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Titan Easy-On Prong Training Collar
Great Product!
So far, the collars have held up well. The price is AMAZING, especially compared to the stores and other websites I've found them on. Thank you PetMountain!
Mindi from Louisville, KY
K&H Pet Cot - Chocolate Brown
Long Lasting!
Been raising English bulldogs for 18 years, my 3rd generation are now using the original cots I purchased so many years ago. I have replaced the cloth but have several original frames. Easy to clean and sanitize with just a hose. Keeping your pets off the ground is important to relieve joint and arthritis pain. This also keeps your dog cooler in the summer, and with a blanket, warmer when it's cold out too!
Ronald from Roscommon, MI
Spot Soccer Ball Latex Dog Toy
2 In Vinyl Soccer Balls
My cocker spaniels love these balls. They are the perfect size for them. This company always has them in stock. Tried ordering from our local pet store 3 weeks ago....still waiting. I ordered them from pet mountain and receive my order in less than 1 week. Great service!
Deb from Surprise, AR
Kordon Turtle Ramp
Best Ramp Ever!
I have 2 RES and I went through dock after dock. They are big and nothing would hold their weight. I was beginning to worry about their health as they weren't basking properly. I bought this and it took them a few days and they both love it! The suction cups do not move at all. The ramp does bend slightly from their weight but it holds them like it's magic or something! They can both bask at the same time. It is by far the best ramp you can buy if your turtles are larger turtles.
Donna from East Boston, MA
Aquatop Bacopa Aquarium Plant - Pink & White
A Must Have
This plant looks great in my 55 gallon aquarium the color is amazing and the price is great.
Sajji from Queens, NY
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