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Zoo Med TurtleClean 15 External Canister Filter by Zoo Med

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Zoo Med TurtleClean 15 External Canister Filter Description

The Zoo Med TurtleClean 15 is ideal for filtering your turtles water so it can live in a healthy, clean environment. The TurtleClean 15 cfeatures a slimline design to fit into tight spaces and uses a double filtering system with internal biological recirculation to produce the cleanest water possible for your aquatic turtle.

  • External canister filter for aquatic turtles
  • Designed to tackle ammonia and waste problems
  • Combines mechanical, biological and chemical filtration

Quiet, yet powerful, external 3-stage filter systems keep water exceptionally clean and odor-free. Water continuously circulates to trap debris, neutralize ammonia, and help remove dissolved organics. The TurtleClean 15 features ceramic bio media, activated carbon and a fine material sponge to provide ultimate water filtration. Replacement media available. It is recommended that the filter is placed on the same level as the terrarium.

Additional features include: adjustable flow control system, easy-to-open filter head, calibrated anti-vibration bushings, space saving design. Full instructions included.

Note: Formerly known as the Zoo Med 501 External Canister Filter. 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Made in the E.U.

Volts/cycles - 110/60
Watts - 4
Max GPH (gallons per hour) - 79
Pre-filter (cubic inches) - 17.0
Mechanical filter (cubic inches) - 27.5
For aquatic turtle habitats up to 15 gallons (57 liters)

Dimensions: 5.9"L x 3.5"W x 6.5"H

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Zoo Med TurtleClean 15 External Canister Filter Customer Reviews

Daryl, Sedalia MO on 2014/06/09
This filter does the job.

I have 5 terrariums and have one 501 on each of them. They are Chinese Water Dragons, Geckos, Turtles and Frogs, a Large Slider and a Ball Python. The largest tank that I use the 501 on is my 75 gallon tank that has about 18 gallons of water in it. It is a water and land combination setup. Granted the filter has to be cleaned every other day, however it takes me about 3 minutes to clean the filter and get it back into use again. The other terrariums are for swimming off and on for each of the reptiles. These filter applications for the 501 need to be cleaned around every 6 to 8 days. The 501 runs virtually silent in its application and doesn't need to be primed in most of my situations. Cleaning is a breeze and the assembly and disassembly are foolproof. I would recommend this filter to anyone who needs a solid filter for these type of applications.

Mike, Fort Worth TX on 2014/05/08
Nice little filter

Got this filter for my musk turtle with about 8 gallons of water in a 20 gallon long tank. Filter is easy to assemble, easy to set up. Unlike other canister filters, Zoo Med 501 can need to seat at the same level as the tank, to me it is an advantage due to my set up. Water level does not need to be higher than the filter itself, so it offers flexible applications for various tank set ups. Only one "elbow" supplied with the filter kit, if they offer just a bit more accessories, I'd give 5 out of 5!

Wei Mei, Chicago IL on 2012/11/17
Great filter for a nano setup

I am using this for a 6 gallon nano fish tank. It is very quiet and the flow is just right. It is rated for up to a 10 gallon tank, but I just don't see it as possible, maybe 10 gallon turtle tank. I didn't use the media that came with this, but instead just placed seachem matrix and a purigen back in there.

Jarrett, Brooklyn NY on 2012/11/03
Very quiet

So far I had this filter for nearly a month and it is working very nicely, it is very quite as well. At first it didn't keep the water too clean, but after a week or so it has been keeping it clear. Set up is very easy to do and just need to plug it in and it goes. I would have liked a power switch on it, but I realized that wouldn't work too well, when the filter is unplugged/loses power you will need to fill the filter back up for it to get going again. In short; Works great and it is very quiet. (Used for an Eastern Painted Snapping Turtle.)

Kevin, Housatonic MA on 2011/06/25
Best filter Ive bought

I currently have a 20 gallon long with 3 turtles, and a ten gallon with 1 rare turtle. I asked the breeder that I got the rare turtle from what he thought was a good filter, and he recommended this to me. I decided to change my crappy whisper filter that barley did anything to keep my 20 gallon clean, and as soon as I got this filter in, my water cleared up within a day and nothing was left on the bottom. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a turtle tank.

Elisabeth, Kernersville NC on 2010/10/27
For my Red Ear Slider Turtles

I got it for my three Red Ear Slider turtles. I loved it so much I got my sister one for her turtles for her birthday. Once you get it together it's great small compact and not noisy,easy to clean. I would invest in a brush to clean tubes that's about $4.00. Well worth every penny. I also use it as a vacuum and I use drain the tank. I get many uses other than just to filter.

Laura, Windsor CT on 2010/10/26
Works great

Only had this for a couple weeks, but so far works great for my small turtle tank.

Carolina, Greenwich CT on 2010/10/13
loved it!

its amazing not to change the water or the filter every other day!

Valerie, Oklahoma City OK on 2010/09/30
I love it!

I have a RES and was having to change to water in my 29gal every week even though I used a filter which the RES was constantly knocking loose. I ordered this filter and I love that it sits outside the tank and I have NOT had to change the water since I started using it. I would recommend this to anyone with a RES.

Eva , Greenwood Village CO on 2010/09/18
this filter saved our turtle

We recommend the Zoo Med Turtle Canister Filter 501. We previously had a plain sponge type filter and the tank was terrible. We almost gave away the turtle because maintenance was so hard. We have been very pleased with this product.

Anna, Berkeley CA on 2010/06/20
My RedearSlider Loves it!

The 501 Canister is a MUST for turtle Habitats, Quiet while its entertaining while my slider positions his head at the outflow. Keeps water clean, every evident it works is when i clean the filter