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Zoo Med Natural Sand Blasted Grapevine by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Natural Sand Blasted Grapevine Description

Zoo Meds Sand Blasted Grapevine provides a natural climbing element for any terrarium, bird cage, terrarium, or pet cage. This natural wood decoration offers a perfect basking area for reptiles that benefit from closer access to heat sources and UVB bulbs.

  • Sand blasted grapevine with different sized branches
  • Provides a basking area
  • Natural climbing element

This unique grapevine with different sized and shaped branches is both useful and beautiful. These branches can also provide foot exercise for chameleons and birds.

Note: Zoo Med Grapevines are natural products and sizes vary.

Zoo Med Sand Blasted Grapevine Sizing:
Small Grapevine - 10"-12" Long
Medium Grapevine - 16"-18" Long
Large Grapevine - 28"-30" Long

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Zoo Med Natural Sand Blasted Grapevine Customer Reviews

Jose, El Paso TX on 2017/12/07
Excellent Driftwood

I received the large length of this grapevine and it was excellently cut and about 34" long I recommend this product for anyone looking to have something to secure their vines and plants on.

Catherine, Shirley NY on 2015/07/16

My beardie loves this and it fits so well in my 40 gallon breeder. He's always laying and climbing on it. Hoping it will file his nails down too. I have already recommended it to a few friends.

Bonnie, Atlanta GA on 2014/08/24
Just as described

Just as described. We are using these as the base of our centerpieces for our beach wedding. They are just as described. The sizing chart needs to be more clear, though. I don't get how a medium is only a few inches shorter than a large - or you can even get a "large" with a medium. Product is great, best prices I found anywhere

Elizabeth, Glendale KY on 2014/02/07
Great for Arboreal Reptiles

There wasn't a review on this item so I thought I would give it a review. I was very hesitant at buying driftwood online without being able to see what exactly I was getting. And I went to every place online you can think of looking for something. There are no pet stores where I live that offer large pieces of driftwood. And I didn 't want to just go outside and pick up pieces of wood. So I purchased one 18" long and one 30" long. I got these for my iguana 's enclosure. She 's almost four feet long. These are perfect for arboreal reptiles of all kinds. So far she loves climbing up and down them to get to the three levels in her enclosure. I used zip ties to hold them in place. It 's almost exactly like you see in the image. The color is lighter and the branches might be slightly different. As far as length they are right around the length described. These two sizes are a beautiful addition to any large terrarium. What I like is that they have length but not a lot of width so it doesn't take up a huge amount of room in the enclosure. So I recommend this for any arboreal reptiles. Just make sure they are secure in the enclosure so they won 't fall. If I need driftwood in the future I will definitely be coming back here.