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Zoo Med Turtle Bone by Zoo Med


SKU: ZM10401
UPC: 097612104011
  • $136.99
  • Save $69 (50%)
SKU: ZM10401M
UPC: 688713106075
MPN: 10401M

Zoo Med Turtle Bone Description

Zoo Med Turtle Bone is a natural calcium source for all types of aquatic turtles, box turtles, and tortoises. Rough, edible surface prevents overgrown mandibles (beaks). Helps curb unwanted chewing behavior.

  • Natural floating source of calcium for all aquatic turtles, box turtles and tortoises
  • Rough edible surface prevents overgrown mandibles (beaks)
  • Helps curb unwanted chewing behavior

Zoo Med Turtle Bone is extremely beneficial for juvenile and gravid female turtles and tortoises requiring additional calcium for shell growth and egg development. Simply place in turtles enclosure for beneficial calcium on an “as-needed" basis.

Ingredients: Cuttlebone.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (max) - 2.0%
Calcium (min) - 37.0%; (max) - 43.0%

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Zoo Med Turtle Bone Customer Reviews

Lauren, Jacksonville FL on 2016/03/06
Kailand loves it.

I have found it is very difficult trying to shake powdered calcium on live critters or freeze-dried critters. This cuttle bone makes it so much easier. Kailand knows when he needs calcium and gets it as needed. Love this product and Pet Mountain prices.

Marc, State College PA on 2015/11/05
Great service

My order of Zoo Med Turtle Bones (bulk) was processed and shipped within two days. My red-eared slider loves these bones, which are cuttle fish bones with the hard side removed (or softened - not sure) that can be fed directly to your reptile. All in all, I highly recommend this merchant.

Dale, Vancouver BC on 2014/09/18
Huge Turtle Bones

These things are a lot bigger Than I expected, which is great because I've got 3 big (7 -8 inch) red eared sliders. They go through one of these every 3 days as compared to the ones I purchased at my local store at a much higher price that was gone in a day.

Peter, Colorado Springs CO on 2011/10/11
Saves me money!

Before I dropped the Turtle Bone in my Red Ear Slider tank, she would constantly chew my $50 floating ramp, air hose, and heater wire. Now, she only chews the $1.55 Turtle Bone. And 1 box lasts about a month. This saves me so much money!

Bobbi, Beecher IL on 2010/12/14
A must have.

If you own a turtle, or turtles, you must have these on hand at all times. My turtles love them, eat 1 a week.

Akina, Castro Valley CA on 2010/09/02
A must for turtle owners

My turtle loves chewing on these, I go through them rather quickly, and PetMountain has the best price anywhere. They float in the water and provide some entertainment as well as nutrients for my turtle. I use them broken in half because i find that after a while in the water they tend to get brown and smelly and I dont want my turtle eating it like that.

Joy, Oviedo FL on 2010/08/31
Great price

My turtles love them, and these are a great price for them.

Anhel, Santa Maria CA on 2010/06/08
good stuff

this item works to maintain the turtles happy and chewing on something that will not harm them! Keeps mouths, not sharp

John, Richmond TX on 2010/05/04
Turtles love it Keeps them strong

I only learned about the importance of these Cuttle bones for turtles a few months ago. They tend to float, so I clip my with a veggie clip to hold it under water. The turtles use it as they need it. I break it in half and only use part of one at a time. This is an important source of calcium for them. It isn't just a treat. If you have aquatic turtles, you need this product. Can't beat PetMountain price even with freight.

Daniel, South Burlington VT on 2009/11/17
Its a cuttle bone, of course my turtle loves them

Turtles love these things. They simply crave calcium, and its good for them.

Teresa, Phoenix AZ on 2009/09/24
Great calcium for Turtles

It is fun to watch the Turtles (Mikie, Sulley, Stevie and Harley) chomp down on these calcium bars. Easy for them to eat, easy to give to them. Love this product.

Miriam, Bronx NY on 2009/09/23
Great for the bite!

These bones help curb the biting of the turtle. They float in the water and last for months. The turtles not only bite them, but play with them like a surf board! They also provide another source of calcium to keep the shells strong.