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Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 Terrarium Hood by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 Terrarium Hood Description

Zoo Med Reptisun T8 Terrarium Hoods provide crisp, bright light, with low profile shapes and built-in reflectors for deeper light penetration. Each hood holds one T8 fluorescent lamp to provide essential UVB and visible light for your reptiles.

  • Low profile reptile terrarium hood
  • Provides essential UVB and visible light
  • Convenient On/Off switch for easy operation

UVB is needed for growth and strong bones, and helps to prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease. Use this hood with a Reptisun 5.0 UVB linear fluorescent lamp for tropical species, or a 10.0 UVB linear fluorescent lamp for desert species. Use a Naturesun linear fluorescent lamp for most species of amphibians or snakes. The 30" and 36" hoods feature an energy-efficient, flicker-free electronic ballast.

Note: Fixture only. Lamps sold separately.

20": 18" 15W T8 Lamp (Not Included)
24": 24" 17W T8 Lamp (Not Included)
30": 24" 17W T8 Lamp (Not Included)
36": 36" 25W T8 Lamp (Not Included)
48": 48" 32W T8 Lamp (Not Included)

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Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 Terrarium Hood Customer Reviews

Marina, Wilmington DE on 2016/01/24
Great :)

I have been using it for couple days and it works great for now. It was easy to install bulb. Happy with this purchase

Kelly, Yadkinville NC on 2016/01/21
Great fixture

Bought this light fixture because the one I had didn't have a metal reflector. I checked it and the card said he was not getting much uvb. Put my bulb in this new one, couldn't believe how much he's getting now and the price was also better than of all the pet stores I wasted time in. Even arrived when it was supposed to. Will buy from Petmountain again.

Gail, North Versailles PA on 2012/12/24
Works very well but... only complaint is that it buzzes rather loudly. All florescent lamps tend to buzz but this one is a bit louder than most. Maybe mine has an issue, but not worth sending it back. Light works very well otherwise.

Joe , Southeast WI on 2012/06/10
Excellent Terrarium Hood!

As far as most of the products in and outside of my Terrarium go, Exo-Terra is the name I trust. However, I could not justify purchasing an Exo-Terra Terrarium Hood for my 36x18x18 enclosure! It was nearly as expensive as the enclosure itself! I've heard really great things about the Zoo-Med ReptiSun Terrarium Hood and I will be the first to say that this hood is not a cheap piece of equipment! It's excellent! It does exactly what it's supposed to do. I have zero complaints about it! Don't be worried about the price. The quality is terrific!

Amber, Pine CO on 2011/12/17
Works perfect!

I had been using a cheap under the cabinet light fixture from walmart to house my reptisun. It worked perfect, but it was blinding when I walked by! I couldnt make myself spend the $40+ at the pet store, so very glad I found this online! It holds my 18'' reptisun 10.0 tube perfectly, and it blocks the light from view when your looking into the tank so its not all you focus on! Great buy for the price! Also works well on a timer.

Ryan, Azle TX on 2011/10/13
This is a very very good hood!

Man, this was one of my recently first time item I bought off of this website I thought this was just gonna be a crappy cheap hood but man when it arrived in the package it was great even the fragile light that I bought was even in great condition. I thought it was broken until I read the other review about having to twist the bulb into hoods place to get the light to turn on. Anyways its a very good product i will definitely start buying all of my supplies from here for now on, thank you pet mountain!

Laura, Sacramento CA on 2011/01/04
Works great!

At first, i thought it was broken because id put the bulb in and and turn it on and nothing would happen. After a while, i figured out you have to turn the bulb once in place, so that the metal transmitter? thingys connect. Then bam! i got uvb rays. woo hoo.

Joe Hefner, Gilbert AZ on 2010/10/08


Laura, Quakertown PA on 2010/02/23
My tortoise loves his new lamp!

I have a Greek tortoise and he had been acting more sluggish this winter. His UVB bulb was due for replacement but the lamp had been getting increasingly hard to find bulbs for. I decided to go with the Zoo Med name and the excellent reviews for the 10.0 UVB Terrarium bulb. A week later I received my new lamp and bulb. Within 5 minutes of setting it up on my 40 gallon long terrarium, Roomba became a happy active boy, more so than he was even with a new bulb for the old lamp he used. If you have a tortoise I highly recommend this lamp! I bought the 20-inch hood which takes the 18-inch bulb. It is not bulky and seems to be sturdily made. I am thrilled with my purchase and so is Roomba!