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Petsport USA Laser Chase II
Fantastic Cat Toy
This laser is fantastic for playing with your cats and getting them much needed exercise around the house. My cats become immediately alert when they hear me grabbing the laser from the table. For the price being sold here I bought five to give as gifts to other pet owners and to have spares. They also come with a second set of batteries. Very happy with this purchase. I hear dogs like them too but I haven't tried it on them.
Emil from Sunny Isles, FL
Marineland Magnum 350 Canister Filter - (100 Gallon)
Best Designed/operating Canister Filter.
Mangum 350 filter. I have three of these: one for gravel washing, one for 55 gal, one for 30 gal. Fish are 8" upside down cats, 6"-8"mixed comets and 6"plecoes. Easy to operate/clean. Does an excellent job. Will get another one for the 55 gal (those "cats" are messy eaters). I've used several types of canister filters through the years and these (in my experience) are the easiest and most efficient to operate and maintain. Price/shipping was 5 STARS also!!!
Wayne from Louisville, KY
VitaKraft Earth Friendly Fresh World Bedding - High Absorbency Crumble
Excellent Value
Saved a bundle ordering from Pet Mountain. I will buy all my pet products from them from now on!
Randall from Pottstown, PA
Seachem PhosGuard Phosphate & Silicate Control
Pet Mountain Customer Service Is The BEST!!
I received an email about the discount from PM. I went online to order the discounted product, but didn't commit yet because I wanted to find more stuff to order. The next day I came back to finish the order. The price had changed and no longer had the discounted price. I sent an email to PM and got a reply back almost immediately asking me to call in to order so they could honor the discount over the phone as the online system no longer allowed that discounted price. I called, ordered and the products shipped out on the same day. Can't beat that kind of commitment to excellent customer service!! Thank you Pet Mountain! - CJ
Joe from San Ramon, CA
Supreme Gerty Guinea Pig Food
Saved my family a ton of's the exact same brand and product at 1/3 of the price of the pet stores!
Jackie from Murfreesboro, TN

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