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VitaKraft Drops with Yogurt
My dog absolutely loves these drops. She will jump up like she is on a spring board just to get them.
Heather from Roseboro, NC
Marineland Pump / Filtration Assembly - Eclipse System 3, Hex  5, Hex 7,  Corner 5, & Explorer Aquariums
Hex 5 Fish Tank Pump
Thrilled to find the pump online after searching various pet stores. Works great!
Yolanda from Aurora, IL
Pondmaster Pond and Aquarium Deep Water Air Pump
Pondmaster AP 40
Powerful pump, all the air I want for 4000 gallons. Not much, if any, louder than small aquarium pumps. Only used a short time, so no knowledge on longevity.
Ginger from Fayetteville, AR
Via Aqua Quartz Heaters
This heater is easy to set to the desired temperature, and has a visible scale to show the set temperature as you adjust it higher or lower. After setting the temperature to 78 degrees, the water in the tank has stayed at precisely 78 degrees at all times. You can't ask for anything more in a heater than one that is both easy to adjust, and accurate.
Jan from Gainesville, VA
Marshall Banana Hammock for Ferrets
Rats Love This!
I took a chance on this and am so glad I did. My rats love the open ends that make it like a tunnel and the larger middle area that they can snuggle in together. The top opening gives them a lookout and they can run across the top like a bridge. Huge hit and they aren't even chewing it yet which I think may be because it already has several openings to choose from. Definitely going to get this again.
Betsy from Springville, PA