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Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer
Great For Minimizing Urine Odors
I use Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer to spray the "grass" poo-pee pad for my small dog. I spray the "grass" after he does his business, as well as the pad liner I have placed under the "grass". It works well to keep the stinky smell from overtaking the room, and allows for more time between having to change the pad.
John from Henrico, VA
Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Premium Nutrition with Color Enhancers
The Best Koi Food For The Price
I have a couple of Koi ponds with quite a few fish. I have used the Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance for many years, and it has proved to be an excellent product. I purchase the largest box to get the best price, as I use at least 1-1/2 boxes a year.
John from Henrico, VA
Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Dog Treats - 100% Beef Liver
Great Trail Treats
I work with rescue dogs and we take daily 2 to 3 hour hikes. At present, I have 3 German Shepherds, a Pit Bull and a Cocker Spaniel. All 5 LOVE these treats, frequently checking in while on their hikes for a treat! The size of the treats varies, which works out well for me. I cut the biggest pieces in 2 and use the smallest as a sprinkle treat on their dinner. And I love that they are sourced and made in the USA. In short - a great treat.
Sharon from McDonough, NY
Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix
Great Product
The rabbits we feed this to like all of the components in the mix. Varieties we have tried before have had certain pellets they would not eat. Thank you!!!!
Larry from Loveland, CO
Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand
Excellent Sand For Gerbils
This is definitely a sand product and not powdery. My gerbils love bathing in it and it should last me for a long time.
Natalia from Candler, NC
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