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Zoo Med Turtle Hut by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med Turtle Hut Description

Keep your terrarium as natural-looking as possible, but provide that secure hideout your reptile needs with the Zoo Med Turtle Hut! This special ceramic hideout features a realistic wood color scheme, but is safe to use in water and is made of earth-friendly materials.

  • Durable ceramic construction looks amazingly like real wood
  • Relieves stress and provides comfort for turtles and amphibians
  • Made of earth-friendly ceramic
  • Safe for use in water

The Zoo Med Turtle Hut is a natural looking half log shelter for aquatic turtles, box turtles, or land tortoises can be used dry or submerged in a turtle tank. Perfect for turtles or amphibians that require a moist habitat. Relieve stress and comfort your pet with a safe, secure Turtle Hut hideout!

Note: New design—now made of earth-friendly ceramic material.

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Zoo Med Turtle Hut Customer Reviews

Reva, Delray Beach FL on 2017/11/27
Tortoise tunnel

Mordy, my Testudo tortoise loves his new larger tunnel. He sleeps under it and comes out to eat.

Joanna, Brentwood CA on 2016/06/15
Zoo Med Turtlle Hut

I love these. My fish love to go through them in the pond and so do the turtles. It also gives them a place to hide.

Linda, Marlborough MA on 2015/10/12

Love it. I've been looking for something like this forever. They are usually too small or fall apart. The ceramic holds the heat so my tortoises love sleeping under it at night.

Marilyn, Summersville WV on 2014/09/28
Cute but not durable

At first when it was on land it's perfect but underwater not so good. It got a hole in the bottom just discenerated and added yellow cloudy flakes had to throw away. I was very disappointed.

Crystal, Sault Sainte Marie MI on 2012/03/26
Turtles love it!

This is the perfect size for my growing turtles. They swim under it , play around it, and even stand on it on their back feet to stick their heads out of the water. Was hard to find this size anywhere else.

Laura, Quakertown PA on 2011/12/01
My greek tortoise checked it out right away.

I ordered the Giant size after my vet said that the leaves Roomba was hiding under to sleep might not be good for him. Apparently there is a chance he might try to eat them. Although Roomba isn't a large tortoise I decided to get him the big hut (and if you're thinking the giant size will do for a sulcata, it won't) so that he wouldn't feel claustrophobic and avoid going inside. As soon as I set it in his terrarium (he has a 40 gal long) he started circling the perimeter of the tank and going thru the 'tunnel' each time. He reminded me of the train we had each Christmas when I was a girl lol. He's slept inside his hut all night and is still there this morning as he UV light hasn't switched on yet. I think he likes it and that it will serve its purpose.

Alicia, Berea KY on 2011/04/25
Much larger that expected..

It was a bit larger than I had expected but great quality. This is perfect for an outdoor enclosure.

Dave, Schaumburg IL on 2010/10/21
Great Product

Looks good and a perfect hide for my tortoise!

Alicia, Berea KY on 2010/08/21
Better than advertised!

I received my turtle hut recently and was very happy! The pictures didn't do them justice! They look great! Recently I've had a problem with these tiny grey bugs and found that they are a wood mite. Even soaking my turtles wood huts couldn't get rid of the bugs. These faux wood huts should do the trick!

Jonathan, Walnut CA on 2010/02/23
Worth it

I'm not the original owner of my res, lol, she kinda just showed up at my house all beat up. anywhoo, being that shes a little bit on the nervous side i decided to get her some shelter. at first she didn't use it, but now its becoming her sanctuary. I think its worth it, but like my other review, i suggest going large if you have a res cuz these babies grow fast!