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Nylabone DuraChew Bone Chicken Flavor
Great Large Bone For Strong Chewers
Large approx 12" plastic bone. I have 140 and 170 pound dogs ... this is the perfect size. It would have been too big for my 60 pound dog. We buy these by the half dozen (eventually they need to be replaced - they get sharp from all of the chewing).
Jahn from Maineville, OH
Zoo Med Premium Repti-Bark Natural Reptile Bedding
I like this bedding vastly better than the moss. It seems cleaner and stays clean longer; gives a nice, not-messy finish to my reptiles' habitats.
Mary from Wauconda, IL
Nature's Miracle Advanced Scoop with Rake and Spade
The Cadillac Scoop
You want this scoop!! Believe me when I say, "I know Jack ----" when it comes to poop. I board dogs in my home in addition to having my own fella, George, and I'm fastidious with my yard. Living in the Southwest, my yard is xeriscaped and I thought the rocks might pose a problem for the spade. Such was not the case and it worked beautifully. My yard was whistle-clean in record time and in a few short minutes I was sipping ice tea on the patio! Thank you for stocking such a high quality item and giving me one more reason to continue singing your praises to anyone looking for pet products.
Rita from Albuquerque, NM
Birdola Plus Seed Cake
A Cardinal Favorite!
When I put one of these seed cakes in my feeder it was a surprise how well it was received by all the birds, but especially the cardinals. They loved it! And they came back every day multiple times to eat this cake. Since they are my favorite bird to watch, it was very great to see them enjoy this so much.
Diane from Ludington, MI
NAC6AS-2 Protein Skimmer
Love It.
I have been using this model for over a year now and I really am glad that I purchased this model. It skims a lot of gunk out of my tank and it is a workhorse. It is also very easy to clean. I have big hands and you can disassemble everything and reach into the main body with no problem.
Earl from Olalla, WA

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