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Repticare Terrarium Controller Timer & Power Strip
Just what I was needing for my bearded dragon.
Kourtney from Enid , OK
API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Great Value.
This testing kit is very valuable - you need to keep that water tested, especially for ammonia levels. Rarely do I have a fatality in the tank, and when I do, it's due to "old age" :-). Seriously, everyone who owns a tank, be it fresh water or salt water, should invest in this product. Healthy fish are happy fish and this is the way to keep them that way. Great value, which is what I always receive from PETMOUNTAIN.
Suzanne from North Ridgeville, OH
Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini Pellet Food
Fish Love It.
My middle dwelling and bottom dwelling African Chiclids love these pellets. Fish are healthy and happy and thrive. If the Chiclids don't get it all then the plecos will.
Judy from Bradenton, FL
Pondmaster 190 Pond Filter Replacement Media
Pondmaster Replacement Filter
We ordered just one replacement filter last time and decided to go for the bulk package this time around. I'm very pleased with my Pondmaster 190. This is my first year with a pond and I'm so glad my mom referred me to get this. These filters work amazingly and are so easy to clean out. And buying in bulk you'll save a little more.
Kate from Winthrop, MN
Kong Huggz Soft Dog Toy - Hedgehog
My Dogs Love This Toy!
I purchased six more of these toys to have on hand in case my pups lose them. My lab/doxy mixes love these! Usually my pups kill the squeakers in no time, but these toys have held up well. additionally, I have washed them several times.
Jo from East Brunswick, NJ