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Marineland Maxi Jet Water Pump and Powerhead
Fantastic Pump
I have had so many power heads by so many manufacturers over the past decade, top of the line and basic generics... This guy is one of my favorites. Not only does this include everything you need to have a great laminar flow (wave maker, agitate water) but the included parts and connections have everything to make it a quite strong powerhead as well. I have a couple of the 400 models, and a couple spare as well. The max head says 3' or so, but it exceeds that- and few pumps at this price point will deliver that performance. Using it as in laminar mode often creates "mini-tornadoes" that spiral down to the unit...It is very strong, quiet, the suction cups could stick a little better, but that is no deal breaker. I noticed that a part was missing from one box and they were happy to quickly send the part. No issues, has been running non stop for over a year and a half, and still looks new. In no way is the unit cheaply made, everything fits tightly and holds its position. A+ in all respects.
Nathan from Milwaukee, WI
AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Inserts
I Love This Product
My fish tank was cloudy no mater what I did it stayed cloudy. But the minute I put these in the filter, overnight bam!! what a clear and no smell... Unbelievable how clear the water is right now. Love this product.
Raffi from Wellesley, MA
Excel Brewers Yeast with Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Garlic Supplement
Quick Improvement In Dog's Coat
I have a 100 lb, 2 year old Akita and he has always been itchy and has had trouble blowing his coat (takes forever) ever since we rescued him. I've used several different liquid omega supplements from Petco and other local pet stores. They sort of worked but I had to give him so much because of his size, it was getting very expensive. I started using these pills over a month ago and I could not speak highly enough of them. I only give my dog 2 pills at each meal, twice a day (not the full 10 pills per day recommended for his weight size) and I haven't had to increase the dosage yet, it makes that big of a difference. He no longer itches so much and his coat is super soft. And our need to vacuum every other day has gone down to once a week!
Meredith from Claymont, DE
Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Advanced Stain & Odor Remover
I tried this Advanced for cats first & it really worked (after 2 applications). Loved the fresh smell & the way it worked so quickly on everything. However, I ordered the Oxy Orange next & didn't like the smell. Didn't seem to work as well either. So, back to the Advanced for cats. I'm sold on it and can't believe I found this after having cats for so many years. Thank you.
Becca from Sandusky, OH
Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Filter Cartridges
Happy Kitties
The three kitties are happy! The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain with charcoal filters is just the thing for our kitties. They drink lots of water and that is really healthy and they enjoy the fountain with filtered water all the time. The filters are great and Pet Mountain is a wonderful provider.
Richard from Wesley Chapel, FL
Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3 in 1 Cave
I ordered a large for my ball python he loves it. I was a little worried about there being enough space but there is plenty of room. It has some weight to it so he can't lift it as he moves around inside. Shipping was fast and secure and arrived in perfect condition.
John from Orange, VA
EzyDog Doggy Floatation Vest - Red
Much Higher Quality Than Expected.
I like the extra buoyancy, sturdy buckles and wide belly straps. The best I have tried. The quality is better than expected from the reasonable price.
John from Glenwood Springs, CO
Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor UVB Lamp
Iguana was having issues with calcium absorption, wasn't eating. Once the lamp was set up he immediately sat under the lamp, his appetite returned he went from eating once a week to every other day and is now eating daily.
Marion from Placerville, CA
Supreme Selective 4+ Years Rabbit Food
Excellent Bunny Food!
I had received a free sample of this senior bunny food. My 6 year old Dutch bunny absolutely loved it. And she refused to eat her normal food and would dump it. I will continue to order this food for her. She loves it and I love it!
Jill from Springfield, IL
Aquatop Submersible UV Sterilizer with Pump
Very Nice Piece Of Equipment
The submersible UV sterilizer is a very nice addition to any Med to Large aquarium. It is well made, dependable and very easy to use. Clears up the water quickly and helps prevent waterborne parasites. Especially ich. It's a long way from the old cumbersome and unreliable expensive units that were previously available. Well worth the investment if you like your fish and a crystal clear tank.
Tom from Hartsdale, NY

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