Hikari - Hikari Gold Koi Food
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Barksters Sweet Potato & Liver Krisps
Taffy Goes Daffy For These
My dog loves all the Barkster sweet potato products, and so do I. She especially loves the liver. They are low-calorie, and easy to break into small pieces for small dogs, like mine. Great for training. Made in the USA from USA products--no worries about what's in there.
Margo from Portsmouth, RI
VitaKraft Drops with Yogurt
Our Dog Loves Her Treat
We have been giving our dog the yogurt treats for ignoring our old cat. The dog gets a treat when she doesn't bother the cat. It is a VERY special treat for our dog and motivates her to do something she would rather not do. Thank you for developing them.
David from Midland, TX
Impeller Assembly for Explorer, Eclipse System 3 Gallon, Hex 5, & Corner 5
Great Replacement Part
After 5 years of service, the rubber on the ends of the motor deteriorated to the point that I could no longer clean the equipment. I tried fabricating new ends to no avail. This replacement motor is as quiet and a bit stronger than the original. The whole family, fish included, love it!
Jim from Irvine, CA
Wardley Reptile Sticks Floating Food
Wardley Reptile Sticks
Outstanding food for a Red-footed tortoise. She eats one tablespoon a day, and loves the taste. This food has been very difficult to get--except from Pet Mountain. Keep up the great work!
Reeve from Rising Sun, MD
Lil Pals Tiny Slicker Brush for Small Dogs & Puppies
Great Brush For Small Dogs
I use the Lil Pals slicker brush on my Maltese and Japanese chin dogs, in all stages of their life. The wire bristles' tips are covered and have some "give" in them (unlike other wire slickers). This helps in getting mats out without stretching hair and breakage. Won't scratch the skin and/or no brush burn, especially useful when training puppies to sit still for grooming.
Mary Beth from West Palm Beach, FL
Drinkwell Porcelain Pagoda Waterfall Pet Fountain
Cats Love It!
Very nice fountain. Easy to put together and keep clean. All the cats and the small dogs love it. Nice waterfall sound, very quiet pump.
Shelby from Salt Lake City, UT
Pet Pals 29
Awesome Purchase!
I love this condo, but more importantly my cat loves it! She hangs out inside it all of the time and uses it as a scratch post instead of my couch. The materials seem really sturdy and I love how contemporary it is.
SD from Chicago, IL
Perky Pet Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Perches
The Best Hummer Feeders!
These are the best humming bird feeders. They provide a perch for the birds while feeding, and, most importantly for me, they are easy to clean. In fact these from Pet Mountain are easier to clean than similar models I've used in the past. Highly recommend.
Patricia from Greenville, FL
Outward Hound Pet Lookout Car Booster Seat - Black / Gray
Libby Loves Her Car Seat!
I've had this booster seat for a while but have just now gotten around to reviewing it! It got to the point where I needed to get something for Libby to ride in besides my lap! She loves to look out the window so when I found this one with the "balloon" booster, I grabbed it. She had another brand that just set on the car seat and she hated it because she couldn't see out the window. Now, she is happy (well, as happy as she can be without being in my lap!) and momma is happy since I don't have a live wire in my lap anymore! And I feel very confident that she is safe in her booster seat!
Jan from Friendswood, TE
Perky Pet Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Perches
The Best
This is the best feeder I've used and now I have six of them. The birds love these and they hold enough nectar for several days (at which time the water needs changing anyway). I've had other feeders, but the nectar drips out or they are difficult to fill.
Ellen from Dixie, WA

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