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Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon
Can't Believe The Difference
My pond water was pretty clear using my temporary mechanical filter but it always had brownish tint and the pond water always had an unpleasant order when I got close. I added this activated charcoal, placed in a lady's laundry, stocking bag, into bottom of my makeshift mechanical filter. The very next morning my pond water was crystal clear and the smell was gone. I don't write many reviews, but this product worked wonders. Five stars! I will use this product from now on!!!!!
John from Austin, TE
TetraFin Goldfish Flakes
Love The Convenience
We live on the edge of the middle of nowhere. To get fish food for our eight VERY LARGE pond goldfish requires a 160 mile round-trip, with the largest size available of TetraFin Flakes as only a few ounces at a premium price. We quickly go through that size container with the size of our fish. We like that we can have the economical 2.2 lb pail shipped to our mailbox.
Janeen from Edgemont, SD
Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Pet Bedding - Blue
Blue By CareFresh
I love this small animal bedding. The blue is so cute in their crates!
Jill from W Berlin, VT
CareFresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Pets
No Worries.
I have brought this product several times from Pet Mountain. I love that I can buy it in bulk at the best price. The bedding is non-irritating and keeps my piggies comfortable. I have never had any problems with shipment. It always arrives in a timely manner. It so nice to not worry when I place these orders with Pet Mountain.
Linda from Pittsburgh, PA
JW Insight Sand Perch
Sandy Perches
We buy these several times a year and they work really well for us. We highly recommend the perches and Pet Mountain.
Bob from Oklahoma City, OK