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Zoo Med Tortoise House Indoor/Outdoor by by Zoo Med

Best Seller
  • $195.99
  • (50%)
SKU: ZM09040
UPC: 097612090406

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Product Description

Zoo Med Tortoise House is a home designed for indoor and outdoor use. Featuring a sturdy wood siding, this house keeps your tortoise safe and allows it to get natural UVB rays when outside - a critical component of good mental health and shell growth.

  • Indoor or outdoor tortoise house
  • Made from sturdy wood and materials
  • Provides shelter and security

This solid house also includes a waterproof sleeping area, a lockable wire safety cover, instructions for easy assembly and a modular design that lets you expand the area available to your pet! Just remove the end panel and connect another Tortoise House to double your pet's living space.

The Zoo Med Tortoise House is an ideal home for tortoises and adult turtles alike. View the video above for step-by-step instructions on putting one together.

Overall: 36"L x 24"W x 12"H
Doorway: 8.25"W x 8"H

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Customer Reviews

Dario, Wildwood MO on 2018/02/25
Excellent product

This product exceeded my expectations. Easy to assemble and great quality

Steve, New Orleans LA on 2017/08/01
Great Habitat

Easy to put together. Reasonably inexpensive. Plenty of room for our kids pet tortoise. No complaints.

Denise, Philadelphia PA on 2016/10/19
Not happy with the bars on top of lid.

My husband had to reinforce the bars across the top so that it wouldn't collapse if the cat laid on it. They were wonky and not sturdy at all. Also, the wires are spaced far apart and my cat could reach down into the cage. Not sure how this design is supposed to hold up and protect your pet if you use this as an outdoor enclosure. The enclosure itself is good. Just not worth the asking price given we had to spend money to reinforce it.

Don, Las Vegas NV on 2016/08/31
Great item

Tortoise home is great, was easy to put together, will make a great home for my turtles

Jennifer, St. Petersburg FL on 2015/09/06
Perfect for my daughter's first tortoise.

This was perfect for my daughter's first tortoise. She keeps it in her room while the tortoise is small. It became clear right away that an aquarium is not ideal. The price of this tortoise box is definitely affordable!

Mirela, Chicago IL on 2015/06/27
New house for our tortoise. Love it!

Good quality, easy to assemble, fast shipping.

Ariel, Logan UT on 2015/06/04
Great place for our tortoise

This is a decent-sized tortoise house for the price. It was easy to set up and our Russian tortoise has plenty of room to roam. Put it together in ten minutes with a drill. We are happy with it.

Lori, Dennis Port MA on 2015/06/01
Exactly what we needed!!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan, Kew Gardens NY on 2015/05/28
Perfect tortoise enclosure

Great size for my Russian tortoise and my Queens, NY Apt. The tortoise has been very happy in her new house. Simple to put together although the cedar is pretty delicate so a little wood glue was needed. I agree with other reviewers that you definitely need something to prevent the lid from going all the way back as this will eventually crack the wood where the hinges are screwed in. Overall, very happy with it and a much easier option for me than building one myself!

Stephen, Milton FL on 2015/04/03
Great Deal!

Received the Tortoise House I ordered yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for shipping it right away! The quality of the product is amazing! It's solid, it's huge, the cedar smells wonderful and it was super easy to put together. I cannot believe how much I paid for this house. WHAT A DEAL!!!!! You guys are awesome!

Keith, Livonia MI on 2015/03/10
Great enclosure, great price

My daughter and I have been caring for an adorable Hermann's Tortoise since last summer, and he's just gotten to the point where he's outgrown his aquarium. I was going to try to construct something for him myself but this cage is beautiful, reasonably priced, and he has plenty of room, so I did not have to. I have one tiny gripe, but it does not encourage me to lower my rating. As another reviewer mentioned, the lid does not stay open by itself; you have to have it flop all the way back. So I made two minor modifications for my own convenience: First, I installed a post that allows the lid to stay open at a 45-degree angle. Second, I put a window on the front using a 7 x 14 piece of acrylic so that I could see into the cage conveniently. Both mods together were around $10 in materials and a couple of hours of labor, and now it's perfect. I highly recommend this Tortoise House.

William, Mascoutah IL on 2014/11/20
Great home for my turtle

This is the best thing I bought for my turtle, I had the normal glass enclosure and while that was fine it was too small for my Russian Tortoise. This has a lot of room, is easy to put together and I love the lids where you can just lift them up for easy access. Well worth the money.

Mary, Yonkers NY on 2014/08/06
Zoo Med Tortoise House

I bought this for my Red Foot tortoise, he is about 8 inches and he loves it. There is enough room for him to walk around and dig. We did have to line the bottom with plastic since he likes it humid.

Jady, Eastvale CA on 2014/02/27
Our baby Sulcatas feel at home!!!

The Zoo Med Tortoise House is large enough to last years, and when they grow, we plan to buy one more tortoise house and join both together. It is easy to transport from inside to outside and leave them to enjoy the sun. The mild wood smell makes them feel they are in a natural setting. They have been eating more and have been more active since I got this house for them. It is easy to assemble. There is a youtube video that shows how simple it is. I wish it had handles on the side, but I guess we could install those easily. It is well made. Pet Mountain has an excellent price for it (like most of everything they sell). This tortoise home will easily last 10 years. I lined the bottom with cupboard liner and added a layer of crushed coconut bark. The sulcatas are definitely pleased in their new home!

Tammy, Dublin CA on 2013/09/24
Great Totoise Home

My Russian Tortoise has been living in his new home now for about 3 weeks. I think he really likes it and I definitely love it. It is perfect since I have two young children because now they are not able to touch or bother the tortoise. One of the complaints I do have about the structure is the directions note that you only need a screwdriver...that is incorrect. You need a drill!! Some holes are not drilled fully or at all so you need someone who can put some muscle behind it to get everything assembled. The directions are easy enough but some muscle is definitely needed to complete the job. Now that I have owned the structre for a while it would be nice if the primary "door" would stay open at any level as you lift it up. I can be hard to hold the "door" take out the water/food dish to change and clean all the while trying not to hit the hanging heat/uvb lamp above. It's all a little cumbersome for me. However, knowing this it would not change my mind on purchasing it. From the research I have done it was the best tortoise house for the money.

Rebecca, Fitchburg MA on 2011/12/08
Great Tortoise Home

I love this, and my two red foot tortoises love it as well. It is great! I have a 10" male and an 8" female in this and it fits both of them perfectly.