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Skinneeez Mouse Catnip Toy
My Kitty Loves These! Best Price At Pet Mountain!
I found these a few years ago at Bed Bath and Beyond, but can't find them anymore so I order them online. They are terrific! My kitty licks them, bites them and tosses them in the air and chases around with them. They are not "one and done." She keeps coming back to them, although she does like new ones the best!
Kay from Cedar Rapids, IA
Precision Pet Great Crate Replacement Plastic Pan - Black
Director Of A Rescue: BEST Replacement Other Than A Metal One
This is the BEST replacement pan other than a metal pan (which are difficult to find). I reviewed the reviews and was surprised about a 1 out of 5 review. Then to read her bulldog has destroyed 5 other pans too. Think "outside" of the box with destructive dogs and get a metal pan custom made or purchase the heavy duty crates that come with metal pans. For the average dog and even some with digging who area learning to be crated, I have never had a problem yet with these thicker and forgiving crate pans, which are made from a rubber like material that does NOT crack from heavy or active dogs and that also withstands a good deal of abuse from new rescue dogs who try to dig out of their crates. I was surprised at all the 4 star ratings too. PetMountain is synonymous with great service and this pan gives great service too! Thanks for the GREAT price and product!
Marilyn from Zalma, MO
Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks
A Great Product
I have used this product for my red eared slider for years and love it. With frequent sales, PetMountain is consistently a place to get a bargain.
T.J. from College Station, TX
Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges - Large
Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges LRG Bulk
I bought bulk on the cartridges, Awesome Price!!! I love it that I'm able to buy like this!! Thank You!!
Shawna from Twin Falls, ID
X-Mat Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid
Works For Me!
One of my cats likes to pee on the sofa from time to time, but she hasn't since I started leaving these on the cushions whenever I'm not home. Simple, odorless, shockless, and tucks away neatly.
Jessica from Lansdale, PA