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T-Rex Tasty Twigs
Excellent Snack
My 1 1/2 year old mini lop loves it. When he hears the bag, he comes right to my feet to wait for his stick. They are colorful which makes them easy to find, but also they are not messy, and my bunny even gets up on his hind feet to wait for it.
Reese from Honolulu, HI
Marineland LED Strip Light for Aquariums
Great Set Of Lights
Recently bought a 90 gallon tank 48"x 24"x 18", and I couldn't decide whether to get the 36" set or the 48" set. I went with the 48" set and I'm glad I did. This tank could not be brighter. The tank has an HD look to it now. Great product, definitely recommend that you buy.
Cisco from Washington, DC, DC
Pride Deluxe Pet Door
Really Good Dog Door
After much online and in store research for a dog door which wasn't the type you just attach to a sliding glass door, I found Pet Pride to be the best dog door. Well made. I could have bought it directly from the manufacturer which is close to where I live, but I would have had to pay full retail. Pet Mountain has the best price for this product.
Ellen from Sherman Oaks, CA
Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 UVB High Output  Bulbs
Happy With Purchase.
Received light in a reasonable time limit. Impressed with packaging, and price of bulb was much better than local pet stores.
Jeff from Spring Hill, TN
Rep Cal Adult Iguana Food
Great products. I am happy with this food for my Iguana and the stuff got here with in a week. I would recommend this seller. Thank you for the GREAT price, see you in the future for more!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffrey from Denver, CO

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