank you petmountain

William, Englewood FL on 2015/02/27
Love it

Just got my new Zoo Med HO T5 light fixture and the bulb works great. Came real fast too. Will be ordering again, thank you PetMountain.

Oriana, East Northport NY on 2015/01/28

I was a little skeptical buying this as some reviews explained how this light could be hit or miss, but I am SO glad I bought it despite that. My bearded dragon is much happier to explore the entire vivarium rather than just the side with the old UV coil bulb. She also isn't squinting as much with this hood/light and is much more active. The hood has a slot to insert the bulb's 2 prongs, which need to be rotated 90 degrees to "snap" into place. I believe many of the reviewers do not know this, so the connection to the bulb would be hit or miss if not installed properly. I was scared to rotate it so much because of how delicate glass bulbs can be, but I promise it won't break. I would buy again!

Mari, Albuquerque NM on 2014/11/25
Reptile rescue and rehab

Order received in good condition. I LOVE the 48" terrarium hood and uvb bulb. I keep box turtles and tortoises indoors as need dictates. With the 4' light I can place 3 large plastic storage tubs housing the animals side-by-side under the hood and they each get plenty of light. The new T-5 bulb is more space conscious. Thanks for your recommendation.

Walter, Revere MA on 2014/09/04
Best light

You can't beat this lite for UVB and UVA output. My bearded dragon is much more active under this light - it's a must buy from Pet Mountain.

Chris, Belle Plaine MN on 2014/05/31
Works great!

This light works very well. It brightened up my beardie's tank and he is now more active and energetic like he should be. Fits perfectly on my 75 gallon tank and is low profile and looks awesome with it. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a tube light for longer tanks!

Sandra, Texas City TX on 2013/11/05
Great first time purchase!

This was my first purchase from Pet Mountain. Price-wise, the Zoo Med 48 inch Reptisun T5 HO terrarium hood (with a free 54 watt 46 inch Reptisun T5 HO lamp) could not be beat. The service was great, as was the packing of fragile items. This was for a bearded dragon, who is now enjoying SO much more beneficial light in his habitat. I am SO PLEASED with Pet Mountain.

Kim, Sioux Falls SD on 2013/05/07
Perfect Fit!

I was shopping around for terrarium hoods and decided to give this one a shot. I purchased a couple of the 36" length first. They fit perfectly where I needed them. Afterwards I decided to get a few of the 30" length as well. These have been an outstanding product so far. Not sure if it's the lighting or not, but my geckos (hatchlings) have had an increase in their appetites. They are a very nice sleek and slim design that fit in tight spaces very well. You don't have so much wasted shelving space due to the thickness of standard hoods.

David, Goose Creek SC on 2013/03/17
Suprising quality and great deal

Ordered this hood for xtall/xlarge exo terra terrarium. Very impressed with style and quality. Looks great on terrarium and provides a great deal of light. You won't be disappointed.