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Marineland Pump / Filtration Assembly - Eclipse System 3, Hex  5, Hex 7,  Corner 5, & Explorer Aquariums
Hex 5 Fish Tank Pump
Thrilled to find the pump online after searching various pet stores. Works great!
Yolanda from Aurora, IL
Marshall Banana Hammock for Ferrets
Rats Love This!
I took a chance on this and am so glad I did. My rats love the open ends that make it like a tunnel and the larger middle area that they can snuggle in together. The top opening gives them a lookout and they can run across the top like a bridge. Huge hit and they aren't even chewing it yet which I think may be because it already has several openings to choose from. Definitely going to get this again.
Betsy from Springville, PA
Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse for Dogs
Loving It!
I have tried many other ear cleaners on my Cocker Spaniel and this ear cleaner works wonders! My dog has had one major ear infection and while using this product it went away. Never switching to another product again! Highly recommended, especially for Cocker Spaniels!
Wendy from Manassas Park, VA
Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate
Clay Works Great
We purchased Zoo Med excavator clay to make a habitat for our leopard gecko, and she loves it! It was easy to work with, and is very sturdy. We chose to mold an environment and then let it dry completely. I don't see it working too well letting a critter into it wet for said critter to dig in by itself though. Research leopard gecko habitats, then go for it!
Donald from Seneca Falls, NY
Spot Pup-RRR-Mint Dental Chews for Dogs
Pup-RRR-Mint Please Continue This Product
My dogs love these and they really work to keep their breath fresh. They smell great too. I was disappointed that they've been discontinued so I ordered as many as possible until I can find something else to replace them with. Please consider bringing them back. Thank you.
IS from Berryton, KS