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Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 Canister Filter by by Zoo Med

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Product Description

Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 Canister Filter is an external filter for turtle tanks, vivariums, Box Turtle pools or Turtletubs up to 60 gallons (filled with a maximum of 30 gallons of water).

  • External canister filter for turtle tanks, vivariums, Box turtle pools or Turtletubs
  • For up to 60 gallon tanks, filled with up to 30 gallons of water
  • Includes filter media

Comes complete with spray bar system, mechanical filter sponge, biologically active ceramic media and activated carbon. With an extra large carbon chamber for maximum ammonia absorbing capabilities which is very beneficial in turtle tanks or vivariums with amphibians.

Features a new double-filtering system with internal biological recirculation, adjustable flow control system, easy to open filter head, calibrated anti-vibration bushings and a space saving design. The Turtle Clean 511 is a high quality filter - designed and manufactured in Italy, and includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Flow Rate: 160 GPH
Dimensions: 7.8"L x 4.75"W x 9.5"H
Warranty: 1 year

Q: Does the carbon bag go above or below the ceramic media in the filter chamber?
A: The carbon bag should go below the ceramic media.
Q: How often should I change the carbon?
A: The carbon should be replaced once a month.
Q: How often should I change the ceramic media?
A: The ceramic media should only be changed if it is restricting water flow. It can be rinsed each month.
Q: How often should I change the sponge(s)?
A: The sponge(s) can be rinsed monthly but only need to be changed if they cannot be cleaned or if they start to break down.
Q: How do I prime this filter?
A: Be sure that the cannister is completely full of water and that the fill cap is in place before plugging the filter in.
Q: What is the ceramic media for?
A: The ceramic media provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. This bacteria will help trap other bacteria and break down waste trapped in the filter.
Q: How often should I clean my filter?
A: Once monthly is usually sufficient for one turtle. If you have more animals, it may be necessary to clean it more often.
Q: My filter only came with 3 of the 4 screw nuts it was supposed to. Can I use it with only 3? Can you send me another one?
A: All of the little plastic pieces are packaged together in a plastic bag; often the screw nut will fall inside the strainer during shipping. Please check the strainer at the bottom of your intake tube. If you do not find it there, please contact Zoo Med directly. Please note: allowing the screw nut to remain in the strainer may restrict the filter flow in the future.

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Troy, North Las Vegas NV on 02-11-2014
Great Turtle Filter

I use this filter for my turtle tank. I used to use two of the 501 filters. This one seems to do as good of a job as two of the 501 filters. I have found it easy to use, and easy to clean. As with all turtle tank filters it has to be regularly cleaned (every couple weeks at least) but cleaning is quick and easy. It has kept our water clean.

Sheila, Moosup CT on 10-04-2011
I love this filter

I have used the smaller size filter but for the four turtles that I have and the size of my tank this is perfect I use the 511 filter and the same band but its the 508 smaller so now that I tried the 511 I am going to order one more it has cut the amount of days that I have to change the water I love it.......... easy to use and prime..