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Zoo Med ReptiTherm U.T.H. Under Tank Heater by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med ReptiTherm U.T.H. Under Tank Heater Description

Solid state under tank heating element for reptiles. Permanently adheres to your terrarium, forming a solid bond for better heat transfer. Comes complete with 8 page instruction booklet and rubber terrarium feet. Heaters range from 4 to 24 watts and cost almost nothing to operate.

  • Ideal under tank type heater for reptile, amphibian, small animal or plant terrariums
  • Safe and accurate heating element
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Detailed 8 page instruction book included

Great for use with temperate, terrestrial reptiles such as: king snakes, corn snakes, gopher snakes, rat snakes, many geckos, some amphibians, small skinks, small nocturnal lizards, and more. Use as a secondary/night time heat source for tropical and desert reptiles such as boas, pythons, bearded dragons, iguanas, turtles, tortoises, monitors, and more.

Directions: Place heater under the terrarium tank. Do not place heater directly in water. For terrarium use only. Not for use with aquariums.

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Zoo Med ReptiTherm U.T.H. Under Tank Heater Customer Reviews

Oleg, Rockville MD on 2015/10/18
Good product

I am using under tank heater to warm tarantulas. It is working very well, easy to use, very efficient. Still remains to be seen how long it will last.

Patricia, Ormond FL on 2015/07/04
Zoo Med Under Tank Heater

I love these, they work great, I have many of them for my ball pythons. Great product, great price.

Winona, Auburn AL on 2015/04/23
Works Great

It heats my 55 gal tank like a charm. I also use a heat lamp but I don't need it on as much now that I have this heater. Right above the heater stays around 90 F with substrate on top of it.

Susan, Annandale MN on 2015/02/04
A Very Trustworthy Heat Mat

I always buy Zoo Med UTHs and I have never had a problem with them. They last a very long time. I find the 30-40 gallon size works well for 29 gallons up through 55 gallon aquariums. And Pet Mountain ships quickly so if I do happen to have one die on me and I don't have an extra handy, I get it in record time.

Ryan, Las Vegas NV on 2015/01/30

I love these UTH and my snakes love them more as they are great quality at a great price and they get the job done!

Morgan, Oklahoma City OK on 2015/01/21
Good Source of Heat

This works great and is easy to install, the only thing is it sticks like a sticker and it says not to remove or it could mess up the wiring. So if you plan on not using the tank for long I would wait until you have your main one ready or you'll have to buy another. Overall great product! Nice price!

Tom, Gobles MI on 2013/11/07
Just Right

This item is delivered promptly and is described well on the promotion.

Eric, Lambertville NJ on 2013/10/25
Fantastic Product!

This product was priced appropriately for the web (much cheaper than buying in a big box store). Highly recommend shopping on this site!

Danielle, Central FL on 2013/04/16
Great price

I was looking at these at several chain pet stores before discovering them on sale here. Saved over 50% compared to any of the stores locally.

Nina, Forest Hills NY on 2012/11/14
Does a great job!

This 'pig blanket' for outside the tank has made a huge difference to our south american red footed tortoise. It means that when it gets cold, we plug in the blanket as well as using his ova/uvb light bulbs. We do not have to crank up the heat in the house since he stands and sleeps on the heater. It is a low level, safe but effective heat. It attaches to the underside of the tank.

Dave, Souderton PA on 2012/02/07
Gerbils love these!

I use these 4 watt heaters for my gerbils. In the winter, they will lay right over top of where it is on the tank. I leave it on year round so they can have it if they want it. The ReptiTherm's seem to last quite a while and the adhesive stays put. I had to reattach other brands after some time, but never one of these. Highly recommended.

Sierra, Cfalls OH on 2011/11/26
Good product!

This UTH works great! Easy to install and is very reliable. The only drawback for me is that it gets hotter than you would expect. You need to really monitor it and use a thermostat if necessary. If you have corn snakes, you will definitely need one because mine went up to 97 without the thermostat...way too hot for a corn.

Merrie, Sabine Pass TX on 2010/12/15

Awesome product at spectacular savings compared to most stores!

G, South FL on 2010/11/05
Works like a charm

We bought this for our 29 gallon tall aquarium for our ball python enclosure. It works much better than the smaller UTH we were using. Adheres to glass for better heat conduction. Does get much hotter than expected - recommend using it with a rheostat.

Lady , Grand Rapids MN on 2010/04/23

These are soooo good! I recommend them to everyone I know who has Leos! They're a way better source of heat than a heat lamp! Zoo med makes the best one too! Zillas is...okay but it can't compare! T-Rex's have nothing on these! Heat lamps take so many watts to use! these mats take so little its crazy!

Barb, Muskegon MI on 2010/01/26
What I expected

This is exactly what i was looking for and what we needed . No hassles and I love the coupon discount --helped with shipping cost ( I personally think shipping cost are high when you buy things all around). Would not hesitate to buy again from this site or to recommend it to anyone

Greg, Yucca Valley CA on 2009/10/22
Great Product

This heat mat works great. I use it under one of my small roach bins and ball python enclosure. Hooked it up to a thermostat and all is good. I plan on buying a few more soon.

Mike, Jones NY on 2009/04/14

Quality heater at a low price. thanx!

Rachel, Dana Point, Ca CA on 2008/03/09
Good, Reliable UTH heater

Just like the title says--good, reliable UTH heater for my ball python's tank. Pet Mountain's prices on these are great, too.

Kay, Wilmington NC on 2007/08/31
Keeps My Roaches Toasty

I use these for heating my roach feeder bins and they are very handy.

Robert, Browns Mills NJ on 2007/07/29
The best UTH out there

Got my new heater for my first Gecko and using it to heat a big split tank and both sides are staying within a 5 degree range. Great product.

Andrew, Victoria TX on 2007/06/30
they work great

the under the tank heater that is under my leopard gecko works great

Amanda, Port Angeles WA on 2007/06/11

First of all, I saved a ton of money buying this from Pet Mountain instead of a local pet store. This heater is easy to use and has clear instructions on how to place it on your tank. I put it on the bottom of mine, but in hindsight I wish i would have put it on the side of the tank, because I am afraid that my gecko might get burned since I just use paper towels as a substrate. But I think I am going to use a thicker substrate so that will not be a problem anymore. Heats the tank up good. I would recommend a thermometer that can measure the temp on the tank floor and/or a dimmer switch to turn it down if needed.

Katie, Erath LA on 2007/05/08
Great prices!

The absolute cheapest I could find anywhere for this product. I payed less than half than I would have paid elsewhere, and I love this product!

Heather, Normal IL on 2007/04/29
Easy to use

I have 2 of these one for a 10 gal. and a 29 gal. Love them! I Have to shift it Carefully! but never had a problem yet and the price is great.

Steve, Nashville TN on 2007/04/14
Nice heater!

I have had the 8 watt heater on my 10 gallon for 2 years now. Works great and really a good heat source for night time.

Rick, Plano TX on 2007/02/27
Quality Heater and Best Price

I have shopped online for the best prices and have to say I am impressed with the selection and the great pricing! This heater has lasted years and I am buying more for my new Gecko tank I am setting up! My Geckos thank you!

Ellyse, Brisbane QL on 2006/11/17

Loved this product! Affordable price as well, Thank you.